Toy Review: The Callie Vibrating Wand by Jopen

There are quite a few products on the market nowadays that call themselves ‘wands’ but don’t necessarily have the oomph or even the shape of a conventional wand. Most of the time this just leads to disappointment, however sometimes a toy comes round which leaves the user pleasantly surprised instead.

Looking more like an insertable vibe than a wand, the Jopen Callie is one of those rare exceptions. This vibe is ballsy enough to be called a wand because it can actually deliver. The power that it provides is impressive, rumbly, and, yes, wand-worthy. But is power alone enough? Read on to find out.

About NewXCity

The Jopen Callie was provided to me by NewXCity. Founded in 2014 NewXCity is focused on becoming ‘your new best friend in supplying you for all things sexual’. NewXCity stocks sex toy favourites such as the Satisfyer Pro 2 as testament to this.


The rest of NewXCity’s selection is a bit sparse and I personally would like to see more silicone in their selection and a few more body-safe options, but NewXCity is receptive to feedback and there are some good (and affordable) finds among their selection. What’s more you’ll get 10% off of your first order with them.

My Callie arrived in an impressive timeframe and was discreetly packaged. Speaking to the folks over at NewXCity has been a breeze and I can definitely recommend this retailer in terms of customer service.

The Callie Vibrating Wand by Jopen

The Jopen Callie is a vibrator designed to function as a wand. However but with an insertable length of 6 inches (a total length of 8) and a diameter of 1.5 inches the Jopen Callie has all of the capabilities of an internal vibe. This makes the Callie a great choice for users who are interested in exploring the power provided by a wand without actually committing to the broad and strictly external shape of most wands. In this regard Jopen’s version of a ‘wand’ could be seen as more diverse than conventional wands. Alternatively it could be considered as an insertable vibrator that just been given the title of ‘wand’. “What’s in a name?” and whatnot.

Is the Callie redefeining the wand or just using the wrong term (and does it really matter?)
Is the Callie redefeining the wand or just using the wrong term (and does it really matter?)

Naming conventions aside the Callie is clearly designed more for external use than internal. While it does have the long shaft, slightly bulging mid-section, and tapered tip of internal vibrators its shaft is also actually rather broad and somewhat flat. This makes it great for laying comfortably on the vulva. It also means that when trying to insert it the Callie always feels girthier then it actually should be during use. Fellow review, A Couple of Kinks, described it as being like ‘an optical illusion for my vagina’ and I think that’s pretty much a perfect description.

The Callie reminds me of a photo that has been stretched out to look a bit oddly lean...not that I'm complaining about that...
The Callie reminds me of a photo that has been stretched out to look a bit oddly lean…not that I’m complaining about that…

Aesthetically this vibrator is gorgeous. The brilliant white of the shaft works to highlight the Callie’s contoured form while the golden base section introduces the perfect amount of understated eloquence. Granted the gemstone control button does tread the line between ‘elegant’ and ‘tacky’ but I think in the case of the Callie this works.

The Callie retails at £40.99, which is very reasonable, especially for a vibrator of this caliber. The Callie definitely presents itself as a luxury vibrator and comes with all of the perks. The box it comes in is sturdy and suitable for gift-giving, the vibrator itself is 100% waterproof, if comes with a one-year warranty, and is USB rechargeable. 2 hours of charge gets you 1-2 hours of play depending on which setting you use, which is also very good. Sadly there’s no storage bag but this isn’t the end of the world.

A screw cap system is used to keep the Callis waterproof.
A screw cap system is used to keep the Callis waterproof.

The Callie is also made from premium silicone and ABS plastic, making it non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body safe. The silicone that covers the shaft is virtually seamless (meaning no abrupt or unwanted texture) and is pretty much lint free. This silicone is matte but isn’t quite as delicate and silky-smooth as some. It has a very slight tackiness to it which increases its drag during use in the best way and adds to that sense of girthiness when inserted. This drag is optimized when used with lubricant to create the perfect amount of stroke without feeling too clingy. The shaft itself is rather firm with no give, which is a plus or a bonus depending on your preferences.

The Callie has 7 different settings and, honestly, this is probably the weakest aspect of this vibrator for me. Not because these settings are bad—if you’re a pattern lover then there’s a lot to appreciate here—but because only 1 of the settings is a continual one and all of the others are patterns. This stands in stark contrast to pretty much all other vibrators (which provide continual vibrations with at least 3 different intensities as standard) and means that anyone who wants to explore the gentler vibrations that this vibe can offer are basically out of luck unless they like patterns where you get a brief glimmer of them. This is a tragedy, as I feel like it does diminish some of the appeal of this wand. The appeal being its vibrations.

Realistically the Jopen Callie is not the strongest wand on the market, but for its price range it is incredibly potent sincerely surprised me with its strength when I first turned it on. Rumbly with a noticeable quiver that ripples throughout my body during use, I adore the depth and frequency of the Callie’s vibrations and consider them to be in the same strain as the Lelo Smart Wand Large. Strength-wise the Callie is also similar to larger wands rather than mid-range ones, packing more than enough punch to deliver absolutely outstanding vibrations every time. It’s intensity is kind of akin to the upper mid-level of a very powerful wand, if that makes sense.

This toy certainly delivers in terms of strength.
This toy certainly delivers in terms of strength.

In fact this toy’s vibrations are so noticeably potent that I showed a friend what I was reviewing and asked me “yay or nay?” I simply turned the vibe on, and hand it to him before he said “So that’s a yay then”.

Take that as you will.

I personally found the Callie to provide reliable orgasms due to this strength but I still really wish that it provided more variety in terms of intensity. As it stands power queens will probably really appreciate this wand whereas others will probably find it to be too intense.

In terms of other downsides I also find that at times I will need to reposition the shaft during use. This really is a minor issue (and the shaft has a tapered tip and a flat area, allowing for a broad or more pinpoint experience depending on the angle) but could be a factor for anyone who struggles with their body type and toys.

Because this vibrator has a single button to control it you also have to sift through each pattern or turn the toy on and off again if you want to return to a previous setting, which is a bugbear of mine.

But, as a silver lining this vibrator is rather quiet, even with its intensity. Not whisper quiet but not wand-roaring either. It’s a happy medium which should keep your activity under wraps (quite literally) if you have the bedsheets over you.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the power and design of this vibrator, which packs an incredibly punch for £40.99. If you know you want a powerful vibrator, don’t mind the fact that your intensity options will be limited, and want the option to use your wand as an internal vibe then the Jopen Callie is an absolute winner.

This vibrator is a great choice for some people and I feel positive that its vibrations will give some people some fantastic experiences indeed.

Recommend to:

People who like deep, rumbly vibrations.

People who like non-conventional wands.

People who like matte silicone.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like intensity options.

People who prefer gentler vibrations.

People who like softer vibrators.

The Jopen Callie was provided to me by NewXCity in exchange for an honest review.

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