Toy Review: The Adrien Lastic Bonnie & Clyde

Despite my less-than-stellar experience with the alien-looking O Venus, I delved in to testing the Adrien Lastic Bonnie & Clyde with absolutely no expectations (I am a professional, after all). It is perhaps for this reason that I was completely shocked by the just how vigorous the motions that the Bonnie & Clyde’s ‘natural waves’ system produced.

Still, while seeing the Bonnie & Clyde’s shaft expertly spin in my hands I had to wonder ‘Would a swirling sensation really be the right fit with my body to bring me to orgasm?’

Turns out the answer is a resounding yes.

Does this mean that I count the Adrien Lastic Bonnie & Clyde as a success?

Read on to find out.

The Adrien Lastic Bonnie & Clyde

The Adrien Lastic Bonnie & Clyde is a rechargeable rampant rabbit with a bit of a twist. Literally.

The Bonnie & Clyde stole away my heart away with every orgasm.
The Bonnie & Clyde knows how to provide a wild ride.

Using their natural waves technology Adrien Lastic have devised a system of four spherical bulbs which gyrate in order to make the shaft swirl about at varying speeds. This isn’t an unfamiliar premise and is reminiscent of the beads in some rabbits, the come hither motion of Lelo’s toys, and the rotating shaft found in many conventional rampant rabbit. However I do have to confess that Adrien Lastic have handled the concept very well and the Bonnie & Clyde does feel like it takes its own unique spin on having a rotating shaft.

In addition to this twisting sensation, the Bonnie & Clyde lives up to its rabbit-vibe status by having a clitoral arm for dual-stimulation. Again, this arm has its own unique take on the conventional design, with a single ‘ear’ shooting out from the arm to provide a gentle flickering sensation during use. This means that even if the clitoral arm doesn’t make full contact with your clitoris then chances are the ear-offshoot will.

Then, of course, there’s also the addition of a motor in the tip of the Bonnie & Clyde’s shaft. If I’m being completely honest this motor was actually the most disappointing aspect of the Bonnie & Clyde, as its vibrations felt very gentle (almost non-existent) during use. Granted very strong vibrations would have probably felt a bit too overwhelming, but a bit more power wouldn’t have gone amiss.

The controls look straightforward and use a very distinct design.
The controls look straightforward and use a very distinctive design.

The Bonnie & Clyde’s multiple systems are controlled by buttons on the handle section of the toy which, in a playful take on the semi-realistic design, have been made to look somewhat like balls. One side controls the swirling shaft whereas the other side controls the vibrations in both the arm and the shaft. Two buttons on the front then control the patterns for the Bonnie & Clyde, with the vibrations and swirling shaft having 10 patterns each. This gives pattern-lovers a lot of variety when it comes to the Bonnie & Clyde, which is great.

The Bonnie & Clyde is a luxury toy and, as such, it comes with a number of benefits. It’s completely waterproof, it’s USB rechargeable (with a 3 hour charge providing up to 4 hours of use) and it comes with its own storage bag. The Bonnie & Clyde is also has a beautiful silicone surface which is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. This silicone is up there with the giants as a beautifully smooth, lint-free, and minimally draggy matte silicone which I absolutely adore. The surface of the silicone also works very well with the toy’s swirling shaft, giving it an extra edge.

In addition to having multiple luxury perks the Bonnie & Clyde can also be controlled remotely with the Lastic Remote (sold separately, RRP £25-27).
In addition to having multiple luxury perks the Bonnie & Clyde can also be controlled remotely with the Lastic Remote (sold separately, RRP £25-27).

In terms of dimensions the Bonnie & Clyde is a bit of beast and may not be the best product for those new to vibrators. Dimension-wise it has an insertable length of 6 inches is 9 inches in total and has a maximum circumference of 5 inches (which somehow manages to feel more filling than you’d expect).

The clitoral arm has a total length of 3.5 inches, 2 inches of which are the arm itself and 1.5 of which is the singular ear. While this may seem pretty accessible I personally found that the rather long shaft of the Bonnie & Clyde meant that I had to insert it more than I’d comfortably like in order to reap the benefits of the clitoral arm meaning, sadly, I didn’t really get the full effect of the toy. That being said this did mean that the Bonnie & Clyde was very forgiving of dual-wielding and easily accommodated an independent clitoral vibrator. This is something I actively look for in rabbit vibrators (as I like to keep my options open) so this was a bit of a plus for me, but others may be disappointed that this vibrator doesn’t deliver the dual-stimulation that they expected without having to insert the shaft quite deeply into one’s body.

