Toy Review: Doc Johnson’s Super Hung Heroes, Rock Hard Man (Civil War Pt. I)

Way back in the year of 2013 a group of heroes made a grand entrance in to the adult sex toy market. Tasked with saving people from boring bedroom play, these mighty heroes defeated the devious villain, Low-key Libido, and made superhero fantasies a reality. Their names? The Super Hung Heroes: A daring group of superhero-inspired silicone sex toys, made in the image of people’s favourite Marvel heroes (and one from DC, because Batman).

But, alas, peace never lasts and soon a rift emerged among the group.

After time some people began to ask about texture, definition, impact. While some people believed that a good Super Hung Hero was one that had a clear, defined texture (which could be easily detected and identified) others disagreed, preferring a broad and classic design which wasn’t afraid to favour the bold and delve deep.

Led by Rock Hard Man on one side (a true exemplar of well-defined, uncompromising definition), and Captain Cock on the other (a powerful product whose straightforward charisma was only matched by its girthy sense of justice) the two primal powers of the Super Hung Heroes series began to clash. Soon an all-out Civil War was on the horizon: Something so formidable you could almost call it…cinematic.

But, before these mighty titans went all out in a duel of the dildos a new hero emerged: The Caped Peach!


Armed with years of sex toy expertise, could this caped crusader for sex positivity and all things silicone set things right? Find out below in our thrilling climax to Geek Week!

The Super Hung Heroes Rock Hard Man

The Super Hung Heroes Rock Hard Man is one of several toys from Doc Johnson which aimed to capitalize on people’s geek mania and general love of superheroes and, well, they’re completely bad ass because of this. Send a well-made, textured silicone dildo my way and chances are I’m going to enjoy giving it a try, but shape it like one of my favourite superheroes and I’m totally smitten.

How does this impressive piece of silicone measure up?
How does this impressive piece of silicone measure up?

You may remember I reviewed the Thor dildo, for example, and I was completely enamoured with the texture provided by the Hammer’s straight shaft. However the Rock Hard Man provides a completely different experience altogether.

Coming in at 8 inches in length and with a maximum circumference of just over 6 inches, this dildo certain isn’t for the faint of heart, especially considering its extremely well defined texture. At its core, the Rock Hard Man is just another phallic-shaped dildo (and this shows from certain angles), but sculpted into this standard design is a wonderfully detailed rendition of our favourite fast-talking billionaire with a suit made of iron. Because of this the mere sight of this toy is nothing short of a pure visual delight which is definitely worth the price of admission for any girth or texture-loving geek.

Despite all of the additional texture the core design of this dildo is rather familiar.
Despite all of the additional texture the core design of this dildo is rather familiar.

As I’ve said before, the Rock Hard Man is made from silicone, making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This silicone has a glossy finish which feels grabby when dry but really comes into its own when lubed up.

Combined with silicone lubricant this glossy finish is actually the perfect call for the prominently textured toy, allowing it to easily slide into the body with minimal resistance. Whereas a matte finish may have been too draggy or distracting a silicone finish allows the user to fully focus on every inch of definition lovingly rendered into this hunk of girthy silicone, making it a great option for those looking to explore texture and girth in tandem.

The Rock Hard Man’s shaft is rather straight and, while some may see this as an issue, I personally didn’t find it to be a problem. Admittedly, this straight design does mean that there isn’t as much direct focus on the G-Spot, but the Rock Hard Man’s main asset is its size and texture, which has more than enough definition to stimulate the G-Spot through sheer sensation overload. This provides a persistent form of stimulation which is deliciously varied and tantalizing during use.

The glossy finish of the Rock Hard Man also makes it easier to thrust then you might imagine, despite the varied form of this dildo and its rather prominent (albeit unconventional) coronal ridge. This allows users to get even more use out of this formidable phallus, though it does make me rather sad that the Rock Hard Man lacks a flared base for anal use and pegging. One point to Captain Cock for having the upper hand in this regard.

Still, I thoroughly enjoyed using the Rock Hard Man during use and found that its large form and coronal ridge in particular was enough to provide me with some very satisfying sensations. Granted, my preference was to stop at the bumpy power core when it came to inserting this toy but that also ended up providing some very enjoyable sensations: Rubbing up against the entrance of my vagina, this raised bump added additional sensation during use while also offering a more filling sensation if I desired. All I needed to do was slide it either partially or fully in and another dynamic was added to my play session, giving the Rock Hard Man a little ace up its sleeve.

At its core this toy strives to provide a dynamic sensory experience.
At its core this toy strives to provide a dynamic sensory experience.

That being said I was actually rather surprised that it was ultimately girth and not texture which reigned supreme with the Rock Hard Man. Yes, the texture was noticeable, and yes it contributed a lot in terms of stimulation, however this toy would not be as intense nor the texture as noticeable if the toy were slimmer in design. As it stands the Rock Hard Man felt aptly rock hard and chunky during use, providing some very strong orgasms: which almost exploded into action as the muscles contracted and released against such a girthy and varied surface.

Alas, the Rock Hard Man truly is a huge personally with a very clear and powerful purpose, but this may leave the Rock Hard Man a bit too single-minded for some.

Far too large for those who are only just easing in to sex toys, the Rock Hard Man is a rather intimidating dildo which may only be enjoyable for those who already dabble in larger or textured toys. I personally have to relax and warm up a bit before using the Rock Hard Man, and I don’t personally consider my vagina to be overly dainty.

Texture-wise the Rock Hard Man could have actually (dare I say it) done with a bit more definition, although I do understand that the current design’s smoother edges is what makes it easier to thrust and insert. I suppose I’m just a texture slut.

Objectively, though, there really is nothing damning about this dildo. It’s body-safe, incredibly easy to clean, delivers a very enjoyable experience and is part of what is perhaps one of the most iconic geek-based sex toy line on the market. What’s not to love about this product?

Final Thoughts

While the battle between Rock Hard Man and Captain Cock has only just begun, I personally think that the Rock Hard Man has a definite edge (even if its texture isn’t as edgy as I might have hoped).

Working with a tried-and-texted design and giving it an amazing Marvel makeover, the Rock Hard Man is a brilliant piece of nerdy erotica that actually delivers during use, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves their toys large and with more than a little texture to offer.

Recommend to:

People who like larger toys.

People who like mid-intensity textured toys.

People who like glossy silicone.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer slimmer toys.

People who dislike glossy silicone.

People who want a harness and anal friendly toy.

Next Time On Geek Week…

Will the Caped Peach be able to resolve the conflict between these power cocks once and for all? Is it texture or size which rules supreme in the battle of the dynamic dildos? Find out in the next installment of Geek Week!

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