Toy Review: The PicoBong Remoji Surfer Plug Vibe

The Lifeguard review marked our mid-week break from insertable Remoji’s. But now let’s dive right back in with the PicoBong Remoji Surfer Plug Vibe.

PicoBong would never dream of neglecting the booty and the PicoBong Remoji Surfer Plug Vibe is the Remoji line’s very own Bluetooth-controlled butt plug. With its streamlined form and wavy base the Surfer promises a fun experience ‘for newbies and pros alike’.

But was this our experience with the Surfer? Read on to find out!

The PicoBong Remoji Surfer Plug Vibe

The PicoBong Remoji Surfer Plug Vibe is what I would consider to be the most recognizable of the Remoji range. Anyone acquainted with PicoBong’s usual toy line will probably see immediate parallels between the Surfer and PicoBong’s battery-powered butt plug the Tano 2. Although a fine sex toy, the Tano 2 had some very noticeable flaws which ultimately led to Mr. Peaches giving the Tano 2 an extensive (and ultimately critical) review. For those who didn’t see this review the Tano 2’s issues mainly concerned the controls for the vibrations being internal and the lip of the Tano 2’s seal causing an uncomfortable transition.

The PicoBong Surfer was definitely one wild ride for us.
The PicoBong Surfer was definitely one wild ride for us.

Thankfully when it comes to the Surfer it looks like PicoBong not only eliminated our issues with the Tano 2 (for the most part) but also improved upon the design, making a stronger, more effective sex toy. We are both very impressed with the Surfer and absolutely love using this plug for various reasons.

But first the specs.

The PicoBong Surfer is a rather standard butt plug, coming in at just under 4.5 inches in girth and with an insertable length of 4.75 inches. The Surfer has been designed to have a bulge in its mid-section and is inserted at a noticeable angle. Both of these elements help aid in P-Spot stimulation and make the Surfer a firm choice for this kind of anal play.

The Surfer itself is actually rather firm too, being made of rigid ABS plastic which is then coated with silicone. The only ABS left exposed is at the base of the Surfer, where the PicoBong logo has been indented in as a nice finishing touch. The surface of the Surfer is coated in a luxurious matte silicone which stays true to PicoBong’s high standards. It’s silky smooth, has the perfect amount of grip, and never attracts dust or lint. It responds very well to lubricant, which is a must with anal toys (which should always be used with lube).

This toy's silicone-ABS combo works very well with the shape of the toy.
This toy’s silicone-ABS combo works very well with the shape of the toy.

Silicone is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe, making it a great sex toy material for anal toys. It does, however, retain a minor odour after use. You can’t win ‘em all it seems.

As a luxury toy (retailing at £89.95) the PicoBong Surfer has more luxury perks too. It’s 100% waterproof up to 1m (which helps when it comes to cleaning), has a 1-year warranty, and is USB rechargeable. The port for this is located at the base of the toy too, so you don’t have to worry about anal fluids finding their way in to this open hole.

In terms of controls the PicoBong Surfer does still run on a single-button control and, sadly, like the Tano 2 this is still found on the insertable section of the Surfer. However with the Surfer this isn’t as much of an issue. Why? The Remoji app, of course!

If you’ve been reading my Remoji reviews and still aren’t sold on Bluetooth-controls then I 100% understand. However believe me when I say that Mr. Peaches and I had SO much fun when it came to using Remoji and the Surfer. Given control of Mr. Peaches’ butt plug through simple gestures on my phone I was able to use the Surfer like a finely-tuned device of teasing and temptation. With minimal effort I could switch patterns, vary the speed, and even use the lighting button to give him a quick jolt of full power or a strong finish come the end.

This is a match made in heaven.
This is a match made in heaven.

This was especially useful for BDSM, where I could use these jolts of strength as a tool to punish or reward Mr. Peaches depending on our moods. This made the Surfer perhaps the most intuitive and effective vibrating butt plug that we’ve ever used. A truly effective couples toy that delivers in creative and playful ways.

With a butt plug inserted I was also free to tantalize Mr. Peaches shaft or engage in other activities, which, of course, were made more enjoyable and exciting when we tried to match our motions to the beat. The Remoji’s songs may be repetitive at times, but I’ve soon learnt that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to the motions of sex.

Sensation-wise Mr. Peaches really enjoyed what the Surfer had to offer. Full disclosure: This is a toy that Mr. Peaches has to warm up to. There’s no plug ‘n play going on here. But once the warm up phase is done then Mr. Peaches finds this toy to be incredibly comfortable and very effective at stimulating his P-Spot.

This is only amplified by the vibrations which, like the Diver, are a bit on the buzzy side but have a good amount of depth and gain more resonance when inserted. For us these vibrations were more than enough and I could even use the Surfer as an effective clitoral vibe (should I chose to). For Mr. Peaches each of the 6 patterns included in the Surfer felt noticeably different during use and each had their own distinct appeal.

His resulting orgasms were very strong—pressure, shape, and vibrations coming together to deliver reliable climaxes which lasted longer than usual and left Mr. Peaches singing the praises of this plug.

The base for the Surfer is something worth mentioning too. It’s firm, ergonomically designed, large enough to be very secure, and has a little ring for easy insertion and retrieval. We both really like this base and it really is the perfect way to bookmark an exceptional product.

This musical toy is all about that base.
This musical toy is all about that base.

But, of course, even exceptional toys aren’t immune to criticism and the Surfer does have a few flaws.

The first of which is still the controls. Yes, the Remoji app provides the controls needed to make this toy a breeze to use and, yes, this does enhance play but take the app away and you’re left with a toy that can only be controlled when removed and which doesn’t even give you the full range of intensity without being app-reliant. Again at £89.95 you’d expect a sex toy to give you all of its features up-front and it’s still a bit problematic that the Remoji line is unable to do this with its insertable toys.

If you buy the Surfer knowing about this app-reliance then this really isn’t a problem at all, but if you find yourself unable to use the app or unaware of just how important it is then I can understand this being a pretty big downside.

As I also mentioned in this review, this isn’t a toy that Mr. Peaches can just pop in and enjoy. This plug, while not daunting for everyone, may still bit a bit too large for some and, as such, I’m not sure that it would be a good contender as a person’s first plug.

Lastly it is a bugbear of mine that so many silicone toys retain some anal odour after use, but this isn’t exclusive to the Surfer at all, so this is more just a general grievance.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I thoroughly enjoyed the PicoBong Surfer and found that this was a product where the Remoji app could truly shine through.

While other remote-based anal plugs do exist the playful nature of Remoji coupled with its familiarity (who isn’t swiping their phone screens left, right, and center nowadays?) made it incredibly easy to use and sincerely amplified our play sessions.

This is our favourite vibrating butt plug to date and that’s no small feat. As such I would definitely recommend the PicoBong Remoji Surfer Plug Vibe to anyone who wants to combine their anal adventures with a little modern day app-based convenience.

Recommend to:

People who like vibrating butt plugs.

Couples looking for a remote control plug.

People who like very secure bases.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer curved or beaded toys.

People who need rumbly vibrations.

People who don’t want to use an app to control their toy.

The PicoBong Remoji Surfer Plug Vibe was provided to me by PicoBong in exchange for an honest review. If you like my reviews and want to support me then please consider making your purchases via the affiliate links in this post (‘PicoBong’, ‘Remoji’, and ‘Tano 2’).

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