Toy Review: The PicoBong Remoji Lifeguard Ring Vibe

Having dived right in to the Remoji reviews with the aptly named Diver Egg Vibe let’s pull things back a bit in to the firm grip of a Lifeguard. The PicoBong Remoji Lifeguard Ring Vibe to be more precise.

The PicoBong Remoji Lifeguard Ring Vibe is the Remoji’s answer to the couples vibrating ring and follows in Remoji’s ethos of keeping the fun hands free so that you can enjoy the app (and each other) with more gusto.

Designed to be flexible, and with a noticeable slant to its design, the Lifeguard certainly looks at home with the rest of the Remoji line. But did it earn a place in my bedside drawer too? Read on to find out?

The PicoBong Remoji Lifeguard Ring Vibe

The PicoBong Remoji Lifeguard Ring Vibe is, in essence, a pretty standard cock ring, but with PicoBong’s own distinct and playful twist. As with the rest of the Remoji line the Lifeguard comes in a variety of colours, all of which are vibrant, stylish, and works perfectly with the aesthetics of the Remoji line.

This is one Lifeguard that I'm happy to have around Mr. Peaches' cock.
This is one Lifeguard that I’m happy to have around Mr. Peaches’ cock.

The Lifeguard has an ABS top, with the PicoBong logo indented into it, but the rest is coated in pure, silky smooth matte silicone. This silicone covers a rather firm top section but the ring itself is rather thin and incredibly flexible which allows it to fit people of various shapes and sizes. In fact with a little bit of effort and teamwork this cock ring can be stretched enough to work as a cock-and-ball ring, although it’s not the toy’s primary purpose.

This silicone and ABS coating makes the PicoBong Lifeguard non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body safe, in addition to making it incredibly easy to clean. Simply use a good toy cleaner or some soap and water and you should easily be able to make your Lifeguard squeaky clean. This is assisted by the fact that the Lifeguard is completely waterproof up to 1m, making it good for fun in the bath or shower too (and even the pool if you’re careful).

In addition to this the Lifeguard comes with the usual perks that you’d expect from a luxury product (one retailing t £79.95). This includes a 1-year warranty and being completely USB rechargeable. Of course the main draw of this cock ring is its compatibility with the Remoji app and the fun that can be had with its 6 different modes.

These modes provide a good amount of variety for pattern lovers, though like the Diver the intensity can only be controlled through the Remoji app. I’ve spoken about why this is a double-edged sword in my previous review but I do have to admit that I enjoyed using the Remoji a lot with the Lifeguard, more so than with the Diver. Why might this be?

Well, put simply, the Lifeguard’s vibrations are strong. So nicely strong that they actually send vibrations through Mr. Peaches shaft which can be felt from base to tip during use. This means that when using the app we’re essentially both able to experience the playful stylings of the Remoji and have some fun with the rhythm as we also try to thrust and grind along with the beat.

The Lifeguard really knows how to work with the app and offers a fantastic experience for playful users.
The Lifeguard really knows how to work with the app and offers a fantastic experience for playful users.

My usual complaint with vibrating cock rings is that the vibration itself is usually intermittent due to the fact that thrusting invariably teases the clit by bringing the vibrations closer before ultimately pulling them back over and over. This is still something that happen with the Lifeguard but because of the additional shaft vibration this didn’t feel like much of a bugbear. In fact the continued presence of Mr. Peaches’ shaft vibrations followed with the intermittent vibrations of the cock ring’s main body actually lead to a nicely harmonious experience which impressed me much more than most other vibrating cock rings on the market.

The fact that you can play with these vibrations and essentially jam to the beat is the ultimate icing on the cake and anyone who loves both vibrating cock rings and patterns will probably have a field day with the Lifeguard.

The vibrations themselves are on par with the Diver and, again, on par with a vibrator such as the Lelo Mia 2, which is impressive considering the size of this cock ring (With the vibrating section having a max width of 2.25 inches and a max height of about 1.75 inches). However these vibrations are more of the buzzy-depth side rather than the rumbly side which is something to keep in mind. Overall they keep the same rippling quiver that is often found in PicoBong toys so if you’re already a PicoBong fan then you know the type of vibration you’re in for. However if you’re unfamiliar with PicoBong, or really do need a good shaking rumble to take you over the edge then I advise caution with the Lifeguard.

In terms of its application as a cock ring the Lifeguard is effective but does have room for improvement. Personally I adored how this cock ring felt and the noticeable firmness that it gave Mr. Peaches. Feeling Mr. Peaches’ shaft vibrate is obviously something that I enjoyed and I found that the vibrating section was firm and chunky enough to press nicely against my clitoris with each thrust without ever feeling uncomfortable or too light in its application.

Mr. Peaches also really enjoyed the way that the vibrations traveled in this cock ring and found that it made him feel noticeably firmer, enhanced stimulation, and allowed him to last for longer. During climax he personally found that the cock ring made his orgasm and ejaculation much more noticeable, providing additional pleasure and creating a stronger and more fulfilling orgasm. However Mr. Peaches personally had a few issues with this cock ring.

Is this cock ring too asymmetrical? I'll allow you to be the judge of that.
Is this cock ring too asymmetrical? I’ll allow you to be the judge of that.

His main pet peeve is that this cock ring is not symmetrical. Symmetry is something that Mr. Peaches values so the fact that the Lifeguard was off-center had him a bit deterred before he had even applied the cock ring. During use he swears that he could feel this difference in the cock ring’s design and that it made it feel uneven and distracting at times. He swears that it was constantly trying to slide to one side though, personally, I didn’t perceive this to be a big issue.

I’ll admit to noticing a small amount of slide but it wasn’t hugely detrimental to me. I’ll also concede that the asymmetrical design may not hit everyone’s clitoris with precise ease, and that many people would rather have a consistent spread from a cock ring rather than a slightly more one sides experience.

However what this design is great for is using the Lifeguard as a handheld clitoral vibe too, as the lopsided design creates a natural contour for pressing and rubbing against the vuvla (although the ring itself makes for a very flexible/flimsy handle). This can either be done on the edge of the Lifeguard or by rubbing its ABS head up against the clitoris. In the latter method the PicoBong logo provides additional texture that feels either great or grating depending on how much lube is applied but, regardless, I found that this toy also worked to provide effective clitoral orgasms solo too, thus enhancing its diversity as a sex toy.

As another bonus the PicoBong Lifeguard’s single-button control never gets inserted, so you can change up the vibrations at any point (although they are still locked in to a single intensity without the aid of the Remoji app). Swings and roundabouts.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed the PicoBong Remoji Lifeguard Ring Vibe and found it to be one of my favourite vibrating cock rings on the market. This is enhanced by the Lifeguard’s interactions with the Remoji and, as a result, the Lifeguard comes out as a strong contender for the best toy in the Remoji line when it comes to fully interacting with the app.

Creative users and pattern lovers can have a lot of fun with the transferable vibrations of the Lifeguard and how it brings you closer together during use. I certainly had a lot of fun with it and, although its wavy design wasn’t a total success in this household, I do think this is one cock ring that’s worth splashing out on.

Recommend to:

People who like patterns.

People who like vibrating cock rings.

People who like PicoBong’s vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike vibrating cock rings.

People who need rumbly vibrations.

People who prefer full app-free control of their toys.

The PicoBong Remoji Lifeguard Ring Vibe was provided to me by PicoBong in exchange for an honest review. If you like this review and you want to support my blog then please do make your purchase using the affiliate links included (any link titled ‘Remoji‘ or ‘PicoBong‘).