Update: 5000 Followers Giveaway

Hello my lovely readers,

Wow…I’m speechless. I truly am.

When I started this humble little blog I never anticipated getting to this point. I looked at my fellow adult blogger’s Twitter numbers, veterans and initiates alike, with utter admiration, never thinking that my own numbers would reach their peaks. I’m happy to have been proven wrong in this instance (and to hold no less admiration for the amazing people around me either).

Thanks to each and every one of you I have reached an amazing milestone—5000 followers on Twitter—and I couldn’t be more overjoyed and humbled. The fact that 5000 of you have decided to connect with me is truly awe inspiring and I hope that we find new and exciting ways to engage each and every day.

My personal message to each and every one of you.

With that in mind I thought I’d do something a little different for this occasion. Don’t worry—the sex toys will still be flowing—but I want to make things a bit more personal this time around too. Because of this I thought I’d share with you all five things I love about adult blogging, five things I hate about it, and five things you may not know about me.

Here goes!

Five Things I Love About Adult Blogging

  • Being able to help people find products that they really enjoy. Any time I get an email or a comment thanking me it truly makes my day.
  • Writing. Being able to type my thoughts and feelings out is something I genuinely enjoy and it feels great that I can do some good with that.
  • Creating opportunities to educate people and provide a platform for safer sex and sex toy practices. I consider this to be a great privilege and one of my vocations in life.
  • Having the opportunity to work with and promote so many wonderful companies, bloggers and products.
  • People are always willing to provide constructive feedback which helps you grow and develop as an individual. I think that’s amazing and such a valuable asset. We all raise each other up!

Five Things I Hate About Adult Blogging

  • Having a set roster of sex toys that I absolutely must use during my sex sessions because the reviews need to be done in a timely manner (I’m a professional, after all). On most occasions my sex toy selection is predetermined by my blog schedule.
  • Trying to get a good photo when the weather outside is terrible. I live in the UK too. We invented cloudy weather.
  • Dealing with an endless barrage of ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ emails (also getting an email about the ‘New Best Male Product’ and debating whether it’s spam or a legitimate review request).
  • Going through the analysis of how a toy feels and its ‘orgasm quality’ during use, etc. As a sex toy reviewer it’s hard to just let go sometimes and enjoy the ride for what it is rather than for how it will sound in the review.
  • That tentative moment when I’ve just applied a new lubricant and don’t know whether it’s going to feel great or have me running to the shower to wash away the burning pain.

Five Things You May Not Know About Me

  • I have a soft spot for cheap novelty vibrators. I still own a Hello Kitty clit vibrator and a few cute bunny vibrators even though I never use them.
  • I credit my sex positivity to my parents, who are nudists, love dirty jokes, and took me to sex museums and adult stores in Amsterdam when I was a teen. Despite this both of my parents have a very reserved approach to sex and dislike discussing it in any serious manner. Oh the irony.
  • Because of the above Amsterdam trip I’ve always lusted after the Great American Challenge despite having no desire to put the toxic hunk of jelly anywhere near my body. I refuse to buy it on principle. Morals trump teenage awe, after all.
  • I recently went vegan and I’m absolutely loving it. I highly recommend a plant-based diet for anyone concerned with animal welfare, personal health, and the environment. The hardest part by far has been refraining from purchasing any new leather bondage gear. The struggle is real.
  • I’ve had cosmetic surgery to correct one of my nipples, which was inverted. Because of this I have diminished sensation in one nipple (and yet I still can’t handle nipple clamps).

But enough about me, let’s talk about you. Or, to be more precise, what I want to offer you. I always love having the chance to give something back when I can and so to celebrate I’ve contacted some of the best and most brilliant people in the industry and lined up some great prizes for you. All you need to do is enter down below for you chance to win one of these amazing adult products.

So, what do I have for you? Well, as it’s my 5000 followers giveaway I’ve got not one, not two, but FIVE different items to give to you. I’m excited just thinking about it!

Enough with the teasing! Here come the treats:

The Satisfyer Pro 2 (Donated by Shop Naughty)

The lovely folks over at Shop Naughty have gone all out and donated one of the most iconic sex toys of recent times. Oh yes, I’m talking about the Satisfyer Pro 2.


Having reviewed this toy myself I can personally attest to the power and effectiveness of this bizarre invention. It’s one of the very few toys that can get me to orgasm in mere seconds and that’s no small feat.

For the record this is the updated Satisfyer Pro 2 so you’ll actually have a more updated version than my review model (although expected a review of the updated version soon).

UK and international entries are welcome for this prize and shipping is free of charge.

