Toy Review: The Svakom Billy

When reviewing so many weird and wonderful adult products it’s sometimes hard to remember the value of a simple but effective vibrator—one with a smooth shaft, a simple curve, and a relatively consistent shaft. Yet sometimes these vibrators can be exactly what the body needs. Such vibrators are like a cozy cup of hot chocolate after a long stint having Starbucks specialty drinks; they bring you right back home to those original moments of self-discovery and the first glimmers of sexual pleasure. Back to basics.

The Svakom Billy is definitely such a vibrator. If you were to glance over the Svakom Billy in a line-up of sex toys its innocuous design might lead you to overlook it without much thought. However the Billy’s simplicity isn’t a detrimental feature. Rather, it serves as a reminder of just how good the simple things can be in life. And the Svakom Billy is very good indeed…

The Svakom Billy

Made by the same company that made the iconic sex toy selfie stick, the Svakom Billy is a much more conventional offering from Svakom.

The Svakom Billy is a standard vibrator in all aspects but one...
The Svakom Billy is a standard vibrator in all aspects but one…

The Billy is designed to be both a G-Spot and clitoral vibrator and this is made apparent through its slightly curved shaft—which is neither drastic nor subtle. This curve allows the Billy to sit comfortably on the vulva and nestle up against the clitoris when used externally while also providing more than enough G-Spot stimulation when inserted. Couple this with a diameter of about 1.3 inches and a length of 7 inches and the Billy is a slimmer but still rather standard vibrator and a good all-rounder.

Like all Svakom toys, the Svakom Billy is a luxury vibrator and comes with the expected perks from such a toy. This includes a 100% waterproof body, a 1 year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee, and relatively quiet vibrations. It’s also USB rechargeable and a single 1 hour charge will give you up to 2 hours’ worth of play time, which is pretty good.

Luxurious silicone coats the firm shaft of the Svakom Billy making this toy non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. The firmer shaft of the Svakom Billy also makes it very effective when used for G-Spot stimulation, as pressure can be applied to the vaginal walls.

The Svakom Billy’s silicone has a matte surface and is silky smooth. It doesn’t retain any dust or debris and is so wonderful when stroked against the skin. It’s the kind of silicone that makes me want to caress it. The kind I’m actually stroking my hand up against as I write this review. A material with immediate allure.

This silicone responds very well to water-based lubricant and is nice when inserted but lacks some of the drag of other matte silicone toys. Depending on your preference this may be a good or bad thing. For me the Svakom Billy is still has enough of a matte surface to be appealing, but if you prefer something like Fun Factory silicone then the Billy may be a bit of a shock.

In terms of patterns the Svakom Billy has 5 different patterns and 5 different vibration intensities which allows for a lot of variety. These vibrations are controlled by two up and down arrows which are positioned at the base of the shaft. The placement of this control panel is perhaps the most unique design choice of the Svakom Billy and is meant to make the controls more accessible during use. I’ve personally found this to be the case and really like the placement of these controls. Granted they’re not 100% intuitive but they’re certainly easy to adjust to compared with other toys.

This vibrator's controls are very easy to use.
This vibrator’s controls are very easy to use.

Contrasted against the controls, the vibrations of the Svakom Billy are perhaps the most standard element of the Svakom Billy. Decently strong but noticeably buzzy, the Billy’s vibrations are high-pitched in terms of sensation but still have a considerable amount of depth. Still, these vibrations should be strong enough to cater to most power queens, especially if you prefer buzzier vibrations. These vibrations never felt irritating or numbing either, which helps the Billy avoid the cliché buzz of some battery-powered vibrators.

These vibrations also have a nice range of intensities—starting with a delicate purr that is gentle enough for those who need a very light touch before gradually increasing in a well-balanced manner. This makes the Billy an appropriate toy for most users and their preference in terms of strength.

As it turns out these vibrations were just a bit too rapid, a bit too hyper, for my clitoris so I rarely used the Billy this way. Internally, though, the vibrations from the Billy felt perfectly deep and persistent without being obnoxious, making it clear that this toy is best used as a G-Spotting vibe (as far as I’m concerned, at least). And G-Spot orgasms with this vibrator truly were something.

This toy is rechargeable, making it cost effective in addition to being affordable.

Like I said in my introduction, there’s nothing particularly stand-outish about the Svakom Billy. Its shaft is curved but smooth, its vibrations are effective but standard, and its size is modest and simply sits comfortably inside my vagina. And yet the Svakom Billy was so effective in its simplicity that my orgasms with it can be described as nothing short of sensational. It was as if the Svakom Billy tapped in to the simple equation of curve + vibration = a really good time and took it up a notch.

I don’t necessarily have a good explanation for why the Billy felt so exceptionally great (who knows, maybe there’s a multiplication in the Billy equation that I’ve missed) but all I know it that the Billy works and I love its back-to-basics approach.

That being said the Billy isn’t a perfect vibrator and there’s a lot it can’t offer users. Girth is one, as is texture, and rumbly vibrations. But if there’s one thing that can be said about the Billy it’s that this toy is honest. What you see is what you get. There are no frills, no fancy features, and no attempts to be something it’s not. The Billy is simply a standard vibrator that works and there’s a brilliance in this that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Final Thoughts

If I had to describe the Svakom Billy in a single word it would be ‘uncomplicated’. If you’ve seen the Svakom Billy then you pretty much know what toy you’re getting and the type of stimulation that it provides.

Yet, despite this, the effectiveness of the Svakom Billy might surprise you (and certainly did me). Just because a vibrator takes a minimalist approach doesn’t mean it won’t provide outstanding orgasms, and that’s just what the Billy delivers.

Add to this the fact that the Billy is relatively affordable and you have a toy that I feel fully confident to recommend and know I’ll be returning to whenever I want a straightforward session of fantastic orgasms.

Recommend to:

People who like standard vibrators.

People who like buzzier vibrators.

People who want a non-representational vibrator.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer quirky toys.

People who dislike buzzy vibrators.

People who like texture or girth.

The Svakom Billy was provided to me by Tracy’s Dog in exchange for an honest review. Tracy’s Dog are also offering 20% off the Svakom Billy with the code shown below. Considering my experiences with the Billy this fills me with immense joy and I hope you can take advantage of this fabulous deal.