Product Review: The System Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant

As many of you probably know by now I have incredibly sensitive skin. I remember once my partner rubbed a bunch of that generic ‘tiger balm’ heating pain gel on my back and within mere seconds I was screaming in agony. I knew it was bad when he went “Oh shit” and yanked me in to the shower before blasting the water on the coldest setting. Needless to say my sexual affections waned for the evening, but I digress.

The point is that my vulva is equally picky. Some lubricants will be fine, others will be agony. Even supposedly hypoallergenic lubricants and stimulants have had me dashing in to the bathroom for the sweet relief of a cold flannel in the past. Stimulant products are typically even worst culprits.

Yet when I received the System Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant from Shop Naughty I was suitably intrigued. With a list of ingredients that sounded mostly inoffensive and yet a promise of 45 minutes’ worth of intense sensation I wondered what the System Jo 12 Volt Stimulant had in store for me. Let’s take this journey together, shall we?

The System Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant

The System Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant is one of the newer products from System Jo. System Jo have impressed me in the past with their Water Based Lubricant and Flavoured Lubricant so in many ways I had high hopes for this stimulant.

Was this stimulant a thrilling sensation or yet another burn?
Was this stimulant a thrilling sensation or yet another burn?

Much like other stimulants on the market, the System Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant provides a ‘buzzing pleasure’ by creating a tingling and heating sensation which essentially draws more attention to your genitals and increases blood flow. This particular stimulant is marketed as ‘For Her’ but should work for anyone with a vulva (and even for those with a penis really).

The stimulant itself comes in 2 different sizes: 2ml and 5ml. This doesn’t sound like much but a little goes a long way with stimulant sprays, and typically only 1-3 drops are needed per use. These are applied directly to the clitoris to provide the best results.

The System Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant is actually part of a series of Clitoral Stimulants too. 6 Volts provides the gentlest experience, 9 Volts is a middling one, and 12 Volts is the most intense. Strangely the 12 Volt actually has less ingredients than its counterparts, which might actually work in the favour of those with sensitive skin (even if it is the most intense).

As I said before, each of these ingredients sounds pretty benign and actually rather inviting. In fact there are only 3:

Oleyl Alcohol, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Fruit Extract

However be warned: The ingredients may sound gentle (almost nourishing) but Zanthoxylum Bungeanum goes by another name and it’s ‘Chinese Pepper’, otherwise known as a species of plant from which the Sichuan pepper is produced. This is definitely where the punch that this stimulant is packing comes from, though it is still a relief to see this coming from a natural source rather than unnecessary chemicals. It’s almost like essential oils of your genitals!

Despite being made from olive and pepper this stimulant still manages to smell somewhat like lavender, which is unfortunate because I dislike lavender. The taste of this stimulant is much more olive-like with a slight floral undertone, however I wouldn’t recommend using this during an oral sex session. During my taste sampling I had some and my tongue immediately started tingling, the back of my throat feeling a bit more tense. The sensation truly was as if my tongue were buzzing and prickling with an almost pins and needles sensation. This certainly doesn’t harm the user but it can distract them from other sexual activities as their tongue goes full fizzy-mode.

All I can say is "Wowsa!"
All I can say is “Wowsa!”

Needless to say, then, this stimulant really does pack a punch. You definitely only need a minimal amount and the sensation gradually builds over about 3-5 minutes or so. It starts as a gentle tingling, followed by a warmth that turns into an all-enveloping glow. This sensation spreads beyond the clitoris and can even be felt in to the labia and vaginal entrance (especially if you’re terrible at applying it, like me). Next comes a strong tingling sensation accompanied with a sense of tightening. It literally feels as if your clitoris and vaginal entrance are grasping inwards a bit. This may sound like an unpleasant description but during use it creates a completely revitalized sexual experience which is not at all unwelcome.

When it comes to this stimulant I can personally vouch for a few things. The first is the potency which I described above. The second is its reputed duration of 45 minutes (yes, it really can and does last that long). And, finally, I can say that, for me, this stimulant did not cause irritation at all. This is an absolute miracle considering just how sensitive I am and just how intense this stimulant felt. However, despite the intensity of the System Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant not once did it cause and burning or discomfort. Thank the lords!

Using such a tiny tube can be a bit frustrating at first.
Using such a tiny tube can be a bit frustrating at first.

Then again perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. After all the System Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant is paraben, glycerine, glycol, and L-arginne-free. It uses no nut oil (including almond) or eucalyptus and generally avoids many of the ingredients that are associated with irritation. Because of this I can proudly add it to the list of stimulants that I can happily use, although this stimulant’s intensity may still make it a no-go for some people. At that point other users may feel the need to drop down to a lower volt, but then there are more ingredients to contend with, so it’s a bit of give-and-take.

In terms of downsides there are a few others.

Obviously because this product relies on oils it can cause staining and shouldn’t be used with latex condoms (better safe than sorry, after all). The tiny container used is incredibly finicky and tends to squirt out what I personally think is too much. Once you get the hang of using it this is mitigated a bit but this stimulant is definitely not something you can apply effortlessly on a whim.

Other than this, though, the rest really is user preference.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve read this review and cringe at my description of this product and its potent effects then chances are that this product isn’t for you. However if you crave an intense, body-safe, long-lasting, and truly stand-out clitoral stimulant with minimal ingredients then the System Jo 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant is right up there.

Stimulants can be a bit of a risky investment (especially if you have sensitive skin) however I feel like this product’s high standards and simple ingredients make it one to recommend.

Recommend to:

People who want a very intense stimulant.

People who want a long-lasting stimulant.

People who like simple ingredients.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer gentler stimulants.

People who dislike the sensations described here.

People who prefer water-based ingredients.

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