Toy Review: The Bodywand 360

I think it’s fair to say that, when it comes to wand vibrators, I’m a bit of a fanatic. I personally own not one, not two, but three of my favourite wand (the Lelo Smart Wand Large), in addition to the Doxy Die Cast, both PalmPower wands, and many more which confirm my status as both a power queen and a magical girl.

So, of course, when Bodywand approached me with the chance to review one of their products I wasn’t just overjoyed but also craving somewhat of a daring product. After all, each wand may be slightly different but just how much can one change the standard formula? Enter the Bodywand 360.

Much like the product in my previous review, the Bodywand 360 is unlike anything I’ve ever reviewed in the past. Reminiscent of the Lovehoney Sqweel but with a twist that is so perfectly unique to Bodywand (pun definitely intended) the Bodywand 360 provides a vigorous spinning sensation which is as fascinating as it is fun. But can it be termed as ‘enjoyable’ too? Read on to find out.

About Bodywand

If you’re a wand enthusiast and you’ve never heard of Bodywand then you’re definitely missing out. Bodywand, as the name might suggest, specializes in the design and production of various different wand vibrators for our power queen pleasure. These wands range anywhere from your standard plug in wand to crazy inventions such as the Bodywand 360.


Each Bodywand item comes with a 1 year warranty and the company itself has quite a few wands to browse from. If my Bodywand 360 is anything to go from then this products are well-packaged, sturdy, and definitely fit for purpose, and I would personally love to try more of their products.

The Bodywand 360

The Bodywand 360 is definitely one of those products where the name pretty much says it all: This product is a wand which has a spinning head, capable of whirring around 360 degrees with clockwise or counter clockwise. This rotational motion is easily controlled with a single button (which switches the direction) and a roller dial (which controls the speed). The dial on this wand allows you to have precise control over the speed of the rotations, which makes for a more nuanced and personal experience.

It's a wand, Jim, but not as you know it.
It’s a wand, Jim, but not as you know it.

Now for those who are wondering I will get this out of the way pretty much from the get-go. No: This wand does not vibrate. “Whaaaat?!” I hear you cry and, yeah, that was pretty much my reaction at first too. Wand vibrators are so intrinsically linked with the idea of clit-consuming, eye-rolling vibrations that to have a wand that doesn’t even deliver a purr seems entirely alien, and I actually felt my heart sink a little when I realized this myself.

In essence the Bodywand 360 really is just as I described: a wand with a head that spins instead of vibrates.

Alone this would be blasphemous (and it may still be so for some) however the Bodywand 360 has an ace up its sleeve, being two literal sleeves which you place on the head of the Bodywand 360 in order to enjoy the rotations that it provides.

These sleeves both have reasonable sized, flexible ‘tongues’ on them which essentially lap at the clitoris as the head of the wand swirls around. The major difference between the sleeves is the rows on them: with one having a single roll of tongues and another having three. Because of this one head provides a much more targeted experience whereas the other feels more like a broad, sweeping sensation combined with a more direct center. Both sleeves are made from silky smooth silicone, making them non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe, whereas the main body of the Bodywand 360 is made from equally safe and non-porous ABS plastic. As these heads are removable they’re incredibly easy to swap out during use and to clean afterwards. Sadly the massager itself isn’t submersible but it should be okay for a rinse under the tap or a clean with a damp cloth.

The attachments make this toy.
The attachments make this toy.

Thankfully this toy is USB rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about being tethered to the plug or putting in new batteries during use.

Now, of course, the most striking part of this toy during use is the attachments provided. Meant to stimulate oral sex the little tongues on this toy whir around and dutifully flick against whatever body part they’re placed on. Much like the CalExotics Flickering Arouser, these tongues prefer a lighter touch, faltering under pressure. However unlike the Flickering Arouser you have an entire wand head and a long handle to contend with then using the Bodywand 360.

For some this will be great. The extended handle coupled with the very receptive dial make the Bodywand 360 a great oral toy if you have mobility or flexibility issues and need a bit more reach during use. That being said I personally found the angle to be continually awkward in some way, even when using the three-row head. Things just weren’t quite right in terms of placement and I think that’s because you always have to hold the wand at a slight angle in order to accommodate the handle. This is a bit of a shame but, short of ditching the wand design altogether, I’m not sure how it could be remedied. Perhaps a curved handle?

Angle aside I personally found the sensations provided by the Bodywand 360 to be pleasant but not orgasm-inducing. They caused noticeable arousal but didn’t really provide the right sensation to tip me over the edge. I don’t know if this would have been remedied with vibrations but I certainly feel like it would have helped. If the wand vibrated, after all, then not only would the tongues provide an additional element of stimulations but users who use the 360 feature as a warm up (such as myself) could then switch to enjoying just the vibrations when the time was right. As it stands this lack of vibration feels like a missed opportunity and it’s a loss that I certainly feel during use.

When this attachment is on max speed? Hoooly hell.
When this attachment is on max speed? Hoooly hell.

If there is one thing to give the Bodywand 360 credit for, though, it’s that it still keeps the original gusto or ‘oomph’ associated with a wand. Some of the spin settings on this toy can get incredibly intense. Like Benedict Cumberbatch levels of intense. The rapid spinning motion caused by the highest levels was certainly too much for me but I can see an oral sex toy junkie having an absolute field day with this product. And that’s what the Bodywand 360 really is at the end of the day, the ‘wand experience’ of oral sex toys. Powerful, rapid, uncompromising. You won’t get a stronger spin cycle on a toy unless you personally modify your washing machine to double as a fucking device (and even then it would lose against the Bodywand 360 due to being too bulky).

If that sounds like your dream toy then the Bodywand 360 is a fantastic investment and an all-around strong contender. If you dislike swirling oral toys, though, then the Bodywand 360 has nothing else to offer.

There are very few objective downsides to this toy. In fact the only one I can provide is that this toy is very noisy. That powerful rotation comes with an equally strong whir which can be detected through closed doors, so this is one to avoid if you need to be discreet.

Other than that the Bodywand 360 is rocking its little domain of the wonderful world of sex toys, and doing it with an impressive twirl too.

Final Thoughts

There’s not much more for me to say about the Bodywand 360 because it is so self-explanatory and successful in its own right.

If you like this sort of tongue-based rotation toy then the Bodywand 360 is the strongest contender in terms of speed and provides a long handle for a bit more reach if needed. However I can’t help but personally lament over just how much of a one-trick pony this product is.

Technically this could be said of all wands (which pretty much deliver strong vibrations and that’s about it) but I suppose the Bodywand 360 let me down because there was the potential for it to do more. There’s no reason as to why this toy couldn’t have been a vibrator and a rotating pleasure device and I truly wish it was. Still, I can’t knock this toy for meeting its core agenda, especially when it does the job so well.

So a sincere bravo Bodywand 360: You delivered exactly what you set out to achieve. It’s just a shame that it’s not quite right for me.

Recommend to:

People who like tongue-based oral toys.

People looking for very swift rotations.

People who like the shape of a wand.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike oral toys.

People who need a quiet toy.

People who like the vibrations of a wand.

The Bodywand 360 was provided to me by Bodywand in exchange for an honest review.