Product Review: The Meo Premium Portable Fuck & Play Sling

When it comes to sex variety truly is the spice of life. Sure, familiar positions can be comforting and bring with them a sense of familiar tenderness, but when those positions become ‘the standard’ or you start slipping in to a routine then it’s worth trying to mix things up. This is where position enhancers really come in to their own.

Be it a wedge, a spreader bar, or (in this case) a sling, sexual position enhancers help augment well-known positions, allowing users to explore them from multiple different angles. What’s more for some these enhancers take previously inaccessible or uncomfortable positions and make them effortless and enjoyable. This is the benefit of a truly good position enhancer, and the Meo Premium Portable Fuck & Play sling is a very good enhancer.

Note ‘good’ but not ‘exceptional’. This sling does have some faults, in addition to an aesthetic that won’t work for everyone, and I’ll touch upon those points later in the review. However, there’s no denying that this sling is a top piece of kit which is well-worth the investment if you’re in the market for a premium leather sling.

The Meo Premium Portable Fuck & Play Sling

The Meo Premium Portable Fuck & Play Sling (also known as the Premium Leather Sling) is a behind-the-neck sling, which comfortably supports the neck while simultaneously lifting and spreading the user’s legs. This allows users of the sling to experience deeper sensations than usual while not having to worry about holding a pose too much, helping to make sexual experiences with the sling very enjoyable with minimal effort.

Meo have managed to make a sling that is easy-to-store but uncompromising in its quality and effectiveness during use.
Meo have managed to make a sling that is easy-to-store but uncompromising in its quality and effectiveness during use.

The Premium Leather Sling itself is made up from a sturdy system of latigo leather which has been carefully curated in to a set of straps, buckles, and padded braces in order to make a high-quality sex sling. Latigo leather is a heavy-weight, durable type of leather which has been combination tanned to give it strength without losing its supple surface. It’s typically used for straps, bags, and cases so it makes sense that it’s being used for a heavy-weight sling. This heavy-duty material also means that it can take quite a bit of weight, so most users should be able to use this sling without issue.

The sling itself has been deliberately designed to be easy to store, easy to travel with, and generally space-effective. This may be true in comparison to a fully-fledged sling, however the Premium Leather Sling is still pretty lengthy (comfortably folding down to about 18-19 inches in height and 6 inches in width at its best) so if you do plan to pack it away for a weekend of fun then you might still want to allocate ample space for it. That being said its size does make it impressively easy to store, even if it doesn’t fit in a bedside drawer that easily.

As it’s made of chunky black latigo leather the Premium Leather Sling has a certain aesthetic to it and that is all-BDSM and no-vanilla. This sling would not look out of place in a high-class dungeon at all (and I would even recommend it to eager dungeon masters).

There is nothing tame about the appearance of this toy (Shown in image: The back of the neck sling).
There is nothing tame about the appearance of this toy (Shown in image: The back of the neck sling).

For some this will be an absolute dream come true. The leather even has a rich smell to it which subtly makes itself known during use. However if you’re looking for a more light-weight, practical, and unintimidating sling then this could be off-putting. The Premium Leather Sling is, to put it lightly, a heavy-duty piece of kit and it really does feel like it. Conveniently-placed D-rings have even been positioned to allow for additional restraints which confine the user even more, so there’s no doubt that Meo intended for this sling to mean business.

Personally I took no issue with this. In fact the formidable nature of this sturdy sling filled me with delight, as I imagined being strapped up in it and then strapping up Mr. Peaches in kind. In this way the Premium Leather Sling’s durable build doesn’t just promise security but also arousal for the right users.

Having tried the sling a few times now I have to say that I’m impressed with the results, but Mr. Peaches and I did have a few niggles that are worth mentioning.

Strategic D-rings allow for further sexual exploration.
Strategic D-rings allow for further sexual exploration.

The sling itself is incredibly easy to get in to and strapping and unstrapping it for adjustments is a pretty straightforward process (but one that could easily be incorporated into a game during a BDSM scene). During use I did feel very secure and repositioning the padding (if necessary) was also incredibly easy. The lift it gave provided me with a deeper sense of penetration but what I really values was the support given by the sling holding my pose. This allowed me to be a bit bolder in other ways and explore the posture with newfound gusto.

While this was pretty awesome Mr. Peaches and I are in agreement that we got the most benefit from this sling when he used it. Not only did it give him the same deeper, more substantial sensations that I experienced but it also provided a lot of security for me while I thrusted with my strap-on. This was invaluable for us, as I can be rather cumbersome when rocking a cock, so the confidence and support that this sling provided during harnessed use was amazing. This didn’t necessarily come from an enhancement with the strap-on or position, per say, but more with the stability of the posture that the sling provided. It was just right.

That being said to make this sling’s positioning ‘just right’ we did have to employ some additional modifications too: either using the Liberator Wedge or the side of the bed to take full advantage of the sling’s stable posturing. This does mean that the sling itself may not have the full oomph or effect that users are expecting. It’s all a matter of personal exploration and finding out what works for you but, personally, if I purchased a sling and found that I still needed more props to get the position that I wanted then I might wonder if the sling was worth the investment or not.

At its current price of €49.00 (as of this review) I would say “Heck yeah!” in a heartbeat, but ultimately it’s up to your personal proclivities when considering the addition of this sling in to your sexual play sessions.

This sling is a product that Meo is proud to put its name to (and rightly so).
This sling is a product that Meo is proud to put its name to (and rightly so).

In terms of other downsides there were only a few, but they still exist.

As the leather used for the sling is heavy-duty it can also chafe and feel hard against the skin at first. This wears down in time (as the leather gets broken in) but it can still cause discomfort at first.

In order to use the sling itself you also need to be able to get in to position to start with, so the sling won’t necessarily do all the work for you and if you know the pose is uncomfortable due to personal flexibility then it won’t do much to alleviate this.

Speaking of the position this sling only really enables one, which may be an issue for those craving a bit of variety. But, hey, one sling can’t be expected to do it all and there’s no reason as to why you can’t get creative with how you use this item.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Meo Premium Leather Sling is not the best position enhancer that Mr. Peaches and I have tried, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad product either. In fact this sling performs what it sets out to do in pretty much every category: providing a strong, sturdy, and impressive-looking piece of kit which elevates the user’s legs, alleviates any pressure from the position, and enables a degree of depth and stability that inspires sexual confidence and deep penetration.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in then, by all means, please do consider buying this product. I don’t personally crave being in the sling often but I definitely like having it to hand for pegging, so it’s a success in our household.

Recommend to:

People who like BDSM slings.

People looking for a portable sling.

People craving stability in the sling’s chosen posture.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike leather/vegans.

People who want a lighter sling.

People who need elevation in addition to leg support.

Meo provided me with the Premium Leather Sling in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review then please do check this site out here.