The clitoral vibrations provided by the Bonnie & Clyde are actually very pleasant: a buzz/rumble combo which felt quite substantial and provided some depth. But for me it was the rotations that stole the show.

Again, not knowing exactly what to expect, when I first inserted the Bonnie & Clyde and turned it on I was immediately taken about by what was occurring in my vagina. However once my vagina had recovered from the bewilderment of having a matte shaft swirling around and stroking them with intermittent pressure it turned out that the swirling motion worked incredibly well with my body. Touching my G-spot before briefly backing away, the motion of the Bonnie & Clyde produced an orgasm in me which was powerful to the point of near-squirting. I actually did feel like I was going to gush with the intensity of the climax and this has been the case every time I use this toy.

This shaft works wonders for me.
This shaft works wonders for me.

On that first occasion just when I thought I was done I was greeted with another orgasm, then another. Four in total, in rapid succession were brought on by the swirling of the Bonnie & Clyde as my body reveled in the sensation. I was definitely captivated by the capabilities of this toy, which were no doubt added by the slight texture of the shaft too (which reminds me of a reverse Cush design).

However I really do have to stress that these results weren’t gained my using the Bonnie & Clyde alone. Instead I was using an independent clitoral vibrator while enjoying the shaft, and so I cannot fully vouch for the complete experience of the Bonnie & Clyde vibrator, which didn’t personally work for me due to the length of the shaft in comparison to the clitoral arm. Granted Adrien Lastic does produce a Mini Bonnie, but I personally wouldn’t want to sacrifice the girth of the Bonnie & Clyde, which worked really well for me.

In terms of more objective downsides the Bonnie & Clyde’s swirling shaft is actually rather noisy, creating an audible whirring which makes it unsuitable for users who need a quiet vibe. It’s also not great for those who are distracted by loud noises, as even I found it a bit of a mood-killer at times.

The swirling sensation, which typically great, does also transfer to the handle a bit, meaning that you have to have a firm grip in order to get it working internally at full force. Even then on the gentlest setting it does struggle a little bit, but this becomes less of an issue as you ramp up the intensity.

I also personally found the buttons very finicky and difficult to press and most of my fumbles with this toy were button related. I just wish they were a bit easier to press, as they currently require a very firm motion which isn’t always possible with lubricated hands. Speaking of lubricant a lot of it (along with other left over gunk) can get stuck in the indentations of these buttons, meaning you have to be extra careful when cleaning the Bonnie & Clyde’s control section.

Final Thoughts

So overall the Bonnie & Clyde was a bit of a mixed bag for me. On the one hand I didn’t really experience it as a comprehensive rabbit vibrator but, on the other, it didn’t really matter to me because I still had some truly amazing orgasms with it. But as this toy is a rabbit vibrator I can understand that some might be peeved if it didn’t fulfill its role as a rabbit vibrator.

At the end of the day personal preference will dictate your decision to buy. The downsides of this toy, which finicky, are not enough to overshadow its benefits, so the ultimate decision is how deep you like to go with your toys during use and the sensations you value the most. If you prefer a shallower rabbit vibrator with a strong shaft, for example, then the Bonnie & Clyde will be a poor fit. But those who like a long, chunky shaft and non-conventional sensations may find this toy to be a dream come true.

Ultimately I asked myself if the Bonnie & Clyde was worth its £63-£74 price tag (which is what it currently ranges from) and I think yes; I would be very happy with this toy if I paid £63 considering the experiences that it offers.

What you take from that is up to you but one thing’s for sure: The Bonnie & Clyde provides a very distinctive sensation and users will either value it for this or find their heads spinning from it all.

Recommend to:

People who like swirling sensations.

People who like longer/girthier rabbits.

People don’t like strong internal vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer shorter shafts.

People who prefer a quieter vibe.

People who like strong internal vibrations.

The Bonnie & Clyde was provided to me by Adrien Lastic in exchange for an honest review.