Toy Review: The Nalone Rock Vibrating Massager (and Attachment)

It may be totally cliché to say this but I don’t care because it’s true: This vibrator totally rocked my world.

The Nalone Rock Vibrating Massager is a medium-sized vibrator with maximum oomph. This wand vibrator grabbed my attention as soon as I turned it on and continued to keep me enthralled all the way through its first test run. The results since have been an impressive amount of orgasms, and many memorable sessions which have quickly made this my go-to wand when I want power without bulk.

Need I go on? Well…if you insist.

The Nalone Rock Vibrating Massager

The Nalone Rock Vibrating Massager is a standard-design wand vibrator with a compact form and luxury appeal.

This wand may be smaller in stature but this works to the benefit of this product.
This wand may be smaller in stature but this works to the benefit of this particular product.

Coming in at 7.5 inches total, the Nalone Rock Vibrating Massager is smaller than many standard-sized wands on the market and, when it comes to this wand size definitely does matter.

As opposed to a fully-fledged wand, the Nalone Rock is slim enough to provide more localized sensations as opposed to completely engulfing the vulva with its broad head. The result isn’t necessarily pinpoint sensation but it is much better suited towards dual-wielding toys, especially if you like using larger dildos.

The smaller stature of this wand also makes it great for anyone who struggles to hold longer wands and those with certain disabilities. And, as a final perk, it also makes the Nalone Rock a great travel companion (although it sadly lacks a travel lock).

Despite its affordable price the Nalone Rock is a luxury toy at its core and comes with all of the expected perks. This toy is 100% waterproof, has a 1-year warranty, comes with a storage bag, and is completely UBS rechargeable. While Nalone doesn’t specify how long a charge lasts I can assure you that I managed to use mine frequently and for a long duration before the battery lost its charge—and, trust me, every time it did I let out a vague whimper of sadness and regret.

The Nalone Rock is made out of silicone with a few strips of ABS plastic included for aesthetic and practical reasons (such as to secure the optional attachments that you can purchase for this wand). Silicone is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe, making this wand a perfect option for anyone who values sex toy safety. Because the Nalone Rock is waterproof it can also be very easily cleaned, which is another clear bonus.

The material used for this wand responds well to water-based lubricant and is just as engaging without.
The material used for this wand responds well to water-based lubricant and is just as engaging without.

The silicone used for the Nalone Rock is luxuriously matte and velvety smooth. It has the perfect surface to gently stroke up against the skin and provide a gentle gripping sensation without being overbearing or too glossy. In short it’s my perfect kind of silicone.

Wands have come a long way since the original Hitachi and the Nalone Rock is completely cordless, charging via USB in between uses. Considering how many wands have moved away from cords this may not seem like something big to mention but it’s my experience that a lot of mid-sized wands either continue to use a cord or choose to go battery powered, so it’s nice to see that the Nalone Rock doesn’t compromise on this point.

The Nalone Rock is controlled via two buttons on the wand’s handle and is very straightforward to use. One button turns to wand on and off whereas the other filters through its 7 different vibration modes. 3 of these modes are different intensities whereas the rest are patterns, which may leave some pattern lovers wanting more depending on their preferences.

In terms of placement and practicality these buttons can be a bit finicky—as they aren’t raised or indented in a way that makes them easily discernible from the rest of the Nalone Rock’s textured handle—but I find that pauses to rediscover the buttons were few and far between or had little impact on my overall enjoyment.

The buttons could do with standing out a bit more.
The buttons could do with standing out a bit more.

Then again this could be a case of me going easy on the Nalone Rock because, truth be told, I am completely besotted with this medium-sized powerhouse. I received the Nalone Rock from Knicker Rocker Glory who, from personal experience, stated that “the Nalone Rock outstrips the LELO Medium Smart Wand for performance vs value for money” and they’re not wrong there.

This little wand packs one mighty punch. Even the lowest setting is deliciously rumbly and I can feel it spread through my thighs whenever I apply it to my vulva. The undeniable depth and powerful quiver of this wand does become more frequent as the settings are ramped up and some might describe it as veering on buzzy. However I think there’s a noticeable difference between ‘buzzy’ and ‘rapid’ and the Nalone Rock manages to fall on the right side of the divide. At no point does the Nalone Rock ever feel high-pitched, or irritating, or even lose its depth. It simply gets stronger, harder, and faster.

