Product Review: Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic

Playful and bold, the online comic Elsewhere is an unashamed celebration of all things sexual. For those who haven’t read my previous review, the Elsewhere comic is set in the city of (surprise, surprise) Elsewhere. In Elsewhere all sorts of sexual shenanigans take place, as the occupants are generally much more open to embracing and respecting each other’s preferences. For the most part Elsewhere follows the adventures of the young dryad, Delidah, but there is also an extended cast which gets more than enough lovin’.

Elsewhere is free for all and I highly recommend checking it out. However this review isn’t for the online comic: It’s for the brand new swankified .pdf, Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic.

Jam packed full of high-quality content, the Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic is a wonderful supplement for lovers of the Elsewhere comic and is an absolute must-have for anyone who craves additional insights to their favourite characters.

Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic

Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic picks up the Elsewhere comic where Elsewhere Vol. 1 left off. In terms of content this means that you get the following stories from Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic:

Episode 6: Workout (Gym Scene)

Episode 7: Jail Birds (Domination)

Episode 8: Pranks (Playing with Magic Dildos)

Potion of Fire Resistance (Red Hot Dragon Action)

Forest Friends (Guest Comic for Oh Joy Sex Toy)

Again, all of this can technically be viewed online but there’s nothing quite like viewing a comic once it’s been highly polished by the creator and presented as they intended. Just the cover art for Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic is well worth the price of admission (especially the clothes-free version included).


Seeing each episode formatted on a larger page also transforms the experience of reading them in a way that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. I remember, for example, checking regularly for updates during Episode 8. Each strip was both a tease and an amazing rush.

However seen through the pages of this .pdf the anticipation of waiting for the next strip is gone and yet the arousal is still fully present. The story feels more complete and there is a wonderful sense of fluidity to it which you don’t necessarily get from having to wait for the next panel. So if you’re the type of person who knows that you enjoy reading something in its fullest form then this product really is a must.

In regards to the content of each episode the ones included are absolutely exceptional. One episode, Jail Birds, acts as the conclusion to the last story of the previous volume and it certainly is a double delight. But the absolute highlight of this issue for me has to be Pranks.

In Pranks we finally see Stella get her chance to shine and, while I won’t spoil anything, I have to say that I absolutely adore this character. Her mannerisms, her appearance, the way she handles a magical cock. Stella is an amazing addition to the world of Elsewhere and it’s so nice to see her finally come centre stage. In fact my love for Stella is so indescribable that words simply couldn’t do it justice and so I actually commissioned Delidah to provide a more apt demonstration of my affections (in which, appropriately, my mouth is occupied showing my appreciation for Stella in other ways).


But for those who like additional content you’ll be happy to know that Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic is not simply the comic in .pdf form. From the very first pages readers are treated with exclusive content and bonus material, making it a real treat for lovers of the series.

If you’re curious this content is as follows:

3 Pinups

Exposé on the character Stella

Never released comic pages

The best of Patreon Sketch-BLAST

Again, the exposé on Stella’s character is a real highlight for me, and I even learnt things that I honestly did not know about the character and probably wouldn’t have if not for this .pdf. An exploration in to notions of sex and gender identity in a world filled with magic is also provided (both in the comic itself and the additional content) which I highly appreciate.

Elsewhere has always been a comic which presents a rather liberal view to sexuality and sex positivity but what happens when magic cannot help a situation? What happens when an individual finds themselves feeling trapped in a world that is comparatively so free? Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic dips its toes in the water when it comes to these questions and I personally can’t wait to see how they’re handled as time goes on.

The unseen comic pages are, of course, an absolute treat too and, again, more than justify purchasing this comic. At the end of these unfinished pages we’re left with a big bold ‘DEFFO NOT THE END’ and I really do hope that’s the case. In fact, I’m hoping they’re just the beginning of the particular arch that they allude to.

Final Thoughts

Typically I’d list pros and cons for each item that I review but there really aren’t any faults to this particular product. Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic does exactly what it needs to and I personally adore every page. The only thing I could possibly ask for in Vol. 3 is more commentary from the creator. More insights in to the bonus imagery, a little bit of information behind why or how particular ideas came to mid for each chapter. The addition of text (and context) as well as image, but that’s just me being greedy. Because really that’s all I can think whenever I read Elsewhere, or read these amazing .pdf’s: I want more!

If you already read Elsewhere, or you like sexually open, fantasy-based pornography, then I honestly can’t recommend Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic enough. With an impressive 43-pages worth of content for $15 this comic is absolutely worth the 34 cent that each page comes out as.

With its sex positive content, high quality, and wonderful presentation this is definitely a product well-worth investing in and I cannot endorse it enough.

Recommend to:

People who like Elsewhere.

People who dislike reading in a weekly update format.

People who want additional content.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike Elsewhere.

People who simply can’t afford it.

People who dislike Stella (firstly: how dare you, but secondly: it is pretty Stella-heavy).

Elsewhere Vol. 2, Love★ Sex★ Magic was kindly provided to me by Delidah with no obligation to review it. But I totally reviewed it anyway because y’all need to know about the awesome content that resides in its pages. ‘Nuff said.