Emmeline’s Satisfyer Pro 2 Giveaway

The Feranti Mini Mates Collection Gift Set (Donated by Knicker Rocker Glory)

I recently did an article for Knicker Rocker Glory in which I highlighted the importance of the RO-120mm Bullet for my Vaginismus recovery. This toy literally changed my relationship with my body and made my sex life accessible.


You also pretty much can’t go wrong with a good bullet vibrator and this is one of the best. Powerful, deep, portable, it ticks all of the boxes when it comes to a great clitoral vibe.

Knicker Rocker Glory has kindly donated not just the RO-120mm Bullet but the deluxe gift sex version, complete with three sleeves for the bullet. With four toys in one you’ll reap plenty of benefits if you try to win this prize.

UK and International entries are welcome for this prize. UK shipping is free, international winners must pay for shipping.

Emmeline’s Feranti Mini Mates Collection Gift Set Giveaway

Pink Figure-8 Handcuffs (Donated by Kink Craft)

They’re convenient. They’re comfortable. They’re wonderfully distinct and, perhaps best of all, they’re completely handmade!


These gorgeous cuffs come compliments of Kink Craft and they really do help you to stand out in a crowd.

Struggle in delight against the firm grip of these paracord cuffs as you simultaneously marvel at the intricate craftsmanship of each woven element.

I personally own and adore three sets of these Figure-8 Handcuffs and I highly recommend them. Don’t miss out on this chance to nab a set.

UK and international entries are welcome for this prize and shipping is free of charge.

Emmeline’s Kink Craft Pink Figure-8 Handcuffs Giveaway

A Peach Godemiche Ambit (Donated by Godemiche)

This one I’m incredibly excited about.

Ever the dildo artisan Adam over at Godemiche didn’t just donate one of his newest creations, the Ambit. Oh no. Instead he made a brand new Ambit especially for one of you lucky folks.


This Ambit comes with a beautiful peach colouration because, well, life is peachy (and it certainly will be for the winner).

I have reviewed and raved about the Ambit myself and personally hold my own as a prized possession. I can’t wait to gift one to you.

But that’s not all! Adam has actually filmed himself making this Ambit so you can see the process of creating this one-of-a-kind prize right here.

The winner will also receive a certificate signed and stamped with the very same silicone used to make the peach Ambit. They will also receive the video file of the ‘Making Of’ so that they can forever remember how their Ambit was crafted.

UK and International entries are welcome for this prize. UK shipping is free, international winners must pay for shipping. Good luck everyone, this one’s a real treat!
Emmeline’s Peach Godemiche Ambit Giveaway

The Lelo Tiani 24k (Donated by Yours Truly)

I’ve been holding on to this special treat for you since the Lelo Hex party, where they were giving them away in gift bags. What with having reviewed one prior (thus owning one myself already), I knew that I wanted to save my gift bag Tiani 24k for an important occasion and it doesn’t get much bigger than this.


One lucky reader will be in for a chance to win the Lelo Tiani 24k, worth £279.00 at full retail price. All I ask is that you pay for shipping and keep in mind that I can’t personally reimburse you if this item gets lost in the mail.

I wish you all good luck with this one. It’s a truly luxurious product.

UK and International entries are welcome for this prize. Winners must pay for shipping.

Emmeline’s Lelo Tiani 24k Giveaway

And that’s all for now!

Please do read the Terms and Conditions below for full details and make sure you come back daily for your retweets.

As a bit of a fun entry for each prize I thought I’d let you get some bonus points too by answering a question about the little ‘me facts’ that I disclosed above. I hope you enjoy this additional little touch.

Thank you, again, for all of your support and a huge thank you to our donators. I really couldn’t do this without each and every one of you. x

Until the next review!


Terms & Conditions

  • This giveaway is running from the 26 September 2016 until the 11 October 2016 and ends at 12:00pm (GMT)
  • Entrants must be legally able to receive/own adult products. I’ve set an age limit of 18+ on these giveaways but make sure you check with your local laws too.
  • Although you may enter all of these competitions winners will only be able to claim one prize. If you win two prizes I will contact you to ask for your preference before redrawing for the unselected prize.
  • Neither myself nor the companies involved assume responsibility for any losses, customs or excess costs that might occur after shipping. Once the prizes are shipped you take responsibility for them.
  • After the winning entries are drawn you have 2 weeks to contact me and claim your prize. If you fail to do so then I’ll re-draw another winner/s. By entering this competition you also agree to provide me with your address, so that I may get the item shipped to you.
  • The participating companies in this giveaway are responsible for shipping the items. I will be corresponding with them on your behalf.
  • I’m not accepting accounts that have no original content (or little to none) for this giveaway. I will be checking to make sure that any entrants have an account that is made up of more than retweets and will disqualify any entrants who don’t make the cut. Please respect this.
  • Each item in this giveaway has its own individual shipping rules. Please read them carefully to make sure that you’re eligible to enter and accept any shipping charges. If in doubt don’t hesitate to contact me and I will ask on your behalf about whether or not you’re eligible.
  • By entering these competitions you acknowledge that you have read the terms and agreements and consent to the terms laid out above.
  • Jezebella

