Product Review: The Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve

The Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve is the type of product that is objectively simple in principle yet rather effective in its execution and I believe this is vital when coming to penis sleeves/cock sheaths.

Granted Mr. Peaches and I have only tried a few penis sleeves in our time (his girth being more than enough for me) however we’ve used them enough to notice some essential features that are needed.

In order to be effective and satisfying a penis sleeve needs to provide girth without being so heavy that it weighs the penis down. It needs to be diverse enough to accommodate most individuals while still factoring in excess length. It also needs to consider the pleasure of both the receiver and the wearer in order to avoid detracting from either person’s pleasure.

Indeed, the more you think about what goes in to a penis sleeve the more you realize just how much there is to them. And that’s without the logistics of how the sleeve stays on, what texture it should provide, etc.

Although the Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve doesn’t fully meet all of the criteria above it certainly ticks enough of the boxes to make it an enjoyable ride and a product worth purchasing. If, that is, its personal quirks and material quality are to your liking.

The Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve

Coming in at 7 inches total and with a girth of 4 ¼ inches, the Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve is a stretchable penis sleeve which acts well to provide added girth and texture to a play session.

This sleeve isn't perfect but it does come with many enjoyable features.
This sleeve isn’t perfect but it does come with many enjoyable features.

For anyone wondering how a penis sleeve manages to stay in place the answer (in this instance) is through a built-in ring which stretches around the user’s balls. This ring may look small at first but it—much like the rest of the penis sleeve—is extremely stretchy and will happily stretch out to over twice its natural size.

Applying the Emperor Sleeve is an easier task with two people but the flexibility and give of this toy make it so that the Emperor Sleeve can also be applied solo, just in case you want to surprise your partner with a regal treat.

In terms of stimulation the Emperor Sleeve has chosen to favour bold textures and provides a distinct form for both the receiver of this sleeve and the one wearing it. For the receiver the Emperor Sleeve sports a barrage of bold ringlets which wrap around the length of the shaft in a very bold manner. These rings may not look like much to the naked eye but they’re very pronounced during use and you can feel each and every one as they enter In and out of you (all six of them).

For the wearer Linx have instead opted to go for raised nodules which line the shaft until just where the glans are intended to fit in the sleeve. These nodules are not necessarily unusual for male toys but that doesn’t detract from the pleasurable sensation they can provide—especially given the extra pressure of entering a person’s body and their own muscle contractions.

Trust me: It stretches.
Trust me: It stretches.

Providing texture for both individuals is a sure-fire way to make sure that the Emperor Sleeve keeps both partners engaged and enjoying a new type of distinct and engaging stimulation. What’s even better is that the Emperor Sleeve’s internal texture allows it to moonlight as a male masturbator too, allowing for solo use and an easy clean up afterwards. This essentially means you get two toys in one and all for the incredibly affordable amount of £17.95.

That’s right. This toy—which can be a penis sleeve and a male masturbator, allowing for both couples and solo use—retails for less than £20. You really can’t complain about that!

…Well…unless you’re me…

Make no mistake—I like what this sleeve has to offer—however the sad reality of this sleeves many benefits is that they come at the cost of the highest grade materials and the Emperor Sleeve is made out of TPE, a material I’m not personally fond of.

In this instance I can 100% understand the practical decision made here. TPE provides the flexibility and squish needed to make a sleeve that will fit many individuals and have the texture needed to provide some give for both parties. TPE also still manages to be hypoallergenic, and latex and phthalate-free while keeping costs down to an absolute minimum. This provides the flexibility and affordability that this sleeve requires to function on a fundamental level. But the trade-off is that TPE is porous and is therefore liable to absorb fluids and bacteria over time.

On the spectrum of porous toys TPE comes in as less porous than cyberskin and jelly toys but more porous than silicone, steel, and glass. Not the worst but not impenetrable either. Granted, this can be alleviated with proper hygiene and I highly recommend cleaning your TPE toys thoroughly with an antibacterial toy cleaner before and after each use. In fact I consider it a must. And, again, there is nothing inherently toxic about TPE itself (in fact many companies, such as Fleshlight, also use TPE and have done for years). Instead it’s TPE’s capacity to retain fluids and gradually deteriorate over time that is troublesome to me.

