Toy Review: The Meo Alpha Male Stimulator

Anal beads come in all shapes and sizes but metal anal beads are still pretty rare. This surprises me as metal is arguably one of the best materials available for anal play. Firm, smooth, and easy to insert, steel is very receptive to being lubed up and slowly slide into one’s anus for a bit of prostate play (or to enjoy the sensations in general). What’s more steel toys are hefty items, adding an additional sense of weightiness to a play session which is unrivaled among other materials.

So, of course, I jumped at the chance to review Meo’s very own set of close-knit steel anal beads, the Alpha Male. Placing the name aside, this set of anal beads called out to me because each bead is interconnected and the dimensions generally seemed accessible to those who are new to both steel toys and anal beads.

As usual, Mr. Peaches was the willing recipient of these anal beads and since receiving them we’ve tested them quite a few times.

Our verdict? Read below.

The Meo Alpha Male Stimulator

The Meo Alpha Male Stimulator is a ‘corkscrew’-like system of anal beads in which each bead directly leads on from the other. In total there are 5 beads on its straight shaft and each of them gets progressively larger. While this may sound daunting at first it’s worth noting that its total length is 5.1 inches while the diameter of the beads starts at 0.6 inches and increases to 1.1 inches. This makes the Meo Alpha Male Stimulator a very good toy for those who are starting to experiment with weighty small-to-mid level anal toys, as well as anal veterans who like the sensation that steel provides.

Photos will never do justice to the true majesty of polished steel.
Photos will never do justice to the true majesty of polished steel.

Being made of stainless steel the Alpha Male Stimulator is naturally phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe. It’s incredibly easy to clean, retains no odour, and has a completely smooth surface for ease of insertion. The Alpha Male itself has a very reasonably sized flared base which makes it perfectly safe for anal play and puts my worry-wart mind at ease. Steel is also great for temperature play and, while I don’t recommend that you ‘freeze’ your toy like the product page recommend, cooling and warming your Alpha Male Stimulator can completely transform how it feels.

Personally I find that cooling a toy highlights its details more and increases sensation, leading to heightened arousal. Meanwhile warming a toy allows the warmth to spread once inserted and provides a real feel-good feeling which adds a sense of gentle intimacy to the experience. Of course this will vary from user-to-user but part of the fun is finding what works for you. Naturally the Alpha Male starts off rather cool but warms well over time when inserted, but this may mean that those who dislike chilly toys need to run it under a warm tap before use.

Of course when playing with an anal toy lubricant is invaluable and, thankfully, steel can be used with pretty much any lubricant, including silicone ones. This means that, unlike some toys, you’re not limited when playing with the Alpha Male Stimulator. As mentioned before the Alpha Male Stimulator also slides in extremely well due to its incredibly smooth finish so you may find that you don’t need as much lubricant either.

The Meo Alpha Male has sensibly decided to have its beads start small and gradually increase as you insert each one. This is a pretty standard design for butt plugs but it’s still worth noting, as it does add to the accessibility of the toy. It also makes the Alpha Male Stimulator a very good warm-up toy—as you can gradually experiment with sliding differing girths into your body and discover your limit. Mr. Peaches personally found that these beads provided a gradual stretching effect caused by this design which he very much appreciated. Despite the beads being very close together he also found it quite easy to take things one bead at a time, which is reassuring.

A nicely flared base and increasing bead size makes Mr. Peaches a very happy chap indeed.
A nicely flared base and increasing bead size makes Mr. Peaches a very happy chap indeed.

When I asked Mr. Peaches what the most striking thing about the Alpha Male Stimulator was it surprisingly wasn’t the weight of this toy. This was surprising to me because steel toys are generally known for being very attention-grabbing due specifically to how hefty they are. There really isn’t any ignoring the weightiness of a solid stainless steel toy once it’s inserted and this added weight typically comes with added pressure and thus increased stimulation.

However Mr. Peaches found that, although the weightiness of this toy was one of its biggest assets, it was actually the texture of the product which commanded most of his attention. Terming it as ‘almost indescribable’ Mr. Peaches found that this toy seemed to provide a lot more sensation from texture than he had anticipated it would. This texture, stemming from the closely-spaced beads, was consistently effective during different motions—including slow insertion/removal, thrusting, the application of gentle pressure on the shaft, and even through just leaving it to respond to the natural movements of a handjob. One of Mr. Peaches’ favourite motions was to actually twirl the plug while inserted, taking advantage of the ‘corkscrew’ element that Meo suggested. Apparently it’s incredibly effective.

These beads apparently produce more sensation than you might expect.
These beads apparently produce more sensation than you might expect.

Mr. Peaches found that the spheres also effectively hit his P-Spot, creating the perfect situation for very effective orgasms. His playtime with the Alpha Male Stimulator was thusly one brimming with texture-based exploration and strong sensations.

That being said no toy is perfect and the Alpha Male Stimulator is no exception.

Firstly, yes, I dislike the name. I know that it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things and, of course, it’s deliberately appealing to power-plays within a BDSM roleplaying scenario (given Meo’s inclination towards more intense playstyles) but it’s still a bit of a bugbear. This I can get over, however, as the rest of the downsides are very minimal.

Of course personal preference comes in to play and if you dislike weighty toys, steel, or rigid anal toys then the Alpha Male is not for you.

In terms of objective downsides I can really only think of one: In between the beads I can detect a teeny tiny line where it’s all bee joined together and, while this probably isn’t cause for alarm, part of me does worry that fecal matter and other fluids could get stuck in these seams. With a proper antibacterial toy cleaner and a good cleaning ritual, though, I doubt this would be an issue.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Meo Alpha Male Stimulator managed to steel our hearts away with its striking appearance, reliable material, and effective design. Granted, it’s not necessarily our favourite set of anal beads, nor even necessarily our go-to one, but when Mr. Peaches is craving steel and texture then there really isn’t anything else that can compare. The size of this toy also makes it rather beginner friendly, opening up a world of exploration for those who are tempted to give such a toy a try.

Because of this we would both highly recommend this anal toy and feel like it would be a good addition to most people’s collection. As a bonus it can also be used vaginally (although I don’t think it’s as effective for this use), allowing even more possibilities for the right user. What’s more at €49.00 this toy feel very reasonably priced, especially for the sensations that it provides. It’s an all-around winner.

Recommend to:

People wanting to try textured steel toys.

People wanting to ease in to anal beads.

People who enjoy temperature play.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike weighty/steel toys.

People who prefer conventional anal beads.

People who dislike texture.

The Alpha Male Stimulator was provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review.