Toy Review: The PicoBong Remoji Diver Egg Vibe (and App Review)

This week Emmeline Peaches Reviews is being crashed by a very special party guest. Playful, yellow, and available at your very finger tips, this guest knows how to party in more ways than one. Oh yes, I’m talking about Remoji.

What Is Remoji?

For those who don’t know Remoji is the latest innovation from PicoBong. A mobile phone-based sex toy controller, Remoji takes conventional app-based controls and flips them on their head, relying entirely on its own fun and colourful PicoBong persona, Remoji.


Remoji is completely free and was successfully crowdfunded through Indiegogo. This Bluetooth-based app has the capability to connect to a specific line of PicoBong toys in order to provide a fun experience for users that goes beyond the conventional dial-based design on most app-based controllers.

Instead Remoji rocks out to various different music styles while an in-app mini game prompts users to interact with it in order to earn points and unlock new musical modes. To quote PicoBong when it comes to Remoji it’s ‘all about vibes―sexual vibes, musical vibes, YOUR vibes’.

PicoBong has kindly provided us with three of the four Remoji toys—the Diver, the Lifeguard, and the Surfer—so, without further ado, let’s see out the summer with these colourful creations.


The Remoji App

With the Remoji app itself being such a big part of the experience it seems only right to give it the attention it deserves in this first review. In fact the Remoji toys only offer limited control (working at max power) without the app, so it could be considered a vital component of owning a Remoji toy.

When making the Remoji app PicoBong wanted it to be ‘the most fun, colorful interactive sex toy app the world has ever seen’ and they’ve certainly succeeded in this regard.

Wonderfully stylistic, incredibly colourful, and extremely playful, the Remoji app oozes that sense of playfulness that could either really appeal to a person or completely turn them off.

The app manages to evoke the aesthetic draw of modern cartoons while also maintaining a distinctly 80’s tone to it. And, of course, there is a beach theme throughout which I can almost feel teleport me to California every time I turn it on.

In terms of use the Remoji app is wonderfully straightforward. All you need to do is turn on your Remoji toy of choice and the app will swiftly connect. From there you are treated to an image of Remoji jamming to the musical style of choice.

The choice is yours.
The choice is yours.

Sadly you cannot change this music and replace it with your own and the music has a very short loop. This does mean that the included tracks tend to get old fast. Thankfully what you can do is mute the Remoji and just use your own music anyway. Some may say this defeats the point but it’s all about what you personally want from the app.

Controlling the Remoji toys through the app is both incredibly easy and surprisingly enjoyable. Each musical genre essentially represents a different pattern and Remoji appears on screen dressed in the appropriate attire and dancing based on which style you’ve selected. To up the power all you need to do is swipe right, to decrease it you swipe left and to give a power boost there’s a lightning button which essentially takes your toy to max intensity.

In what I found to be an absolutely inspired move whenever you increase the intensity Remoji’s dance animation changes to a more intense version of his chosen dance style. This progression was surprisingly entertaining to watch and bordered in to hilarious when I pressed the lightning button, as Remoji essentially goes into maximum vibration mode in its animation too.

In terms of connectivity and responsiveness Mr. Peaches and I did find that the Remoji dropped out a few times, however it always recovered the connection quickly and was easy to reset regardless. And, while the novelty of the animations does have a limited shelf life there’s no denying that the controls are easy to use and very intuitive. Everyone knows how to swipe their phone (just make sure it has a good screen protector if lube is involved.

Although part of me wishes that the Remoji toys could be fully controlled without the Bluetooth app I do understand the appeal of Remoji and event enjoyed the hype myself. Realistically I’m more inclined to just use my toys at max power if I’m masturbating or going for a quick sex session but for those special occasions it certainly doesn’t hurt to add a little more playtime to our bedroom activities.

The PicoBong Remoji Diver Egg Vibe

Well designed for both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation, the PicoBong Remoji Diver Egg Vibe is the flagship vaginal toy for the Remoji range. At first I was a bit bemused that this was the only offering in the Remoji line made strictly for female bodies but then I remembered the intent of Remoji—to provide a fun, hands-free experience so that you can play with the app (and your partner) in addition to the toy. In this context the Diver Egg Vibe works exceptionally well, and it’s a nice bonus that it can be easily applied to the clit as well as inserted.

The Diver is vibrant, effective, and just a tad restrictive.
The Diver is vibrant, effective, and just a tad restrictive.

With a firm body and a flexible cord the Diver Egg Vibe provides firm pressure during use, with its sleek contours being noticeable at every arch and curve. This works well when the Diver is inserted and its design seems to comfortably move towards the G-Spot and provide a decent amount of stimulation, at least while standing or seated. Lying down I found this toy to feel a bit more discreet, but that wasn’t necessarily an issue for me.

The Diver’s built in cord makes it easy to retrieve or reposition this toy at any point if needed. Alternatively users can give the cord gentle tugs in order to create a thrusting-like sensation. This was my preferred method of using the Diver internally, as I found it gave it a little more oomph when I inevitably used it lying down.

