Toy Review: The Svakom Cathy

A part of me didn’t think that I’d be reviewing another Svakom product again any time soon. This isn’t because the company is in any way at fault, not at all. This is a company that’s won the German IF Design Award, Reddot Award, and the Golden Pin Design Award after all.

 Rather, my experience with the Siime Eye was so unexpectedly jarring and off-kilter that I kind of sub-consciously distanced myself from the brand as a whole. In my head I just assumed that Svakom toys were simply not right for my body and that reviewing them would therefore be counterproductive.

But when Svakom reached out to me I decided to give their products another chance. Not just because logically one product isn’t reflective of an entire product line but because I also felt that I owed it to you, my readers, to continue providing my views on a sincerely exciting company. Svakom have been producing some pretty awesome looking products recently and, truth be told, I would be remiss if I didn’t appraise them due to my experiences with one product.

That being said in many ways the Cathy was a safe choice. With its wonderfully angled shaft and lightly bulging top-section, there’s a brilliant elegance to such a well-executed G-Spotting vibe that you can rarely go wrong with. However, one of my biggest criticisms with the Siime Eye (outside of my personal preferences) were that the vibrations felt rather uninspiring and tame. As such when I first received the Cathy for an honest review I couldn’t help but wonder if gentler vibrations would once again leave me longing.

So, have Svakom since upped their game or does the Cathy still have room for improvement? Let’s find out together.

The Svakom Cathy

The Svakom Cathy is a luxury vibrator that aims to provide G-Spot stimulation. Its main tagline is ‘softness and comfort’ during use. This is in direct opposition to some vibrators which have a rigid plastic surface or a hard, unwieldy shaft.

The Svakom Cathy knows what spot to hit but does it and dos so with a softer surface.
The Svakom Cathy knows what spot to hit but does it and dos so with a softer surface.

Despite this the Cathy does, itself, have a rather firm and immovable shaft, however the Cathy is also coated in a layer of super soft, body-safe silicone which helps it feel smoother, warmer, and sincerely softer during use. The top section of the Cathy’s shaft also has a nice bit of give to it which can be slightly squished and is even plush to a certain degree. Don’t get me wrong—it’s not dual-density or Iroha squish by any stretch of the imagination but it does work towards Svakom’s goal of achieving a more comfortable user experience.

Measurements for the Svakom, in addition to some other specs.
Measurements for the Svakom, in addition to some other specs.

The silicone itself is naturally non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body-safe (as is the ABS plastic used at the base of the Cathy’s design). Sensation-wise this silicone really does have a powdery, matte smoothness to it which is incredibly appealing and right up there with other luxury brands. This surface lubes up well but always keeps a degree of subtle grab, allowing it to have more traction than a material such as plastic, glass, or metal. This is something I’ve always liked about silicone toys and I continue to appreciate it with the Cathy (or, to summarize, ‘matte silicone FTW’).

Along with its silicone surface the Cathy comes with many of the other standard perks of a luxury vibrator. It’s 100% waterproof (even with an open charge port), rechargeable, and comes with a 1 year warranty and a whooping 10 year quality guarantee (giving you peace-of-mind about your purchase). Charge-wise a single charge of 1.5 hours can give you up to 2 hours of play time, which is very respectable indeed. Not every company can pull this off but I’m excited to hear that Svakom is one of them (and my Cathy certainly kept on going before I eventually decided to charge it as a precaution).

It also comes with a charge bag, which is a nice additional bonus.
It also comes with a charge bag, which is a nice additional bonus.

When it comes to vibrations the Svakom Cathy has 5 different vibration intensities, 5 different patterns, and a special S mode which is meant to replicate sex to some degree. The S mode is, to my mind, a bit of a gimmick and I found it to be more of a frustrating tease rather than a sincerely exciting experience. However if you love patterns then you may get more mileage out of this feature than me.

If there’s one thing to be said against the Svakom Cathy it’s that the controls aren’t necessarily intuitive. Position-wise they’re fine—and changing from different intensities throughout use is a breeze—but if you want to use any of the patterns then you have to essentially double tap the arrow keys to filter through them. Double tap? What is this? A video game combo move! The Cathy does have a middle button but, alas, it’s reserved for its special S mode. Personally I think it would have been wiser to ditch the S mode and make the middle button one that filters through the patterns. As it stands this move just feels like prioritizing a gimmicky feature over practicality.

Why, controls, why?
Why, controls, why?

All that being said the vibrations from the Cathy are sincerely awesome. While not the rumbliest or most intense on the market (that honour goes to the Swan Wand), the Cathy still manages to deliver some exceptionally powerful vibrations which, although a bit buzzy, manage to be impressively deep and more than satisfying enough even for me. Most of the time I don’t even need to use this vibrator on max setting to have very strong orgasms and I consider myself to be quite the power queen.

What’s even more impressive about the Cathy is the range of vibrations it provides. Although technically only offering 5 vibration intensities these vibrations start off gentler than a kitten’s purr and progressively ramp up until the intensity is wand-levels of powerful. This makes the Cathy a great toy for pretty much anyone in terms of vibration intensity and allows ample wiggle room for exploring stronger or gentler sensations.

As I’ve already said (though it bears repeating) the shape of the Cathy is also perfect for that all important G-Spot stimulation. Having a slightly bulbous head and a rather noticeable curve the Cathy sits perfectly in place inside my body to rub and cosy up against my G-Spot while I gently rock it for that additional hit of pleasure. This curved shape also works very well for clitoral stimulation and the Cathy is adept at both of these roles.

This shape definitely works in this toy's favour.
This shape definitely works in this toy’s favour. No wonder Svakom have won design awards.

While using it internally once (with another upcoming review tester entertaining my clit) the resulting orgasm was actually so intense that I felt myself involuntarily let out a little whimper at the point of climax. Oh yes. That’s the good stuff.

That being said I have found that the Cathy’s curve makes thrusting a bit of a no-go for me—as it tends to hook against my pubic bone if I get too enthusiastic and generally feels rather ill-designed for this method of use.

If I had one other slight to bring against the Cathy then it also bears mentioning that it is not whisper quiet, at least not on the higher settings, so please do keep this in mind if you’re thinking of buying this otherwise brilliant vibrator.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was incredibly impressed by the Cathy and feel like its performance and effectiveness more than justify its cost.

Banishing all of my fears, this is one powerful G-Spot vibrator which stands strong against its competition and is a product that I would highly recommend to anyone who was interested.

Just keep in mind your preferences re. vibration style, thrusting, and the control panel and you should be able to determine whether or not the Cathy is for you. Personally this vibe is definitely my style and I’m so happy that I decided to give Svakom another try.

Update: You can now get £20 off of any products purchased from the Svakom site by using the exclusive code specialdisc20. 

Recommend to:

People who like a good G-Spot curve.

People who like a firm shaft.

People who like varied vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who need intuitive controls.

People who prefer flexible shafts.

People who dislike any buzz in their vibe.

The Svakom Cathy was provided to me by Svakom in exchange for an honest review.