Toy Review: The Tantus Feeldoe More

In the throes of a passionate and thoroughly enjoyable experience have you ever found yourself craving more? Biting your lip at the possibility of taking that 10 and cranking it up to 11? Wondering what waits for you should you introduce a little more depth?

If so then the Tantus Feeldoe More should already be a tempting prospect.

Taking the already popular premise of a strapless strap-on, the Tantus Feeldoe More adds more length, a more prominent head, and generally aims to take things to the next level.

As someone who cherishes her Feeldoe line with all of the fervor a ferocious queer dragon, I was personally intrigued by both the Feeldoe line and the Feeldoe More. But can you have too much of a good thing? Read on to find out.

The Tantus Feeldoe More

My personal answer to that question is simple: No. Of course not!

For me the Tantus Feeldoe and Realdoe line offer more than just a strapless strap-on option, they allow me to explore my gender fluid kinks and cravings with total, jubilant liberation. More often than not I’ll wear my favourite Realdoe during a solo session and just enjoy giving myself a handjob. The beauty of these toys is that the inner bulb moves naturally as the shaft does and so whenever you tug on the shaft you can feel the bulb subtly moving and rubbing against your vaginal walls. For me this is divine and a perfect primer for when I take the bulb out, flip it around and begin going for the finish line, using the bulb as a handy-dandy handle.

The Feeldoe More provides that added extra for those who need it.
The Feeldoe More provides that added extra for those who need it.

Y’see it’s the versatility of a Tantus Feeldoe/Realdoe which really helps it excel as a vagina-owners best pal in so many different situations. My partner enjoys using these toys because he has a handle for partnered play. I like using them on him for some good old fashioned pegging. As said above, they make great toys for simulated handjobs or fellatio, and (of course) at the core of all of this is a good old fashioned, tried-and-tested dildo, primed and ready for hitting the G or P Spot.

Length doesn’t really detract from any of these activities for me and, in fact, enhanced a few. Providing more shaft to work with, the 6.75 inches of useable shaft for the Feeldoe More make it great for larger users, users who like unique postures, or users who struggle with flexibility issues. Having more to work with means more leeway, after all. As there was more shaft to work with I also felt more comfortable pegging Mr. Peaches with the Feeldoe More without fear that it would slip out or that I was going to be too shallow. Of course part of our positive endorsement is dictated by practice, personal preference, and mind games, but the extra length really did make all of the difference for us.

What also stood out for me is the shape and surface of the Feeldoe More.

Pro: Need a handle? No worries! Con: Those ridges do nothing and never have.
Pro: Need a handle? No worries!
Con: Those ridges do nothing and never have.

As I explained before, up until this point I’ve only ever used Realdoes, which tend to have a slightly squishy, matte surface, accompanied with a realistic design and a curvy coronal head. In comparison the Feeldoe More (and all Feeldoes, really) is made out of a purely glossy silicone, feels slick, firm, and no-nonsense, and has a much more angular coronal ridge which hooks beautifully into place and puts more than enough pressure on the G-Spot.

This difference certainly wasn’t unwelcome. In fact it would work very well for users who are looking for a something a bit more non-representational or striking. There’s no denying that the bright red and shiny exterior of this toy grabs the eyes and commands complete and utter attention. Especially considering its rather girthy 1.625 dildo diameter (and 1.5 bulb diameter). This toy isn’t for beginners, but the rewards are worth it.

That being said both the Realdoe and the Feeldoe have their place in my toy chest and I’d be remiss if I didn’t highlight the ways in which they are both different and yet highly prized.

For me the Realdoe line is a winner if ever I was to get my personal queer groove going. Looking and feeling more realistic, the Realdoes just feel a bit more intimate, a bit warmer, just generally much more like an extension of my own body. I also found that the Realdoe’s matte surface hug against my vaginal walls in a way that feels more similar to actual sex. It’s not 100% realistic, not at all, but it is evocative of the act.

Meanwhile I love getting out the Feeldoe More for pegging, particularly if I’m acting as a domme. The firmness, sharper angles, and striking appearance of the Feeldoe More just feels much more suited to a commanding power play and the slicker surface is great for anal.

So take from these toys what you will and find your preference from there.

Back to the Feeldoe More for a moment, the silicone it’s made from is 100% ultra premium, making it phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body safe. This bad boy is incredibly easy to clean and can be boiled, bleached (with the right solution), and even put in the dishwasher!

It has a slot for a bullet but I personally find Tantus bullets to be pretty superficial. Thankfully this sleeve can accommodate a Tango but, even then, the additional shaft length and thickness of the silicone means a lot of strength is lost.

Despite this Mr. Peaches and I both had some exceptional orgasms from this product which were deep, wholly satisfying, and persistent in terms of stimulation. For me I found that the sharp angle of the coronal ridge meant that it was always giving strong stimulation, even during the climax, prolonging my experience for solid minutes at times. And if Mr. Peaches gently thrusts the shaft? Even better.

The dynamic angles of this toy's design make it very noticeable during use.
The dynamic angles of this toy’s design make it very noticeable during use.

That being said no toy is perfect and the Feeldoe More is no exception.

The biggest of these is tied to kegel strength. This strapless strap-on isn’t exactly ‘strapless’ unless you have the kegel muscles of a well-trained goddess. This is an observation that many have had with the Feeldoe/Realdoe line and most agree that a strap-on is still necessary to provide a certain degree of assurance during use. I don’t always find this, however because the Feeldoe More does have more length it also has more weight, is a bit more off-balance and generally benefits more from having a harness on. Does this ruin the effectiveness of the toy for me? No. However it might be a deal breaker for anyone craving full, harness-free immersion.

I also found that because the bulb was glossy it did like to try and slide out more than the matte Realdoes, so that is something else to consider.

Outside of these points, though, there really is no more to add in terms of cons. Tantus continues to provide high-standard toys which deliver in almost every regard. You just might need to get training if you want to reap the full benefits of this toy.

Final Thoughts

Overall Mr. Peaches and I were incredibly happy with the Feeldoe More and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants that extra length.

Granted, this toy isn’t overly different to the usual Feeldoe line, but if you know that you would value (or perhaps even need) that extra length then the Feeldoe More certainly delivers.

This toy is bold, well-designed, provides amazing orgasms, and has at least 7 different uses and play styles built in. What more could you want?

Recommend to:

People looking for a longer strapless strap-on.

People who like glossy silicone.

People who like distinct coronal ridges.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who need a slimmer toy.

People who prefer shorter toys.

People who like matte/natural toys (try a Realdoe).

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