Toy Review: The New & Improved Tantus Ryder

Who hasn’t heard of the Tantus Ryder by this point? Long held as one of Epiphora’s trusty favourites I’ve been eyeing up this sex toy ever since I read her review myself. While not a butt plug user personally, I do gain immense pleasure from treating Mr. Peaches to new anal delights and seeing the impact they have on him and this was the main appeal of the Ryder for me. Such an iconic product is pretty much the perfect treat for any special occasion—nothing says ‘I love you’ like an anal cult-classic.

But hold on to your horses because Tantus have rocked everyone’s world recently by taking the Ryder and creating a ‘new & improved’ version. This revamped Ryder keeps the features that made this plug the quintessential booty toy but have changed a few features and designs to make it more comfortable, effective, and pleasurable. Oh Tantus, I do love you so.

Having never tried the original Ryder I can’t attest to just how effective these changes are first-hand, but I can definitely comment on the quality of this new incarnation of the Ryder, which is exactly what I’ll be doing today.

So join me while we look at the Ryder revamped and explore just how effective it was for Mr. Peaches.

The New & Improved Tantus Ryder

The Tantus Ryder is one of Tantus’ tried-and-tested greats and a favourite among many reviewers. This toy is marketed as ‘larger than a beginner’s piece, but easy to hold & a gentle stretch’ and, honestly, I couldn’t think of a better way to summarize this toy if I tried. Tantus knew exactly what you they wanted to make with the Ryder and they hit the nail on the head (or popped the plug in the booty, as it were).

The Ryder is a plug that needs no introduction.
The Ryder is a plug that needs no introduction.

Before I say anything else I think it’s important to break down the major differences between the old Tantus Ryder and this newer, improved version. These simple changes break down to two major elements with seem small but which can make a huge difference—material and base design.

In terms of base the old Tantus Ryder already had a pretty good design. However the new one provides a much narrower edge to each side, providing a design which is perfectly contoured to sit naturally between the butt cheeks without keeping them too spread or causing any discomfort. This makes the new Ryder easier to wear for longer use and throughout intercourse.

While one might assume that making the base of the plug narrower would make the Ryder harder to remove this base is actually very easy to grip hold of and retrieving the Ryder is a near-effortless process. Mr. Peaches has a preference for bases like this (and has praised Tantus for using this base design in the past) so this change was very well-received in our household. We tip our hats to whoever came up with this design.

It's all about that base.
It’s all about that base.

Material-wise the Tantus Ryder is still made out of Tantus’ signature Ultra-premium silicone. This makes the Ryder non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. However whereas the previous Ryder was made from a glossy silicone the new & improved Tantus Ryder has a luxurious ‘velvet-feel’ surface which can be described best as smooth, almost creamy matte. This silicone does grab some dust and lint but it’s also incredibly easy to clean: soap/toy clear and water, boil it, use a bleach solution, or put it in the dishwasher. The choice is yours.

This material change is probably the most noticeable when it comes to the Ryder itself. Y’see glossy silicone is a very good choice for a sex toy, especially an anal one. Glossy silicone tend to respond very well when lubricated—providing a slick surface that easily slides in to the body and glides against the skin. But the flip side of this is that you lose the extra grip—that kick of additional sensation—that matte silicone provides. Nothing quite beats the subtle drag of a perfectly finished matte sex toy in my opinion and the original Tantus Ryder was missing this extra hit of sensation.

Thankfully with the change to velvet silicone the Tantus Ryder now has that additional bit of grip needed to really monopolize off of its design and provide a comfortable fit with shape and surface that keeps you clenching around it in eager approval.

When it comes to the core design of the Ryder things have thankfully stayed pretty much the same. This toy sports a 1.47 inch diameter, which is larger than your average starter plug but slightly slimmer than most fully fledged dildos. It has a very gently tapered tip and a straight, bulb-like main body which looks like a stretched out oval. This makes the Ryder a comfortable toy to insert but still gives it enough girth and stretch during use to allow it to feel comfortably filling.

This toy provides a challenge for those who dabble in booty toys and want to try the next step up.
This toy provides a challenge for those who dabble in booty toys and want to try the next step up.

Mr. Peaches described the Ryder as a ‘mid-way’ point toy for him, and this is completely in-keeping with what Tantus say themselves. This isn’t a toy that neither he nor Tantus would recommend to the complete butt plug beginner, but for those looking to ease their way in to larger plugs or for a warm-up toy before a strap-on session the Ryder provides both the stretch and the arousal needed to work perfectly in these roles.

Orgasms with the Tantus Ryder were exactly what we both hoped they would be. I observed in delight as Mr. Peaches tensed up before exhaling euphorically when climaxing with the Ryder and that’s my personal pleasure when it comes to this product. From Mr. Peaches’ perspective the Tantus Ryder provided very strong orgasms which caused him to clench around the noticeable girth of the Ryder, facilitating further enjoyment.

For him the Ryder stimulated his P-Spot with ease and also had an unexpectedly weighty feeling for him at the point of climax which really added to the experience. The Ryder itself is not an overly heavy toy but its design seems to have a certain heft to it which felt larger than life during use.

That’s not to say that the Ryder is Mr. Peaches’ favourite plug, and I was surprised to find that he ranks it as ‘good, but not the best’. For him this role is suited primarily as a transitional plug—and we both agreed that it’s fantastic to have a toy fit this role so perfectly—but it’s slightly too big for him to grab for first thing and slightly too small for him to choose to finish with unless he’s in the mood for that sweet spot in the middle.

This certainly doesn’t reflect poorly on the Ryder itself, which we both think is pretty much the epitome of a warm-up plug—but it does mean that you might consider what role you want the Ryder to fill for you before making a purchase.

In terms of other downsides there really aren’t that many. A minor gripe is that the Ryder does retain some anal odour, but this is my experience with many silicone toys. It certainly doesn’t act as a point against the Ryder specifically which is, by all accounts, an exceptional product made even better by its slight redesign.

Final Thoughts

When I think of the new Tantus Ryder I think of a smoking hot rockabilly babe. One who’s full of spirit, has hit the road a fair few times, and is looking for their new great adventure.

This is a plug built on years of experience but with a fresh new approach which keeps it exciting and has a certain aesthetic that is totally Tantus. It’s not for everyone, and some may find it to be too big or small of a personality, but it damned well know what it’s doing and it’s one of the best on the market for it.

Although the Ryder doesn’t meet all of our needs it meets one of them with such precision and effectiveness that we consider the Ryder to be a fantastic investment and would both highly recommend this iconic butt plug.

Recommend to:

People who like medium-sized butt plugs.

People who like matte silicone.

People looking for a warm-up plug.

Do Not Recommend to:

Complete beginners.

People looking for a larger plug.

People who prefer glossy silicone (hunt down the old Ryder. It’ll be worth it).

The Tantus Ryder was provided to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. If you like what I do and want to support my site then please do make any Tantus purchases via the affiliate links in this post or on my site elsewhere.