Toy Review: The Godemiche Ambit

It’s a rare occurrence that I encounter a toy nowadays that is a perfect fit for me but the Ambit is one of them. And when I say this I’m not being hyperbolic: The wonderful folks over at Godemiche make each order they get completely from scratch. This means that when you request a particular colour (or have a certain request) as long as it’s feasible (and you are willing to pay the appropriate amount) Godemiche will try and meet your personal desires. Even the skies aren’t the limit, as Godemiche has actually encapsulated the galaxy in dildo form. You can appreciate my awe.

In my case I wanted a rich red and black marbled Ambit and the Godemiche team really delivered. Seen via Snapchat I was able to watch the process of my gorgeous sex toy being made step-by-step. The end product is absolutely stunning. It reminds me, in many ways, of the similarly bespoke marble book covers that I saw being crafted in Florence. There is no doubt in my mind that each and every Godemiche sex toy is a work of art.

Why do I mention this at the beginning of my review? Well firstly as this toy was so personal I felt the need to take a personal approach when introducing this product. The toy I’m reviewing isn’t simply an Ambit, it’s my Ambit, and I couldn’t be happier with how it was made and the customer engagement that Godemiche provided in its production.

However I also wanted to make a point right from the get go: If you want an affordable, durable, custom-made, UK produced, and really fucking effective G & P-Spotting toy then the Ambit is up there as one of the G-Spotting icons. It is a silicone masterpiece and with the service that Godemiche provides you know that you’re in good hands when you buy one of these amazing (and amazingly affordable) artisan pieces.

The Godemiche Ambit

The Godemiche Ambit is Godemiche’s most recent release and is their response to their customer’s request for a smaller, more curvaceous dildo and, I have to say, it’s something I’m very glad to see exist. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Adam and appreciate it when I crave a blunt and girthy experience, but the Ambit provides something else altogether.

The Ambit is my new Gollum-toy. Causing the utterance 'my precious' on many occasions.
The Ambit is my new Gollum-toy. Causing the utterance ‘my precious’ on many occasions.

With an overall length of 5.6 inches and a diameter of 1.2 to 1.5 inches, the Ambit is much leaner than the Adam, smoother in terms of its G-Spotting ridge, and has a beautifully curve which is basically begging to be used.

The silicone used for the Ambit makes it phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe. If treated right this toy will last a lifetime (and what a blessing that is, given how this toy makes me feel).

When it comes to the surface of this silicone the Ambit has more of a glossy feel to it rather than a matte surface. This works to the Ambit’s advantage, making it more receptive to thrusting and other motions which capitalize on the Ambit’s bulbous head. The smooth form of this surface also means that the broad design of the head strokes uninterrupted against the user’s internal wall, fully commanding the user’s attention.

This toy has me hook, line, and sinker.
This toy has me hook, line, and sinker.

Speaking of the head, this is where the Ambit really shines. Tapered for easy insertion, but with an almost hook-like ‘coronal ridge’, the Ambit’s broad head is brilliantly designed to locate the G-Spot (and presumably the P-Spot too) and provide it with uncompromising attention. The silicone used by Godemiche is just firm enough to provide the right amount of pressure without feeling too rigid, meanwhile the curve of this dildo highlights the positioning of the head and creates an experience which really does ally it with the classic G-Spotting icons in my mind (but at a fraction of the price in most instances).

The Ambit is also harness compatible giving it even more use potential for users. In fact harness compatibility is one of the design features that Godemiche considered quite diligently when designing this toy. To quote their extensive explanation of the Ambit’s conception:

When rested on a flat surface you will see that the Ambit is very curved, this is intentional and I common problem we hear regarding strap on dildos. When using a strap on the dildo will sit around the pubic bone, it’s comfortable and where most harnesses have the o-ring positioned. The pubic bone doesn’t sit horizontal to the body there is actually about a 20% downward angle. By making the Ambit extra curvey, around 20% more curvey the dildo sits in a comfortable and usable position.

Reading this gives you an idea of just how dedicated Godemiche are to the Ambit but using it is what really seals the deal. The creativity and enthusiasm that Godemiche brings to their toys can be felt with each and every thrust of the Ambit, transforming into pure, unbridled pleasure. When I use the Ambit I gently thrust it and relish its arrow-like head gently tugging against my vaginal wall. With each nudge comes a strong swell of sensations which eventually builds to an unusually gripping peak before relenting into one of the most bliss-filled releases I’ve felt in a while.

The resulting orgasm also lasts for absolute ages. We tend to play music while having our play sessions and I can literally last through multiple tracks. It’s that intense.

This is endlessly impressive to me and the Ambit hasn’t actually left my bedside table since I got it (save for when I clean it, which is an easy process by the way). I don’t even hide it: It’s just there, in all its majesty. A toy like this deserves to be celebrated after all.

Now just add googly eyes...
Now just add googly eyes…

So is there anything wrong with this hunk of marathon orgasms? Well yes, naturally, no toy is perfect, but I’d describe my gripes with the Ambit as just that—gripes—and not legitimate strikes against this dildo.

The first is naturally personal preference. If you dislike toys that have a bulbous head (which can, on occasion, hook on the pubic bone when being thrusted) then the Ambit is not for you. This toy is also a poor fit if you like larger, chunkier, straighter toys. The Adam has you covered there. Not everyone will find the Ambit’s curve and firmness intense enough either, but at £20 at its cheapest the Ambit is a perfect introductory dildo to G-Spotting toys and what the can do. Put simply, if you’re looking for a G-Spotting toy but feel a bit ambivalent towards the Ambit then there are a lot more expensive G-Spot toys that you could be risking your money on.

Personally I can’t actually think of a single ‘down side’ that I had with the Ambit. I suppose at times I felt like its smooth surface was a bit underwhelming, but this only occurred when I was craving texture and, really, can I blame the Ambit for my own cravings on any given day? I don’t think so.

I thought of a single fault: It's a dust magnet.
I thought of a single fault: It’s a dust magnet.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am highly impressed with the Ambit and would recommend it to anyone and everyone who has even the slightest interest in it and £20 to spare.

This is a toy worth buying. It’s a toy worth experiencing and is definitely a toy that deserves the support of the sex toy community.

The Godemiche Ambit is a clear and effective labor of love and, if given a chance, I imagine that many users will come to realize just how much that translates into the end product itself.

Recommend to:

People who like G-Spotting dildos.

People who like custom-coloured toys.

People who want to support small companies.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike curved dildos.

People who dislike hook-like heads.

People who prefer larger toys.

I purchased the Godemiche Ambit in order to provide y’all with an honest review. This was made possible by my wonderful sponsors. If you want to thank them then please do go and check out their sites via the banners in my sidebar.