Product Review: The Meo Abuse Me/Fuck Me Restraints

When it comes to sturdy, heavy-duty BDSM gear you can trust Meo to provide you with some trusty high-class German quality and stalwart durability. Meo knows their craft and each of their own brand products is executed to the highest standard and with some very impressive results.

The Meo Abuse Me/Fuck Me Restraints are a perfect example of this. This torturous tease of a restraint kit allows an eager dominant to position their partner with their hands behind their backs and a strap wrapped around their cock and balls (or just balls depending on your preference). With 6 different locking points and the dominant in control of the keys there really is no escape for the submissive while they find themselves at the whim of their master.

The Meo Abuse Me/Fuck Me Restraints was a personal request of mine and the reason was its aesthetic appeal. Seeing the positioning that this kit could provide, the power it afforded, and imagining Mr. Peaches in such a restrained position instantly captured my imagination. This restraint kit may provide a rather stationary experience at times but there’s no escaping its natural pull.

That being said my experience with more intricate restraint systems is admittedly limited and when this kit turned up I do have to admit that I stared at it for a moment as if it were an unsolved Rubiks Cube.

So did these restraints live up to my expectations when in use or were they one ambitious review request too far? Read on to find out.

The Meo Abuse Me/Fuck Me Restraints

Despite my initial apprehensions when eyeing up this kit the Meo Abuse Me/Fuck Me Restraints is actually a rather straightforward system.

These restraints don't just look intimidating. They also restrict your partner's movement, putting them at your mercy.
These restraints don’t just look intimidating. They also restrict your partner’s movement, putting them at your mercy.

Two handcuffs link to a central locking area which you can then attach the cock & ball strap to in order to add an additional level of teasing and constraint. This is all easily done with metal prongs, which slide through circular openings in the firm leather of the restraints to enable for a rather smooth assembly process.

The cuffs themselves are 2 inches thick and about 12 inches long, fitting a variety of body types. The central locking area is also 2 inches thick and comes in at almost 8.5 inches for length. Intermittent holes are punched through this central locking area which essentially allow you to decide just how far your partner’s arms are placed behind their back (flexibility allowing, of course).

Each component is well-sized to make them accessible for most.
Each component is well-sized to make them accessible for most.

There are 3 sets of holes to choose from which allows dominants a good range of options when it comes to punishing or rewarding their submissive. The ones furthest from each other allow a nice amount of space for the arms which doesn’t put too much pressure on the shoulder and allows the submissive to be in a rather comfortable position whereas the others are more likely to make them squirm a bit.

I mentioned the aesthetic of the Meo Abuse Me/Fuck Me Restraints before and it’s worth mentioning again. Made from thick, chunky, black leather, these restraints wouldn’t look amiss at the finest of BDSM clubs (or a heavy metal rock concert, take your pick). With their thickness and the striking colour and surface of their material using them almost instantly puts you in the headspace for a serious play session, even if they are relatively tame and accessible compared to some restraints on the market.

The leather used is noticeably of a high-quality and lets off that rich scent that can sometimes be arousing on its own, however this does make this product noticeable non-vegan friendly, so consider that before going to buy this restraint kit. Because this leather is rather sturdy and new it does start off quite stiff but time, care, and use helps make it more flexible. Yeah: You’ll have to essentially break it in through using it more…oh no, what a hardship.

As I said before I was daunted by these restraints at first but the system is actually really easy to understand, assemble, and enjoy once all of the components are laid out and you can see what you’ve got to do. If in doubt assemble a few times beforehand without using your partner’s body and then introduce your submissive into the fun once you feel more confident.

Lay everything out and the logistics of assembling these restraints becomes clear.
Lay everything out and the logistics of assembling these restraints becomes clear.

I have to say I skipped this step first time around and, as a result, I did end up taking my time with applying this kit. There’s nothing wrong with that and we certainly had fun doing it but I recommend that you learn from my mistakes rather than repeating them.

Once on the restraints really do make it so that your submissive cannot escape without your permission and put they keys firmly in your hands (literally). Thankfully Meo provides a ‘keyed alike’ padlock system too, so there’s very little chance of any mishaps there.

What’s great about this system isn’t just its restraining qualities but also what is does if the partner tried too hard to break free—namely tug on their penis and balls. This adds a heightened sense of constraints while also enhancing play and putting more control in the submissive’s court. If they want that sensation all they have to do is struggle a bit more and the mind games amplify.

If put in place properly then the cock and balls ring will make sure that every struggle is met with resistance.
If put in place properly then the cock and balls ring will make sure that every struggle is met with resistance.

Another great aspect of these restraints is the range of motions it allows too. Sure, the submissive is completely bound, hands behind their back, but this kit never stopped Mr. Peaches from standing, sitting down, crouching, or even laying down independent of my guidance. He could even get back up unassisted if need be (although some of these motions could cause a degree of discomfort if done incorrectly). This allowed me to personally still take pleasure in ordering him in to position while allowing him to get in to those positions safely and with a degree of permitted comfort.

The result was some very steamy experiences indeed, only amplified by the use of the restraints.

That being said no product is perfect and the Meo Abuse Me/Fuck Me Restraints are no exception.

For us we found that the pegs used to put this kit in to place were slightly too awkward and finicky for us to easily get them in to place. Sure, these restraints are easy to assemble in theory but sometimes it does take time and patience in practice. If you make this part of your session then that’s fine but if inelegantly floundering to try and shove a peg through a hole doesn’t fit your domme persona then I 100% understand.

If you have public hair you’ll also want to be careful about the cock and ball section, as it’s quite easy to slide public hair into the holes along with the peg itself and that provides the wrong sort of pain altogether.

In fact the cock and ball peg was perhaps the most problematic part of this kit for us. Personally I didn’t feel comfortable applying it too tightly, meaning that it did sometimes fall off during use. This can be mitigated by allowing your partner to apply it first and by themselves but that can break immersion for some, so if you also feel wary about cock and ball application then this is something to keep in mind (especially with the previously mentioned peg awkwardness). Thankfully the cock and ball attachment isn’t mandatory so you could always choose to omit it if it doesn’t work for you. Huzzah to Meo for providing options for everyone!

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I were incredibly happy with the Meo Abuse Me/Fuck Me Restraints and found that it provided an enjoyable BDSM restraint experience which is well worth exploring again and again.

Despite its intimidating appearance this restraint kit is incredibly user friendly, meaning that anyone can explore the many benefits it provides and play with mixing and matching different elements of the kit. In theory there’s nothing stopping you from getting creative and using it in a myriad of ways. On top of this we also feel like it’s very reasonably priced (especially as it’s on sale at the point of publishing this review).

If you dislike chunky kits, don’t want to have to break in your leather, or don’t feel confident with cock and ball play then the Meo Abuse Me/Fuck Me Restraints may not be for you. Otherwise this is a wonderful restraint system and I cannot recommend it highly enough for those who want to make sure there’s no escape for their willing submissive.

Recommend to:

People looking for a reliable restraint kit.

People who love the feeling and scent of leather.

People who like easy-to-assemble kits.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer ready-assembled BDSM restraints.

People who prefer softer material.

Vegans/ethical consumers.

The Meo Abuse Me/Fuck Me Restraints were provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review. If you like what you see then check out their site here.