Toy Review: The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Masturbator

As a company Fleshlight are one of the adult industry giants. Their products can be found in sex shops around the globe and receive universal acclaim. That being said Fleshlight toys have always received a bit of a mixed reception in our household. I like them, and Mr. Peaches enjoys them during but the end verdict is always that Fleshlights are too cumbersome, too ‘high maintenance’ to become his go-too product. In fact we rarely use Fleshlights. However when I saw the new Fleshlight Quickshot range my interest was peaked.

Small, compact, easy to clean, the Fleshlight Quickshot seemed to rectify all of the issues that Mr. Peaches had with previous Fleshlight toys. So, of course, I had to try it. Thankfully my kind sponsors over at Shop Naughty were kind enough to provide me with one for review and I really do owe them my gratitude because this Fleshlight is our favourite one so far.

Great for the user who craves the ‘Fleshlight experience’ without the size and extensive maintenance of a fully fledged Fleshlight the Quickshot Masturbator is a brilliant product and one that I highly recommend.

The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Masturbator

The two Fleshlight Quickshot Masturbators currently on the market are Fleshlights unlike any other. Created to provide a compact and deeply pleasurable experience, the Fleshlight Quickshot Masturbators comes in two colours: Vantage and Boost. The Boost is a silver masturbator with a sleek and stylish black case. The Vantage (the one I chose) is a see-through masturbator with an equally transparent case.

The Fleshlight Quickshot Go may not be as discreet as its black-cased counterpart, but it makes up for it in terms of visual appeal.
The Fleshlight Quickshot Go may not be as discreet as its black-cased counterpart, but it makes up for it in terms of visual appeal.

Sensation-wise these toys are similar (varying slightly in texture), however they come with their own unique pros and cons. Being see-through, the Vantage allows users (or their partners) to view their shaft as it moves in and out of the toy, adding a degree of visual eye-candy which can be as fascinating as it is arousing. However this visibility does mean that the Vantage lacks discretion if it’s ever out on display. The Boost, on the other hand, is much more discreet upon a casual glance but it lacks the additional visual treat of the Vantage. The one you pick will naturally hinge on whether you want this visibility and the degree of discretion that you require, but I think my preference is apparent by now.

When it comes to shared benefits, however, the Fleshlight Quickshot toys have many.

Designed so that both ends open up, the Quickshot Vantage can be swiftly moved up and down the shaft for vigorous thrusts. With a length of 3.5 inches (with the caps off) and a diameter of 2.5 inches there’s no way that the Quickshot Vantage is able to hug the entire shaft like a conventional Fleshlight. However its inner nodules still manage to provide a very stimulating experience while also existing in a short, stout, and easy-to-store package.

A look at the internal chamber.

Unlike many Fleshlights the Quickshot Vantage is also entirely non-anatomical. This makes it much more accessible to users who dislike the conventional vulva/lips/anus of some Fleshlights. In fact this neutral approach to the Quickshot Vantage actually serves to make it much more accessible in general, as it manages to side-step many of the stigmas which are sadly still associated with male masturbators.

Like all Fleshlight toys, the Quickshot Vantage is made out of Fleshlight’s Real Feel Superskin. The plus side to this is that the Quickshot Vantage feels incredibly plush and squishy, warms well, and manages to hug wonderfully against the user’s shaft without ever feeling rigid. The downside is that this material is porous, meaning it requires more maintenance. Not only that but Fleshlight have insisted that the best products to clean and dust this toy (so that it remains smooth instead of becoming tacky) is their own line of Fleshlight products.

The texture and plush nature of the Fleshlight feels great during use, but lubricant is a must.
The texture and plush nature of the Fleshlight feels great during use, but lubricant is a must.

Of course there are financial benefits for Fleshlight to have the stronghold on the maintenance products for their toys, however I’d also like to think that since this is Fleshlight’s own material they do know what’s best for it, so users may want to look in to buying a maintenance kit too when investing in a Fleshlight product.  This does, sadly, mean more money invested at first, but I’ve personally found that these products last a long time and are thus well worth the investment. If you are strapped for cash, though, then other toy cleaners will probably suffice (but you didn’t hear me saying that).

Anyway, back to the review.

As we’re both well-acquainted with the squishy surface and creative inner textures of a Fleshlight I was eager to try this toy on Mr. Peaches and see if size really did matter for male masturbators. Having read Oh Joy Sex Toy’s review of this product I was also keen to use it during oral sex as an ingenious accompaniment to my own actions. The results were highly positive.

As soon as I placed Mr. Peaches’ shaft into the Quickshot Vantage I could see that he approved of the internal texture (a mixture of flaps and nodules in the Vantage’s case). As I incorporated oral sex we both noticed the clear benefits of using this Fleshlight: the ease of thrusting, the slim design, the just-right tightness. Time and time again Mr. Peaches has had strong, incredibly approving orgasms with this toy and has firmly voiced his approval.

The sensation of the Fleshlight hitting my lips was sometimes a bit disconcerting but overall this toy was very effective during oral.
The sensation of the Fleshlight hitting my lips was sometimes a bit disconcerting but overall this toy was very effective during oral.

Clean-up wise it’s also so much easier to deal with the Quickshot Vantage. With larger enclosed Fleshlights my major gripe was always the uncertainty and inaccessibility of the internal chamber. To me I could never be wholly sure that it was dry and clean. However, as the Vantage is double-ended and short and stout I can easily remove it from its case, rinse it through, flip it and dry both sides. It’s near-effortless.

Mr. Peaches also told me that he sometimes leaves one cap on for solo use which, yes, does restrict his ability to thrust, but it also contains any ejaculation, making clean-up even easier if you need to keep things as tidy as is possible.

Now, of course, no toy is perfect, but the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage’s issues are mostly personal preference.

If you like to be able to hug your masturbator to vary the pressure then the Vantage lacks this (unless you remove it from the case). If you like your entire shaft being covered with texture then the Vantage is also ill-suited to your needs. And, lastly, if you derive a lot of joy from the suction/vacuum effect of some toys then the Vantage lacks this completely.

However, outside of the issues already mentioned in this review there really isn’t anything else to be said against this product. It’s a real winner.

Final Thoughts

If you love the sensation or idea of a Fleshlight but want a cheaper, compact, lower maintenance (and yet more hygienic) version then the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is a very good candidate for your needs.

This toy manages to take almost everything that we disliked about previous Fleshlights and remove it, leaving a refined and slimmed-down version.

Granted, the Quickshot Vantage won’t be to everyone’s liking but this is far from a Fleshlight-lite. Instead the Quickshot Vantage (and its black counterpart) fills a gap that previously existed in the Fleshlight range and we couldn’t personally be happier about it.

Recommend to:

People who dislike the bulk of Fleshlights.

People who like see-through toys.

People who like open-ended masturbators.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer the size and length of a Fleshlight.

People who like the suction of closed ended toys.

People who prefer to gripe their toys.

The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage was provided to me by Shop Naughty. If you like this review then please do consider using the affiliate links included throughout. Your ongoing support really does mean the world to me.