Toy Review: Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager

When buying a sex toy what matters more: the method of purchase or the end product?

Arguably both are important factors. Money talks and when we make a purchase we arguably (if indirectly) endorse the values of those who are selling the product. In this case most of us would agree that supporting companies that promote sex positivity, body safe materials, and user well-being is the ideal choice for the ethical consumer.

But what about those who are primarily interested in the product? Accessibility is an important issue and if someone can find an effective and safe product from a company that doesn’t necessarily operate to everyone’s standard then should we deprive them of (or disapprove of them for purchasing) a toy that is wholly enjoyable just because its origins aren’t in line with our own values?

I’ve seen this debate come up a lot recently, especially in relation to affordable copycat designs, companies that have a valid product but a terrible ethos, and (of course) those who choose to sell primarily on Amazon instead of promoting their site as the default point of purchase.

Amazon does not have the best reputation for sex toys and rightly so. Compared to a trusted retailer extra precautions and research has to be undertaken when buying a sex toy online. Some people believe you shouldn’t do it at all (and I can understand why) whereas others have discovered some very unfortunate user experiences which shouldn’t be ignored when making your own purchases.

However should a company be completely discredited simply because they operate on Amazon? I don’t personally believe so, especially if the products they offer (or at least some of them) are body safe, can legitimately benefit a person’s sex life, and provide a viable and affordable option for those who would otherwise struggle to get a toy that could provide a similar experience.

For me the Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager is one such product, which bridges the gap between the luxury sex toy market and the cheaper, body safe toys that many people want and require access to. This sex toy is a very good example of a great end product. Not perfect but certainty enough to have me grinning with delight whenever I slide it inside my body. And, in the moment, that sense of sexual satisfaction is everything.

About Tracy’s Dog

The Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager was provided to me by Tracy’s Dog in exchange for an honest review.

Tracy’s Dog is just one example of a company who have a main site but operate mainly from Amazon, and do so very successfully. Their Amazon selection ranges from high-grade branded products (such as Svakom) through to own brand products (such as Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager) and a few questionable items (such as this terrifying TPE creation). Overall they can be considered to have an eclectic selection which will cater to most user’s needs and own preferences when it comes to sex toy materials and personal preference.


When looking at the descriptions on some of Tracy’s Dog’s pages there is a hint of broken English and, again, some questionable content. This really varies depending on the product but it is no more egregious than any other errors that I have seen from a non-English speaking company trying to appeal to the English-speaking market.

In regards to personal communication and experiences Tracy’s Dog were very attentive and thoughtful. It was clear that they were aware of some of their flaws and were working to fix them. For example, they made the aware that they are planning to change the design of their website–which, at the moment, looks uncomfortably close to another company’s site.

I also found this to be the case in other ways. When letting Twitter know that I was reviewing for Tracy’s Dog the lovely JustJess referred me to her own review in which she shared concerns about the broken English found on the user manual she received. But when my product arrived I noticed that it came with a different quick start guide which was simple, very easy to read, and composed in perfect English.

This, to me, indicates that Tracy’s Dog is a company that is eager to reach out to the adult community and find ways to improve their already successful business. And, as a reviewer and a consumer, I highly appreciate that.

The Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager

When it comes to the product itself, the Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager came discreetly packaged and in a simple but effective cardboard container. Included with the Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager is its very own storage bag, which is lovely and smooth and a really nice touch. Especially considering this toy only costs $29.99. That’s honestly insane to me, as I’ve had luxury toys that have cost four times the amount and still not had the courtesy to include a storage bag. Thumbs up to Tracy’s Dog right out of the box.

This vibrator is impressive, to say the least.
This vibrator is impressive, to say the least.

The vibrator itself is much less of a wand and much more of a G-Spotting vibrator (though not exclusively so in my opinion, but we’ll get back to that later). It also clearly puts a heavy focus on texture and providing the most stimulation possible with its seven ripples, which run up the length of the shaft. These ripples are met (and matched) by a very noticeable coronal ridge, the mere likes of which made my heart flutter upon first inspection.