The Diver is completely coated in PicoBong’s luxurious silicone, which is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. This silicone is wonderfully soft and has a beautiful matte finish to it which provides the perfect amount of smooth grabiness. The colours provided for this silicone (while somewhat conventional) are also vibrant, playful, and completely in keeping with the Remoji brand. Remoji certainly has its own colour palette and I can’t get enough of it. In fact just looking at the Diver gets me in the mood for a cheekier, more care-free sex session.

There is an ABS plastic logo on the side of the Diver but this just adds to its design while not interfering with use at all.

The Diver has its own beautiful aesthetic going on which is incredibly eye-catching.
The Diver has its own beautiful aesthetic going on which is incredibly eye-catching.

In addition to this luxury material the PicoBong Diver also comes with other high-end perks. This includes a 1-year warranty, a 100% waterproof exterior to 1m (despite having an open charge port), and being completely USB rechargeable. The Diver works with a single button interface: Press and hold to turn on/off and then press to cycle through its 6 different modes. Sadly these modes are all on max power without using the Remoji app to tone them down but that’s what you get when you buy this particular item. If you know this when you’re going in then you can’t be disappointed, though unsuspecting users may be in for a bit of an unwelcome realization.

In terms of vibration the Diver’s maximum intensity is actually very impressive. More buzz than rumble, these vibrations have a considerable amount of depth and power to them which does allow their quivering hum to penetrate the surface and stimulate the internal parts of the clitoris. In fact these vibrations worked very well for me as a clitoral vibe and I found them to be more than enough to bring me to orgasm (although a bit more rumble wouldn’t have gone amiss). Strength-wise they’re certainly on part with some of the Lelo clitoral vibes, though they are a bit more high-pitched in terms of frequency. Still I was a happy camper when using them and found myself very optimistic about the Diver’s performance.

These vibrations transfer with even more effect internally, where their buzz is mitigates somewhat by the natural hugging of the vaginal walls. This allows the depth of these vibrations to really shine through and helps create some rather profound sensations.

When inserted this toy is also relatively quiet too. Quiet enough to use in crowded public spaces but perhaps not quite quiet enough for use in a library or similarly muted zones. This makes the Diver good for some pre-sex teasing, and the Remoji app itself looks enough like any other app-based game that nearby observers wouldn’t suspect a thing during use (unless they were also privy to the joys of Remoji).

Engage in some discreet couple's activities with this playful product.
Engage in some discreet couples activities with this playful product.

The Diver itself provided me with good orgasms. Nothing mind blowing but definitely enjoyable and always laced with that sense of playfulness which the app itself so brilliantly embodied. While I may not have always been blown away by the Diver I did always enjoy using it and always found a smile on my face come the end.

But, of course, no toy is perfect and the Diver does have a few flaws.

The biggest really is the restrictive nature of the Remoji app and the way that the toys are designed around it. Case in point—the Diver’s control button is actually positioned on the side of the inserable section. This means that once inserted the only ways to change are either through the app or by pulling the Diver out and pressing the button again to shift patterns. This is very limiting and does feel like a bit of a let-down.

I feel like if PicoBong had managed to find a way to position the button on the cord of this toy then this problem could have been greatly alleviated but I assume this is easier said than done.

With the charge port being located in the cord I assume there wasn't room for the button there too.
With the charge port being located in the cord I assume there wasn’t room for the button there too.

Not being able to change the intensity without the app, while expected, will also be a deal breaker for some people. Especially for a toy that costs. £79.95. For £79.95 I expect to be paying for more variation and control, not less, which is kind of what you get with the Diver and its Remoji-dependent controls. Because of this if you chose to give the Diver a pass I would 100% understand. However I did personally find a lot of power and enjoyment in this little egg and think it has great potential for the right users.

Final Thoughts

Overall I find myself drawn in by both the Remoji app and the colourful and effective Diver Egg Vibe. This vibrator is versatile enough to be used internally or externally and powerful enough to please most users. If you think you’ll like the Diver then chances are that you probably will as this toy doesn’t disappoint with what it delivers.

Ultimately this is a rather straightforward toy which has been given a sleek design and a revitalizing twist by the creative team over at PicoBong. It’s just a bit of a shame that for a range that seems to free-spirited the resulting toy is rather anchored down to its app.

Regardless, this is probably the most fun I’ve had with a pattern-centric toy in a long time and I personally think that both the Remoji and the Diver will certainly have its fair share of groupies.

Recommend to:

People who have seen and love the Remoji app.

People who want a clitoral and G-Spotting toy.

People who want to explore remote play.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike/cannot run the Remoji app.

People who prefer rumbly vibrations.

People who want more control options.

The PicoBong Remoji Diver Egg Vibe was provided to me by PicoBong in exchange for an honest review. If you like this review and want to support my site then please do make your purchases using the affiliate links included in this post.