As such I don’t personally advocate using TPE toys internally unless all precautions are taken, but I also won’t discourage you if you think the trade-off is worth it. Just make sure you’re informed about the best cleaning practices and stick to water-based lube, as silicone and oil-based ones are liable to damage the material over time.

TPE obviously doesn’t come with the longevity of something like silicone either, but I digress.

Speaking of lubricant this is a toy that needs a lot and this is, again, due to material. For the wearer you’ll definitely get the best user experience if you put some lubricant in the toy before insertion and line some around the ball ring too (especially if you have pubic hair). For the receiver the TPE surface of this toy grabs and clings to the extreme and this can feel either fucking amazing or like hell depending on how much lube is applied.

When these rings are lubricated enough they can be one wild ride.
When these rings are lubricated enough they can be one wild ride.

This was my personal experience with the Emperor Sleeve, at least. When it was all lubed up and sliding in and out of me the rings and feeling of expansion were so noticeable that it was enough to have me buckling at the knees. The girth commanded my vagina’s attention, heightening my senses, before the rippling sensation of the rings rammed this toy’s enhancements home with every single thrust. The texture at times was euphoric but I had my own limits for just how much I could take. In every instance I eventually grabbed Mr. Peaches’ amplified penis, removed the sleeve, and asked him to take me hard as I rode the sensitivity high that the amplified girth and texture had provided.

However, add too little lubricant (or allow it to dry out) and suddenly this toy became a grating wad of material inside of my body that I could barely stand anymore. In this state one might almost be tempted to fling it aside for an entirely different reason, so lubricant really is essential.

Still, even with lube the sensations of this toy were so overpowering that I often found myself straddling between the barrier of pleasure and pain. Getting near to the threshold of discomfort but rarely crossing it, as the Emperor Sleeve and my partner’s thrust kept me tip-toeing ever closer.

As such this sleeve for me was the perfect primer and somewhat of a sadistic little pleasure device. I can imagine it would be practically devilish in some BDSM dynamics and certainly recommend it if you want to add a little extra to your scene.

From Mr. Peaches’ perspective the Emperor Sleeve was very nice indeed. We both quickly learned that any excess girth creates somewhat of a suction effect around his shaft, providing its own for of slightly tugging sensation. Meanwhile the bumpy nodules kept Mr. Peaches stimulated during thrusting which helped mitigate and disassociation that the extra material might usually cause. Weight-wise the Emperor Sleeve did not tug Mr. Peaches down and he was able to easily control his adorned shaft without the process feeling too cumbersome.

The ball ring helped Mr. Peaches last longer whereas the nodules made his eventual orgasm stronger and much more intense. What I personally dislike about this toy is that it is hard to fully dry the internal chamber after use (an issue considering this toy is porous) but overall we had no complaints on clean up either.

Mr. Peaches also found that this sleeve works fine even with a condom (which is still needed if condoms are your preferred method of contraceptive. A penis sleeve is not a condom).

All-in-all this was a fine sleeve for creating very intense sensations during use, although it would not suit users who prefer a gentler touch.

Oh, and its a total dust and hair magnet. I can’t emphasize this enough.

Final Thoughts

Outside of material choices there really isn’t anything to fault the Linx Emperor Penis Sleeve on (and even then the choice is understandable).

If porous materials don’t both you then the Emperor Sleeve is probably one of the better full-sheath penis sleeves that Mr. Peaches and I have used, especially as it ticks so many of the boxes as to what makes a great penis sleeve. Just keep in mind your tolerance for texture when purchasing this toy, though, and don’t underestimate the draggy nature of its surface.

This sleeve may provide outstanding value for money but it’s also a formidable contender and one that I personally call time on before it tips me over the edge. But, then again, the just means I enjoy the ride afterwards all the more…

Recommend to:

People who like TPE.

People who want a dual-textured sleeve.

People who like a lot of texture.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike TPE.

People who prefer smoother toys.

People who dislike higher maintenance toys.

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