While wholly affordable this vibrator still provides a luxury experience, and comes with many of the expected perks. It’s 100% waterproof, has a smooth silicone exterior, and is USB rechargeable. A single charge can get you up to 4 hours of play time with this toy and each charge takes 1-2 hours, which is damned impressive in my opinion.

Being made of silicone (and ABS plastic) this toy is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe. This isn’t just any silicone either. It’s the silky, matte silicone that makes you want to pamper yourself simply by stroking it against your skin. I remember when encountering this type of silicone used to be a surprising treat, now it’s almost commonplace and you won’t hear me complaining about that!

The shaft of the toys itself is firm and rigid, which works well of its purpose as a G-Spot vibe. This enables the Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager to give the right amount of pressure needed and allows the user to apply more if they crave it. It also really helps the ridges of this toy stand out (while their smooth silicone surface stops them from being too intense).

These ripples work very well.
These ripples work very well.

The Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager is operated through a single button control system and has 6 different patterns. These patterns are pretty standard and should keep most pattern lovers satisfied (if not being a bit too familiar). However it should be stressed that, unlike most vibrators, this vibe only has one continuous vibration intensity and it is intense.

Granted, this vibrator isn’t the strongest G-Spotting sex toy I’ve tried, but it’s vibrations are strong, buzzy but not in an irritating, high-pitched manner, and have enough depth to cause my booty to quiver when applied to my vulva (which is always a lovely sensation). As a power queen I can say that I feel very satisfied with these vibrations but I feel they could be almost too intense for some, so it’s a shame that there are no gentler settings.

This is why I don’t just consider the Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager to be purely a G-Spotting vibe either. This vibrator is just as competent when applied to the clitoris and absolutely fantastic during partnered use. I gained a lot of pleasure from handing this toy over to Mr. Peaches and allowing him to run its rippled shaft lightly across my vulva and clitoris, providing a tantalizing tease of textured sensations. I highly recommend using the Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager before transitioning to internal use (or simply finishing of with it clitorally).

A single intensity will leave some people wanting more (or less, as it were).
A single intensity will leave some people wanting more (or less, as it were).

In terms of internal use this toy really is spot on. It hits the G-Spot with absolute ease, its ripples deliciously amplify its sensations, and its vibrations complement all of this, leading to very strong and satisfying orgasms. The toy is very easy to hold and handle and I’m just in complete and utter awe that a toy this strong can sell at under $30 (and even less with the discount code in my side bar). Like, what sort of sex toy utopia is this!?

Sadly, not a perfect one.

While I personally really like this vibrator I do think that it suffers for not providing more intensities. Had it offered the standard 3 it would pretty much be perfect. As it stands this is a toy for those who like it strong but will make those who prefer gentler vibrations shy away in disappointment. Those who need very rumbly vibrations will also find the noticeable buzz of this toy to be a deterrent, though for me it was never once numbing and was consistently enjoyable.

Having a single button also means you have to filter through to get back to a previous setting, though this isn’t as much of an issue with just one intensity. Overall though these seem like minor subjective complaints compared to the objective high quality of this amazing buy.

Final Thoughts

The Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager caught me completely by surprise in the best way possible.

This vibrator is strong, very well designed, body-safe, and delivers enough to be worth twice what you pay for it. I am so thrilled that toys like this exist and that they’re so affordable. A product like this is something that I was everyone with a G-Spot and a craving for texture and oomph to be able to experience and with such an affordable price tag that becomes more of a possibility.

I highly recommend this vibrator and will be recommending it to any of my friends who want priceless G-Spot orgasms on a budget.

Recommend to:

People who like powerful vibrators.

People who like texture.

People who like firmer G-Spot toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike buzz.

People who prefer smoother toys.

People who want different intensities.

The Tracy’s Dog Vibrating Wand Massager was provided to me by Tracy’s Dog in exchange for an honest review. If you want to buy this toy then please make sure to take advantage of the discount code in my side bar. I want you to get the best price possible!

Tracy’s Dog also has a Facebook page which can be found here.