    Five things I love about your blog:

    1. The variety of different types of sex toys reviewed
    2. This fantastic competition
    3. The blog roll of other sex toy bloggers
    4. Useful resources
    5. Your helpful replies to comments on posts

  • Kim Styles

    Five things I like about your blog.
    1.You write like you are having a conversation with someone, and its interesting! it makes I want to know more.
    2, You talk about sex and toys without making it smutty or distasteful
    3. You recently have gone vegan- well done- I became vegetarian about three months ago and will eventually go vegan I am sure but dairy is still there for me at the moment being a cheese lover. It will go though
    4. Your blog is well designed and easy to navigate
    5. You interact with your readers so well . so many blogs I go on, where people have made comments with no replies- it can be disheartening.

    • Thank you so much! You reasons put a huge smile on my face all of yesterday.
      Good luck with going vegan. I was fortunate in that I didn’t like cheese that much to start with, so VioLife and nutritional yeast pretty much itches any rare scratches I have. If I’d tried to go vegan when I used to be a cheese fanatic though I don’t know how I would have done it!
      I think user interaction is so important. This should be a discussion. I want to talk to you all so thank you for taking the time to comment. I truly appreciate it. <3

      • Kim Styles

        Thank you – not with you on the nutritional yeast though eww! it doesnt do it for me ! and vegan cheese I find lacking . however the best non dairy vegan product is Swedish Glace Ice Cream no Dairy ice cream will ever taste as good !

        • I’m a huge fan of Almond Dream Salted Caramel personally (or anything salted caramel flavoured for that matter)!
          Have you tried Dragonfly’s Marinated Tofu? I find it tastes like a mix between chicken satays and feta cheese. Might be a good match for you depending on your cheese preference?

          • Kim Styles

            I will look out for the Dragonfly’s Marinated Tofu- sounds scrummy

  • Red Draco

    1. It’s very informative
    2. It’s very casual
    3. You can learn a lot from it
    4. It doesn’t shame
    5. It’s very cool

  • RandomRedRose

    1. I love your writing style, I messaged you the first time I found your site to tell you.

    2. I love the amount and variety of reviews and products.

    3. You run awesome competitions.

    4. You always respond whenever I ask a question, professional and super sweet.

    5. The site is gorgeous.

    • Yes, I remember that!
      I’m glad you mention variety. I’m trying to branch out and review products of all different types and from all different price ranges.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. You’re a total sweetheart!

  • JustJess

    * You’re uber chatty and friendly on social media.
    * You test a truly diverse range -toys/lube/menstrual cups at all prices so there’s something for all readers and always something to interest me
    * You value other writers work and opinions, linking their articles, blog rolls, FF’s etc
    * I love the detail and background you go into for your posts
    * You run awesome giveaways!

    • Thank you so much! Social media presence is something I’ve been trying to increase recently. I want to connect as much as is possible!

  • Wetlandia

    Hey from me!
    1. I like your website design, easy to navigate
    2. I like the toys you review
    3. You cover lots of brands, both European and American.
    4. You have cool blogroll and recommendations
    5. Love your avatar and how you manage your social media.

  • informative
    easy to navigate
    lots of toys!

  • chantelle mather

    I love your straight talking funny, grait advice and how you describe things and how much you love to blog ☺

  • Scandarella

    In no particular order I likes…
    The design and layout of your blog
    The huge range of products you review
    Your ace giveaways (like this one)
    The sweetness and friendliness of you
    The passion you put into your writing

  • So awesome you want to give something back to your readers. Thank you Emmeline!
    Now onto my list
    1. You and your unique perspective!
    2. In-depth information about each toy reviewed.
    3. Beautiful photos
    4. Amount of reviews.
    5. Variety of toys you review.

  • Those are some sweet boons, peach! :)

  • pinkdolphi

    Really love your passion for this work! Keep it up!

    ooo, the blog: the organization of content, variety of lubes reviewed, eroscillator review helped me choose a vibrator, very cool cartoon logo (makes the place feel honest), love the variety of glass toys!