Toy Review: The Kinx Onyx Anal Beads

In my last review I asked if a toy being ‘just average’ in terms of performance was a bad thing. In the case of the product being otherwise average but then having an additional feature that proves a hindrance it could very well be that ‘average’ translates to ‘simply not good enough’. However what about when a toy simply ticks all the boxes and then leaves it there? A toy worthy of neither praise nor derision and certainly capable of creating effective sexual situations and enjoyable orgasms?

In such a scenario I think the toy in question would definitely be a positive purchase, even if its passable status doesn’t necessarily make for the most riveting of review. Because, yes, the Kinx Onyx Anal Beads are another example of a product that simply performs and that’s all there is to say about them really. They’re practical, safe, and enjoyable and that’s all there is to them, and that certainly isn’t a bad thing.

The Kinx Onyx Anal Beads

The Kinx Onyx Anal Beads are a basic set of anal beads which provide a great experience for those who are new to anal beads or those who like smaller, firmer beads. The beads themselves are made from silicone and retail at the incredibly modest price of £9.95, making them even better as a starter set.

These beads look good, perform well, and are body-safe.
These beads look good, perform well, and are body-safe.

Silicone is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe which is so incredibly important when it comes to anal toys. You definitely don’t want a porous product in your posterior, when it can retain any number of bodily fluids and bacteria.

The silicone itself has a matte surface and is incredibly smooth. It’s the sort of smooth that deserves the description ‘velvety’ and makes you want to spend long bouts of time stroking the beads, enjoying the sensation. This sleek surface comes with an added bonus if you’re in to sensation play: while your partner is blindfolded you could gently run the beads across their skin, creating a sense of anticipation which is accentuated by the softness of the silicone itself.

In fact sensation is pretty much the name of the game with anal beads. The distinct feeling of slipping each bead in and removing them in various different ways is an important aspect of using anal beads. Because of this the size, shape, and firmness of a set of anal beads is very important. And, thankfully, the Kinx Onyx Anal Beads seem to manage these criteria well.

Each bead on the Onyx Anal Beads is a standard shape and size—being about 1 inch in length and having a circumference of 3 inches. These beads are decently firm too and rather circular making them very easy to insert and remove. The humble size of these 5 beads makes them very unintimidating and even beginners to anal play should be able to easily insert and remove these beads, though those who think they’d prefer slightly squishier beads may find them to be a tad too rigid.

The beads are a standard size which is very easy to insert.
The beads are a standard size which is very easy to insert.

Although the beads are firm each bead is followed by a flexible neck which links the chain of anal beads. This section is just under 1 inch long and flexes very well. This makes inserting, adjusting, and repositioning the anal beads a breeze.

The sensations that the beads provide themselves were described by Mr. Peaches as ‘nice and surprisingly filling for their size’. As expected from the uniform appearance and design of these beads he found that orgasms with the Onyx Anal Beads were ‘good but nothing exceptional’. An enjoyable experience but not a stand-out one. But, as I said before, this isn’t really a problem. The beads themselves perform their job very well and the results are positive, just not exceptional.

In terms of downsides the Onyx Anal Beads have very little flaws, although Mr. Peaches did have a few personal hang ups. Rather than a conventionally flared base the Onyx Anal Beads have a long cord at the end which is two inches in length and ends with a long, wide loop. Mr. Peaches personally found that this loop felt too flimsy and had concerns about whether or not it provided complete security. However I tugged, pulled and gripped this loop as much as I possibly could and found it to be sturdy and break-resistant (and I regularly swing 14kg kettlebells around, so I’m no weakling).

This ring is sturdy enough to avoid snapping. But, if you are worried about using it solo, then it might be worth using these beads with a partner.
This ring is sturdy enough to avoid snapping. But, if you are worried about using it solo, then it might be worth using these beads with a partner.

Still, concerns about the loop meant that Mr. Peaches personally couldn’t enjoy using this toy as much as if it had a conventional flared base, which is a shame.

In terms of personal preference Mr. Peaches would have also preferred it if the beads increased in size, so that they gradually trained the user and built up to a filling sensation. However this doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on the anal beads themselves, as they were never meant to fill this criteria.

Final Thoughts

Overall these beads are rather standard in terms of performance but there’s absolutely wrong with that and, considering how well these beads meet their purpose, I’m very happy with how they perform.

Sensuous, body-safe, and effective, these beads are a great introduction into the wonderful world of anal beads and, at under £10, you really can’t go wrong!

Recommend to:

People who want a set of starter beads.

People who like smaller beads.

People who like firmer beads.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer incremental girth.

People who like larger beads.

People who prefer softer beads.

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