Interview: Anna of FrolicMe

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Today we have a special treat. Thanks to Mimi De Luxe I had the opportunity to converse with the outstanding owner of FrolicMe, Anna.


For those unacquainted with Anna and her work, FrolicMe is a subscription service that provides beautifully curated collections of erotic film, imagery, and stories. Focusing on bringing people’s personal pleasures to life, FrolicMe provides a wide variety of material, all of which celebrates the performer’s sexual desires. The result is a steamy, intimate collection which is truly breathtaking.

Anna takes a personal hand in her site and her personal touch can be seen in every piece of content over at FrolicMe. Her work is refined, distinct, and incredibly elegant.

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But enough from me! Let’s allow Anna to talk about FrolicMe in her own words, shall we?

As someone who produces and creates all of your own content it’s clear that you have a strong vision in mind for your shoots. What would you say are the elements you value most with each encounter?

For me the overall vision of has always been important and that continues through all my films. My vision has always to bring a strong sex positive attitude with the core focus on beautiful erotic pleasure where the focus is on the real natural passion that a couple can enjoy together. Therefore at the heart of every scene I shoot for FrolicMe is the raw sexual chemistry and energy between the models. I want them to enjoy the erotic moment as much as we will enjoy watching thereafter.


Having a natural excitement really shows, the raw sexual excitement screams out and to capture that is very exciting both for me and for the viewers watching. Films such as Romp , Flashlight, Cum Together, Hot Bed just too many to mention show the variety of the chemistry I seek. Sex is about pleasure of those involved so that is always at the heart of my scenes. That ultimately adds to the thrill as the viewer. I seek to offer a balanced approach and not just focusing on the male pleasure but in all my films I focus on the ultimate pleasure of the female. Women are respected and adored, and always deeply pleasured.

Thereafter I love to play with erotic themes and styles bringing inspiration to the world of sex, beautiful locations are always mixed with erotic themes and fantasies. No one film at FrolicMe is ever the same, which is very important, moods, tempo, style, locations, and fantasies from light bondage, voyeurism, groups sex, illicit encounters, passionate lovers, lesbian love, through to solo male pleasure to give a broad variety of erotic pleasure.

A sense of authenticity is something that a lot of shoots strive for nowadays. Your shoots definitely feel authentic yet they are also clearly very stylized too and have their own highly aesthetic qualities. How do you personally walk the line between authenticity and artistic intent?

For me when I began I asked myself what it was I was looking for when watching erotic films. It was for short moment of highly erotic and at times explicit raw sexual action that was visually and mentally stimulating and arousing. Therefore to expect models to act with dialogue diminished the essence of the sexual action and my own mood and brought about a false relationship. Having them feel natural, sexy and comfortable in front of the camera was what was key.


It’s understanding the context of what we are trying to offer when creating such short films. Playing and engaging with the mind in an erotic manner is the key. By incorporating erotic writing and stories accompanying my many films allows the viewer the chance to let their own mind develop into the scene on a much greater level and thereafter see the story in a short arousing film. Many women in particular relate with erotic stories, which can fuel their mind with the arousing fantasies as well the offering explicit visual stimulation.

In your FAQ it says that you’re always looking for new models. What criteria do you have for anyone aspiring to feature in a Frolic Me film?

I love to feature new models and would be delighted to be approached by someone who genuinely wished to fulfill maybe a personal fantasy of being filmed.

I never wish to be stereotyped into any particular body types and am always keen to feature natural real body shapes and sizes as well as ages, and in particular would love to be able to feature older models too. However being confident with a strong understanding that this is a broadcast medium is key as well as their own appetite for the erotic pleasure of being filmed, their passion recorded in my style of erotica. Anyone who was interested can contact me directly at

Some of your films also come with a story and gallery full of photos for your members to enjoy. How important to you is it that readers have multiple ways to engage with your content and why did you chose to take this approach?

Erotica is broad and I wanted to offer an emporium of beautiful content all on one site, as we all have different approaches to our personal stimulation and enjoyment. When I first began I was always taken with beautiful erotic imagery and never understood why such beautiful images were not depicted in films. The photography I came across time and again was sympathetic and understanding, so much more elegant, sensual and for me far more erotic. It was that essence that I wished to capture on film. So it was a very natural approach to have an interactive gallery of images reflecting the films and stories I publish.

For me erotic fiction is a huge genre and beloved of many that bring a wealth of creativity to our imaginations through its romance and fantasy sex led stories. It was something I always wanted to include as just another dynamic to my interpretation of an erotic site.

As a film enthusiast I was particularly interested in your use of camera angles and the way that you integrated certain music into your shoots. Tell me are there any directors or filmmakers that inspire you (both inside the industry and out)?

Certainly in terms of in the industry I have always admired the early creative work of Kendo and loved his slow sensual often dark approach to his filming, with his incredible lighting and post production colour grading which took you into another world of erotic vision. However his early work was quite niche and at times rather hardcore.


I was also inspired by many of the earlier Agent Provocateur lingerie adverts that you can still watch online. Their budgets and time constraints were huge for the length of the films but the beautiful erotic flavour, styling, and fabulous lighting as well as overall vision has always been very appealing to me. One of their adverts Proof back in 2001 was voted the best cinema advert of all time.

There seems to be a focus in your content not just on female pleasure but also on the female body. In more than one film I saw the statements ‘natural beauty’ or ‘perfect body’. Can I ask you what these terms personally mean to you? What constitutes a ‘natural beauty’ or ‘perfect body’?

I feel the female body is very beautiful and I always want to depict it in so many ways within my films. I don’t stereotype body shapes and love featuring a variety of models for their different skin tones, height, size of breast, even pussies etc. Using positive terms such as natural beauty or perfect body supports my view that we don’t need to change our body to be sexually appealing, natural is how we are and we should celebrate that, equally perfect body another variety of term to support a positive view of our bodies.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the erotica provided with some shoots. Tell me, how do you select your writers?

As I do with my films I am keen to reach out to a wide audience of erotic writers in order to have the variety of written styles. The majority of my authors are well known in the world of erotic publishing though many may be self-published they are serious writers whose passion for their words is very evident. I am delighted to be publishing more and more of their works and building a depth of erotic stories.

And, lastly, as a sex toy reviewer I feel obligated to ask these quick questions: How do you choose which sex toys to use in any given shoot? Do you feel like the aesthetic of a sex toy has an impact during filming? How important are body-safe toys for yourself and your models?

More often than not the toys that are chosen are a supporting addition to the scene and chosen from the large online retailer Lovehoney which can be purchased within my site, so any toys featured can be viewed independently. I love the look and feel of toys and the visual impact is a strong consideration because of the need to use it within a film, whether based on colour, size, use etc so their aesthetic appeal is naturally key for the role they play.

Thank you so much for reading this engaging interview and a huge thank you to Mimi De Luxe and Anna for making it possible! If you liked this interview and want to support my site then please do consider using the affiliate links included.

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