Product Review: The Minx Discretion Love Balls

For anyone with a vagina kegel exercises are a crucial part of one’s must-do workout routine. Kegel exercises are a great way to help support the bowl, bladder, and womb. Stronger kegel muscles means stronger control over these areas and helps prevent any issues in later life (or after child birth). Kegel exerices also give greater control and confidence over the vaginal muscles, which has been known to improve the quality, sensation, and duration of orgasms.

In short there are some really legitimate health and sexual benefits to doing your kegels.

That being said not everyone knows how to do kegel exercises, or feels comfortable doing them. The simple clench-and-hold of the vaginal muscles recommended by many may seem confusing or dull to some, whereas others end up seeing it as a chore. This is where kegel exercisers come in.

Typically coming in the form of weighted balls, kegel exercisers help users locate their kegel muscles with a bit more clarity, as you’re literally clenching around them. Kegel exercisers come in all different shapes and sizes but the best ones (in my opinion) are the responsive kind: The kind where if you clench then a subtle jiggling from some internal balls lets you know that you’ve done something right. As you move you feel them and clench further. Each time this happens you feel the thrill of the sensation. Suddenly kegels stop being so confusing or monotonous and start becoming…sensual.

Long story short a good kegel exerciser doesn’t just set you up for some long-term improved lovin’ but is also designed to guide you to the point of arousal, keeping things exciting with intermittent teases that just so happen to be training too (and who said workouts were boring).

The Minx Discretion Love Balls

The Minx Discretion Love Balls definitely fall in to this category. Described by Minx as ‘Pure pelvic bliss’ the Discretion Love Balls come fitted with internal weighted balls which ‘oscillate’ with every movement.

These conventionally allow for a gentle jiggling sensation as the user moves about. This sensation isn’t ever-present, or even necessarily that intense, but the fleeting moments where these oscillations make themselves known are the perfect personal treat. In fact I think that’s one of the things I personally love about these kegel exercisers—they’re the user’s own personal little secret. A comfortable set of kegel balls can be worn anywhere and their distinctive jiggle may flutter against the user’s vaginal wall at any moment but only they will know.

These balls are very straightforward, but they don't need to be anything else.
These balls are very straightforward, but they don’t need to be anything else.

When it comes to the Discretion Love Balls this sensation has somewhat of a distinguishing sensation to it which is slightly unlike any other jiggle ball I’ve felt. It’s almost like a thud in some ways—a throbbing more than a flutter. It’s hard to describe. As difficult as it is to put into words I really appreciated this slightly broader and blunter sensation from the Minx Discretion Love Balls which make them feel as if they stand out compared to the competition. This is especially good as Minx’s design for these kegel balls is pretty cookie-cutter, being almost a carbon copy of the incredibly popular Lelo Luna Beads.

However at a fraction of the price (and with the option to use the two balls individually) these kegel balls are a great way to try kegel exercises without committing to a hefty expense. The fact that the feel legitimately great and stand-outish is just the icing on the cake.

So, what can these kegel beads offer?

Well firstly, being made entirely out of silicone the Minx Discretion Love Balls are phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. Silicone balls are given a silicone sleeve (from which they can easily be removed or put back in to place) and a flexible silicone cord helps easily remove these beads without feeling uncomfortable in any way.

The silicone used for both the sleeve and the beads doesn’t feel cheap or tacky either. It is the luxurious, buttery smooth, compelling matte silicone which was once reserved only for the finest of sex toys. Now it’s available as an option for affordable adult products such as these kegel beads and I couldn’t be happier.

The beads themselves have a girth of 1.33 inches and the total insertable length of the kegel beads is 3.5 inches. The neck on the sleeve provided is nice and flexible and with their smooth exterior these beads slide in near effortlessly and feel incredibly comfortable to wear. At 30g per ball these beads aren’t the most weighty available, nor are they the lightest, striking a nice middling balance which should be doable (and enjoyable) for most.

Most people should find these balls very do-able.
Most people should find these balls very do-able.

Personally I found these beads to be a very enjoyable wear although they were nothing special. But, hey, if the design ain’t broke then why try to fix it? At the end of the day these kegel beads are a £14.95 investment in improved kegel health and a gentle tease and they succeed in both of these endeavors while managing to look and feel very sleek and enjoyable.

That being said no set of kegel beads is perfect and these budget beads do come with their own downsides.

The biggest of these has to be the fact that the individual beads don’t have a cord of any kind. In some other designs one of the beads would be attached to the retrieval cord, which would then allow new users to safely test the waters before plunging in to a two-ball experience. However as neither ball has this with the Discretion set some new users may feel apprehensive about inserting these balls individually and fearful of cordless retrieval (heck, I’m a kegel veteran and I’m still nervous about this). As such some users may find the all-or-nothing two-ball option that they’re left with a bit daunting.

With only two balls included and both being weighted at 30g there’s also a lack of progression, which dedicated kegel users and those serious about improving their kegel strength might miss. Of course at £14.95 one can only expect so much, but this might deter users who know they like jiggle balls but also want to climb the scale of weight-based kegel exercises.

Outside of these two points, though, there really isn’t much to be said against these kegel balls. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, effective, and even have their own distinct flare. What more could one want for a standard set of kegel balls?

Final Thoughts

Overall I believe that the Minx Discretion Love Balls provide a very good user experience for the amount that they cost. In fact, if I’m being honest, they went above-and-beyond my expectations regarding what kegel balls in this price range could provide.

As such I definitely recommend these kegel balls for users who know they like body-safe kegel balls, people who want to experiment with jiggle balls, and people who want to test the water with a two-ball system (and have no retrieval fears for single balls). I’m incredibly happy with the experiences they provide and never hesitate to grab them for some pre-sex session fun.

Recommend to:

People who want to try jiggle balls.

People who want a luxury-feel product.

People who don’t need weighty balls.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer a more fluttery jiggle.

People who dislike cordless single balls.

People who want to progress.

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