Toy Review: The Meo Big Johnny Prostate Stimulator

To anyone acquainted with the adult industry the shape and size of the Meo Big Johnny Prostate Stimulator will look rather familiar. Sporting a double-sided design perfect for prostate and G-Spot stimulation, the Meo Big Johnny is a hulking piece of highly polished surgical steel which heavily echoes back to the design of the iconic nJoy Eleven.

When it came to my experiences the Eleven was an Everest: A personal mountain that I conquered but never wanted to revisit. I actually returned it in the end and thanked the starts that it wasn’t £250 wasted.

For those interested in dildos large and heavy enough to use as a club, though, the Meo Big Johnny provides a safer alternative for when returns (or such a large investment) simply aren’t an option. At only €99 the Big Johnny has a markedly easier price tag to swallow. Yet despite that the quality of this product doesn’t falter at all.

While it may look very similar to the Eleven the Meo Big Johnny actually manages to strike out with its own subtle design choices too which leave it feeling distinct from its pricier counterpart. In fact in an odd turn of event I actually prefer it to my returned Eleven. By how much of a margin? Read on to find out.

The Meo Big Johnny Prostate Stimulator

The Meo Big Johnny Prostate Stimulator is a hard core dildo for all of those girth lovers and aspiring size queens out there. Meo markets this toy as a prostate stimulator and The Big Gay Review has reviewed it as such, however I’ve approached this product as a G-Spotting dildo, which it is equally well designed for.

This toy is absolutely stunning.
This toy is absolutely stunning.

At 1.3 kilos in weight and with a total length of 10 inches, the Meo Big Johnny is not messing around. This is a steel dildo that means business. In fact when it first arrived in its unassuming packaging I initially wondered if I’d mistakenly ordered some weights, such is the heft of this formidable piece of kit. Girth-wise the Big Johnny’s smaller side has a maximum circumference of 4 inches whereas the larger end is 6.5 inches at its largest.

To match its majestic looking form the Big Johnny comes in its own storage case, which is a nice touch for presentation but I personally find it to be a bit too bulky and flimsy for long term storage. It’s one of those ‘have but don’t need’ add-ons which is nice for initial presentation but will probably be discarded in the long run (if you’re anything like me, that is).

The case is lovely but not essential.
The case is lovely but not essential.

Thankfully when it comes to storage hygiene isn’t a dire concern as with some other toys. This is, of course, due to the material that the Big Johnny is made of. 100% highly polished surgical steel makes sure that this toy is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. It also makes the Meo Big Johnny perfect for temperature play, as this toy can be heated and cooled to your preference.

By default the Big Johnny is incredibly cool and this is also divine. In fact it’s my favourite way to use the Big Johnny. That being said there’s something very special about warming the larger head of the Big Johnny, lubing it up and then gently rubbing against the vulva and clitoris with it. It’s truly divine.

Steel is also great if you want to use silicone lubricant or prefer to minimize your lubricant use, as a little lube goes a long way with the Big Johnny. Steel in general as a smooth sheen to its surface and glides in and out of the body rather than providing the hugging or gripping sensation of matte toys, making it great for those who like to thrust or slide their toys against their erogenous zones.

One of the things I’ve always loved about double-ended dildos is the variation in shape and design that they provide and the Big Johnny is no different. The smaller end on the Meo Big Johnny is more of an ovular orb, which seems to be my body’s preference when it comes to this toy. When inserted it reaches the G-Spot well enough and provides ample stimulation without much need for angling (though it always helps). This side of the shaft also has four grooves meant to make the Big Johnny easier to grip on to when using the larger end. Sadly these grooves didn’t provide much stimulation for me during use, but that’s fine, as this was never their primary purpose.

This toy grabs your attention in more ways than one.
This toy grabs your attention in more ways than one.

On the other end, the larger head of the Big Johnny, while still bulbous, is much more akin to a hook than anything else. This end has a very noticeable dip on the top section which stimulates, to some degree, a drastic coronal ridge. For some this will cause problems during thrusting, for others it will be a dream come true so keep in mind your body’s own kinks when using this toy.

As y’all probably know I am no size queen. Not at all. In fact my vagina has a definite limit when the line between pleasure and pain becomes bluntly apparent. This is what happened with the nJoy Eleven and I did wonder if it would happen with the Big Johnny too. However with the Big Johnny I actually preferred my overall experience with the larger end. Why? Well unlike with the nJoy Eleven I didn’t force myself to try and take the entire larger side. I simply let the weight of this toy naturally guide it in to me (which is an option, thanks to how hefty it is) and enjoyed the ride. The result wasn’t full penetration but it was a commanding sense of fullness coupled with the cold caress of steel which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Being stretched by the Meo Big Johnny, feeling its weight bare down on me, was often enough to ring me to the point of high arousal, at which point it was just a case of flipping it around and finishing off with the smaller end. This is another great thing about double-ended dildos—they have the variety to cater to different moods and preferences, and the two experiences and sensations that the Big Johnny provided me with were both distinct enough to stand on their own merit and complimentary enough to work to each other’s advantage.

The natural chill of the Big Johnny also worked wonders with my G-Spot. As soon as its chilly surface would hit my insides I could feel an instant jolt of energy as my muscles clenched around the shaft in response. The result was often me being near climax before I’d really even got to thrusting. This was definitely a welcome plus of the toy’s material.

Even with this handle steel slips.
Even with this handle steel slips.

With solid steel you can’t really go wrong in terms of downsides, so any issue with this toy really is personal preference. For me this is where things get a bit less complimentary as I have now learnt that I personally don’t like the smooth sensation of steel as much as I do the natural grasping of matte silicone. This means that while the Meo Big Johnny can very easily bring me to the brink it does take a long time to tip over the edge. The resulting orgasms are strong, don’t get me wrong, but this toy wouldn’t be my preference for daily use. It’s like a craving toy that I’d bring out when I want a particular treat. This won’t be everyone’s experience but if you feel like it might be yours then you may want to think hard before dropping cash on this sex toy giant.

The weight of this toy also makes it rather difficult to thrust for long periods of time and makes it a tricky toy for users with disabilities. Steel is unforgiving and when lubed up you have to be super careful with how you handle this toy. One slip and you may find a lot of weight dropping and flipping around inside of you in awkward and uncomfortable ways (and, yes, this did happen to me). Thankfully the handle grooves to help with this but no one is perfect. As such I advise aspiring buys to treat the Big Johnny with the respect it rightly deserves.

Final Thoughts

On the product page for the Big Johnny one reviewer says that this toy “inspires reverence” and I honestly couldn’t have put it better myself.

Whether or not the Big Johnny is for you this toy is one glorious piece of craftsmanship and its design works to maximum effect during use.

The weight and shape of this toy is prefect for stimulating the body while sensation play adds another element to this already captivating product. While it may not be my personal preference it’s well worth the money and I would recommend to for anyone looking for a high quality, hefty steel dildo.

And, hey, if the Big Johnny seems like too much then there’s always the Little Johnny too.

Recommend to:

Size queens.

Steel/weight enthusiasts.

People who like sensation play.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike girthy toys.

People who dislike smooth/glossy toys.

People who want a smaller toy (try the Little Johnny).

The Meo Big Johnny was provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review.