The first setting has the most noticeable rumble and is more than enough to bring me to orgasm without feeling like I need to ramp it up. The second intensity is what I would consider to be an ideal level of power. The rumble is kicked up a notch and the depth is noticeably maintained. The final intensity is where things get really rapid and, truth be told, the intensity can actually be a bit too much for me at times. The rumble isn’t diminished on this setting but it does take a bit of a backbench to the sheer, unrelenting power of the main sensation. When I really want to go whole hog this setting is more than enough.

And, if I’m being honest, I really didn’t expect such an impressive performance from this wand. Nalone are a brand I’ve always been vaguely interest in but it’s only recently that I’ve begun to explore their range. If this wand is anything to go by then I’m inclined to say that they’re underappreciated among the community, as this wand really is top notch and has the power, design, and practicality to stand against the big shots of the medium-sized wand world.

In fact when comparing to similarly sized wands the Nalone Rock is much stronger and rumblier than the Lelo Smart Wand Medium, is a similar size to the iconic Vibratex Mystic Wand but with a smoother head and less buzz, and is slightly larger and less powerful than the PalmPower Recharge but with more rumble again. Out of all of them I’d probably rate it on similar terms to the PalmPower Recharge but for different reasons (and if you want a slightly larger wand then the Nalone Rock is a clear winner).

This wand also has optional attachments that can be used to enhance its sexual diversity even more.

At the time of publishing this review Knicker Rocker Glory is offering a promotion where you get a free attachment for this wand upon purchase and I selected the bunny ears out of nostalgic affection. This attachment was easy to apply and remove and the vibrations transferred into the bunny ears with incredible ease. This can’t always be said of wand attachments so I was thrilled to see just how effective the Nalone Rock was in this regard. Count me as a happy bunny.

These bunny ears wriggle with delight when this vibe is turned on.
These bunny ears wriggle with delight when this vibe is turned on.

Needless to say my orgasms with this review were frequent and extremely pleasurable. When I let out an audible moan with the Tantus Goddess it was the Nalone Rock that was nuzzled against my clit, bringing me over the edge. I don’t just love the power of this wand but I adore the intimacy of it too; how its smaller size hugs between my labia and nestles perfectly in to place. This wand feels like a bed-side go-to and that’s just what it’s become for me. Portable power in a compact form. I could not have hoped for more.

For a toy of such strength the Nalone Rock is also rather quiet. Not whisper quiet but hushed enough to be undetectable behind closed doors and under the sheets. If you’re paranoid though you can always turn on your favourite guitar solo and have your speaker system and you rock out simultaneously.

Alas, despite its many perks no toy is perfect and the Nalone Rock does have some flaws, though I would count them as minimal.

For some the increase in frequency that comes with the different intensities may detract from the Nalone Rock or feel too close to ‘buzzy’ and I completely understand this. No toy will suit everyone’s needs and the Nalone Rock simply lacks the slower, juddering rumble of something like the Lelo Smart Wand Large. Then again it is half the size so swings and roundabouts.

From a personal viewpoint I dislike single button systems for changing settings and this is true with the Nalone Rock too. I wish they’d just added one more button (and made the buttons more distinguishable next time) but perhaps this option will be added in a later incarnation.

For now these remain more gripes than glaring flaws and I have very little to say against this toy. It really did exceed all of my expectations and I can’t recommend it enough.

Final Thoughts

It surprised me that I’ve never used this pun before but there doesn’t seem a more fitting time than now: The Nalone Rock Vibrating Massager is a wand-erful sex toy and an absolute must-try for power queens looking for a compact wand for when the bulk of a fully-sized wand is impractical or unwanted.

In fact, scratch that—this wand is fantastic full stop and would make a welcome addition to any wand lover’s collection. I am incredibly happy with the experiences I had with this wand and think its vibration style and strength should appeal to most individuals.

If you agree with me then please do nab this wand as soon as is humanly possible because your body deserves a product like this.

Recommend to:

People who like strong vibrations.

People looking for a mid-sized wand.

People who like wand attachments.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike near-buzzy vibrations.

People who want a larger wand.

People who prefer gentler vibrations.

The Nalone Rock Vibrating Massager was provided to me by Knicker Rocker Glory in exchange for an honest review. If you like this review and want to show your love then please do make your purchase through them. The attachment offer is more than worth it.