Toy Review: The OVO E2

This is one of those review that I never know how to write. Not because the product in question is astoundingly phenomenal or scathingly abysmal but because it simply…is. The OVO E2 is, in a nut shell, a good toy but that’s about where my praise ends. It’s an okay vibrator that does exactly what you think it will in terms of stimulation and performs its duties adequately.

I can use it externally or internally and can orgasm with it, sometimes intensely. The power is there, all of the elements are there, and yet it never goes beyond ‘standard’. But is this a bad thing? Not at all really. I’d take a reliable vibrator over a risky one every day and the OVO E2 is exactly what you’d expect it to be. That being said this toy does have some niggles that are worth talking about, so allow me to explore this average vibe in a bit more depth.

About OVO

The OVO E2 was made by OVO and, if this toy is anything to go by, then they can be trusted when you want a reliable sex toy purchase.


Speaking of reliability OVO have consistently either won or received an honourable mention at the Red Dot international designs award for their line of products. I can see why as, aesthetically, the OVO product range is faultless in its streamlined sophistication.

When you look at an OVO toy you can’t help but think of certain words. Terms such as ‘sleek’, ‘refined’, and ‘luxurious’. Just visually OVO toys prompt a sense of security that their design endeavours seem to consistently back up (if their 117 design nominations are anything to go by).

OVO toys also tend to be reasonably mid-range with their prices, making them accessible luxury toys for most people, which is never a bad thing.

The OVO E2

The OVO E2 is an insertable vibrator with a shaft best used for G-Spot or A-Spot stimulation. For those not in the know the A-Spot is reportedly an area close to the cervix which, if stimulated correctly, can case very strong orgasms. A few toys have been released to try and hit it and, while the E2 doesn’t explicitly state that it’s designed for this purpose, its 5 inches of insertable length coupled with a bulge near the tip does seem primed for such stimulation.

The OVO E2 is a standard vibrator with one rather distinctive feature...
The OVO E2 is a standard vibrator with one rather stand-out feature…

In fact perhaps one of the best aspects of the OVO E2 is that it doesn’t strive to put itself in to a box (aside from the literal box that it comes in, which is sturdy and good for long-term storage). With the E2 OVO simply list all of its features and allow users to make up their own mind as to how they explore the toy itself. Of course, some uses are more apparent than others, but it’s refreshing to see that OVO doesn’t feel the need to ‘sell’ their toy’s benefits and, instead, let the vibrator speak for itself.

I also feel like it shows a degree of respect for the potential buyer: as it assumes a certain degree of prior knowledge rather than stating (or over stating) the obvious. Personally I really appreciate this as it really does mean that your preferences determine what toy you go for rather than a promise on a product box, but I digress.

The features described by OVO for the E2 are pretty standard for a luxury vibrator, but are still greatly appreciated. The OVO E2 is showerproof, whisper quiet (an accurate description in this case), recharges, has 5 different patterns, and incremental intensities.

Impressively the OVO E2 comes with a whopping 15 year warranty, adding to the reliability that OVO have demonstrated as a company.

Sadly the OVO E2 doesn’t come with a storage bug but I think we can allow it this one omission to the luxury add-on list.

The OVO E2 is made from silicone and ABS plastic, materials which are non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This silicone is up to the high standards of most luxury matte silicone toys, doesn’t gather dust and feels silky-smooth to the touch. Again, very within the norm.

This toy is rechargeable, meaning no battery worries.
This toy is rechargeable, meaning no battery worries.

Vibration-wise the OVO E2 claims to have ‘ultra powerful vibration’ and, while this is a bit of over embellishing on OVO’s time, the E2 does have pretty decent vibrations. Not conventionally rumbly, but not annoyingly buzzy either, these vibrations are middling in terms of sensation and depth. They sport more than enough power to satisfy most people and have a very nice range for those who like to build-up to the stronger modes. I personally find that they work better internally rather than on my clitoris but the lovely Scandarella found their clitoral experience with this product much more potent.

When used internally the gentle curve and bulge of the OVO E2 feels subtle but noticeable enough to allow for adequate stimulation. The shaft of the OVO E2 is firm too, which means that users can add more pressure if they wish. The vibrations of the OVO E2 spread very well when inserted, aided by the way that the body clenches around the toy. When it came to my body and its personal quirks the OVO E2 has a tendency to try and move deeper in, past my G-Spot and towards my cervix, and this could be irksome at times, but typically my orgasms with the OVO E2 were very enjoyable. Sometimes amazing and sometimes simply pleasant, I never had a bad orgasm or experience with the OVO E2 but that doesn’t mean I didn’t experience some frustration.

I cannot get on board with this touch-based design.
I cannot get on board with this touch-based design.

Y’see the main unique feature of the OVO E2 is a control system which is prompted by touch (much like a smartphone). A single on/off button in the center of the control system is the only conventional button whereas the others are activated as you brush across the area.

This is infuriating.

Just imagine, for a moment, that the OVO E2 has traveled too far in to your body and you do want to readjust. Only whenever you touch the handle you run the risk of changing the speed or changing the pattern depending on where you accidentally brush the controls. And, trust me, you will accidentally brush the controls at least once. It is the only thing about this toy that I actively dislike and it’s actually a pretty big flaw. If this toy had normal buttons it would be a much more intuitive product but, as it stands, sometimes my arousal is actively broken by this control system (or by worrying about it) and, as such, reaching orgasm with the OVO E2 takes a very long time.

Whether this is a deal-breaker or not is up to you but personally this control system does make this toy less appealing for me.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am rather neutral about the OVO E2, save for its control system which I personally can’t stand. This toy can and does deliver good sensations, has a sturdy design, and keeps an open-enough design that it can be used in various ways.

However I can’t help but feel like in an attempt to innovate OVO have actually taken a step back by integrating touch sensitive controls.

It’s such a shame because, otherwise, this toy is a nice, standard luxury vibe which delivers exactly what you’d expect. However reliability goes out the window when taking this toy in hand and brushing against its control system. With this in mind I cannot wholeheartedly endorse the OVO E2 but I will say that it is a good vibrator, kinks aside.

Recommend to:

People who like gently curved shafts.

People who like mid-to-strong vibrations.

People who want to experience touch sensitive controls.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer a more distinct curve.

People who prefer either fully rumbly or fully buzzy vibrations.

People who know they’ll dislike the controls.

The OVO E2 was provided to me by OVO in exchange for an honest review.