Toy Review: The Rabbit Company Lay-On Silicone Rabbit Vibe

Like many sex toy users one of my first enjoyable experiences with a vibrator came at the ears of the bunny attached to my measurably undesirable rampant rabbit vibrator. Since then I have tried many different toys, learnt much more about my body, and found a new love in the broad head of wand vibrators. Yet, despite this, rabbit vibrators do retain a soft spot in my heart, or, to be more specific, the clitoral bunny itself does.

Let’s face it; I’m not the only one who favoured the rabbit above all else, and many companies have realized the solo-power of the buzzing bunny. However not all toys are created equal and some attempts are much more successful than others.

So where does The Rabbit Company Lay-On Silicone Rabbit Vibe lie in the rankings? Read on to find out.

About The Rabbit Company

The Rabbit Company have a single goal: “offer a concise collection of the best rabbit vibrators on the market”. In this The Rabbit Company believe that they have succeeded and the resulting products reflect almost two years of extensive research, in-depth focus testing, and a passion for championing the iconic rabbit vibrator design.


The Rabbit Company prefers to let their products speak for themselves. However it’s worth noting that each product from The Rabbit Company comes with a 5-year warranty to back up their claims of excellence. Each of their products has also been FDA-approved and has been made to try and accommodate people of all shapes and sizes.

Whether or not each product from The Rabbit Company does suit every individual the consideration given to this goal is admirable. For US buyers The Rabbit Company also offers free USPS Priority shipping on orders over $99 as a nice little added perk.

My Lay-On Rabbit certainly arrived swiftly and in a nice, discreet package. Because of this I’m willing to endorse The Rabbit Company’s services, which do seem to reflect the dedication alluded to on their site.

The Rabbit Company Lay-On Silicone Rabbit Vibe

As opposed to many of The Rabbit Company’s products (which are more conventional rabbit vibrators) The Lay-On Rabbit takes advantage of two powerful bunny ears to achieve its desired results. Clitoral stimulation is the name of the game with the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe, however its slightly curved design and generously spaced ears make it suitable for nipple play and stimulating the labia too. It can also be placed on other body parts in a bit of pre-clitoral titillation. Essentially this vibrator is as flexible as you want it to be.

The Lay-On Rabbit is all bun-bun and no shaft.
The Lay-On Rabbit is all bun-bun and no shaft.

At $82 the Lay-On Silicone Rabbit Vibe is no cheap purchase, but neither is it a cheap toy. In fact The Rabbit Company have pulled out all the stops to make sure that this product is nothing short of exceptional. This includes a near-silent motor (and, yes, it really is whisper quiet), an easy-to-clean waterproof body, two independent motors—one for each ear, a travel-lock so that you can take your rabbit on the go, and a rechargeable battery which uses a USB cable as opposed to the mains.

Granted it doesn’t have a storage bag, and if you want to take this bunny in the bath then The Rabbit Company recommends no more than 15 minutes of submerged use, but the perks that this toy provides are still pretty impressive and are certainly in line with similarly priced toys on the market.

The Lay-On Rabbit Vibe is also made from silicone and ABS plastic, machining it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. The silicone used for this product has a matte surface which mirrors the luxurious softness of so many high end vibrators on the market nowadays. This allows the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe to glide against the skin, prompting a subtle degree of drag, without ever feeling clingy, grainy, or friction-inducing. Personally I found this silicone to be very good during use and it never seemed to gather dust, which stands as a clear bonus in my books.

The controls are well laid out and easy to use.
The controls are well laid out and easy to use.

The Lay-On Rabbit Vibe has an incredibly straightforward control panel—with a single button turning the toy on and off, two buttons to control the vibration intensity, and another button to sift through its 6 patterns. Because this vibrator works off of both intensity and patterns there are a lot of different selections that users can chose from, making it a very varied vibrator for pattern lovers.

I am not a pattern lover, however I do value a certain type of vibration: deep, rumbly, suitable for prolonged intense use without numbing my vulva or fingers. These are the criteria I look for when judging the quality a new vibrator. While I tend to avoid buzzy vibrators I don’t fully rule them out, especially when they meet all of my other criteria, and this was the case with the Lay-On Rabbit Vibrator.

Despite having a noticeable buzz to them the two motors in the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe were impressively strong (on par with the top clitoral vibes of a similar size), undeniably rumbly, and capable of bringing me to some extremely strong orgasms. As times the vibrations from the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe were actually so intense that when I got near my peak I would have to reposition the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe to be slightly to the side of my clit, otherwise its rippling intensity was just too much for me. This is despite the fact that on the highest level the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe does become a lot buzzier because the other elements of this toy come together to complement its buzz rather than the buzz detracting from those elements. I have to admit it’s a rare combination that I don’t often encounter, but I’m glad that the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe is able to pull it off.

The ears for this rabbit are incredibly effective.
The ears for this rabbit are incredibly effective.

Orgasms aside, I want to take a moment to praise the design of the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe, which really does work well to cater for different users. If you do want to lay this vibrator on your vulva as it suggests then the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe is very accommodating, provides nicely broad vibrations, and even has some ticklers in order to enhance the experience. If, however, you value something more direct then you can use the precision points of the bunny ears to apply strong stimulation to your clitoris.

Compared to other rabbit designs I’ve seen the spacing between the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe’s ears is actually as close to perfect to my mind as it can get. The distance left between the ears is just right to allow users to essentially slot their clitoris in to the mid-section and allow it to be rumbled by the ear’s formidable dual motors. These ears are flexible enough that they can also be moved together if desired, creating a pinching effect.

Alternatively there’s actually enough space left between the ears to be able to slot a finger in there. This allows users to essentially have the ears placed either side of the clitoris while a finger is stroking it, the typically direct vibrations diffused slightly to the sides. This was my favourite method for using the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe so I can personally vouch for its effectiveness.

Despite my enthusiasm for this toy it does, of course have some downsides, as no toy is perfect. However, the biggest of these will be personal preference.

If you require 100% rumbly vibrations from a vibrator and buzzy vibrations are a known mood-killer for you then I would sadly dissuade you from purchasing this toy. Yes, it’s strong and deep but I certainly can’t deny that it has a buzziness to it which can give the vibrations a rather rough edge for some.

Speaking of edges the bunny ears for this toy, while flexible, are quite firm, meaning that some users may find them to be too angular or rigid for their liking. Granted they’re not ABS plastic firm but they’re not jelly soft either (thank god). They have a slight squish to them but this is nothing compared to they typically highly flexible ears on an actual rabbit vibrator. To me this is a clear pro but I understand if you do take it as a con.

Lastly, and on a more objective note, a 15 minute window of opportunity for underwater play doesn’t seem like much and does mean that if you’re looking for a toy to take in to the bath then this bunny may not be your swimmer.

Final Thoughts

Despite my soft spot for rabbit vibrators there have actually been very few that I’ve tried and sincerely approved of wholeheartedly over the years. The dual-pronged design of rabbits has always seemed somewhat impractical to me given my proclivity for the unbroken head of a wand.

That being said the Lay-On Rabbit Vibe is a clitoral bunny that I not only highly recommend but also personally swooned over as it lead me from one breath-taking orgasm to another.

The Lay-On Rabbit Vibe has enough strength, quality, and bunny-appeal to make it a very reliable choice for fans of the clitoral rabbit design and it is, to date, one of the very few that I can happily recommend to you.

Recommend to:

People who like clitoral rabbits.

People looking for a buzz-rumble combo.

People who like patterns.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike rabbit designs.

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

People who prefer soft/very flexible bunny ears.

The Lay-On Rabbit was provided to me by The Rabbit Company in exchange for an honest review.