Product Review: The Meo HURTME Zebrawood Paddle

Wowsa! If you can believe it this is actually my first wooden paddle review and, boy oh boy, is it a whopper. The Meo HURTME Zebrawood Paddle is large, sturdy, and definitely commands the attention of the person on the receiving end of its thumps.

This formidable piece of solid wood is not to be underestimated, but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely unapproachable. In fact I’d say that, despite being completely rigid, this paddle provides enough flexibility to work for users of all levels.

Allow me to explain why.

The Meo HURTME Zebrawood Paddle

The Meo HurtMe Zebrawood Paddle is an all-wood paddle designed to leave a striking impression, and it certainly succeeds in that regard. Made from Zebrawood (sourced from Eastern India) the wood used to make the Meo HURTME Paddle is usually be reserved for cabinet makers. But, thankfully for us, Meo has stolen some away to create some punishing paddles. It’s a good thing too as the result is a strong and aesthetically stunning paddle which, if treated well, will last for a lifetime worth of spanking sessions.

This paddle is a gorgeous demonstration of appearance and force beautifully combined.
This paddle is a gorgeous demonstration of appearance and force beautifully combined.

Wood is a wonderful material for paddles, especially those destined for the posterior, as its uncompromising firmness delivers a very strong sensation without flexing or breaking under pressure.

For those worried about splinters I can assure you that the surface of the paddle has been polished to perfection and cured and sealed to make sure that nothing breaks the protective barrier that it’s varnished with. This gives the Meo HURTME Paddle a wonderfully smooth surface; one which still allows the sensation of the grain to shine through but avoids splinters and other wood-related incidents. The Meo HURTME Paddle is naturally cool to the touch, which also adds to the natural sensations that the paddle provides during use.

The only thing that wood does require is a little bit of mineral oil every now and then to perverse its look and feel. But if you treat your wooden paddle right then you can feel confident that it will serve you well in the long run.

While Meo does offer a miniature version of this paddle for those looking for something a little more compact, the Meo HURTME Paddle offers a full-force experience.  The useable length of this paddle comes in at 10.5 inches with a total length of 16 inches. The handle, reasonably sized, is 4.5 inches whereas the width of the paddle is 3.5 inches. The wider the paddle the more diffuse the impact, so if you want something a bit short and sweet you might consider the smaller size but, personally, I really liked the size of the Meo HURTME Paddle.

The handle is a good size and feels comfortable when held.
The handle is a good size and feels comfortable when held.

Visually this paddle has a fair bit of heft to it, which makes you feel like an absolute bad ass when using it. Seeing my partner pull out this paddle also makes me wince a bit externally, while my heart flutters a bit internally. There’s no denying that this paddle brings with it a certain mind set, and that is that the recipient is about to get a serious pounding. And, trust me, this paddle delivers on its aesthetics.

When you put a good swing in to this paddle it delivers a stinging thump which feels surprisingly sharper than I was expecting. The result (depending on how hard you hit) is a glowing area of skin which fades quickly unless you’re quite firm. The intensity of the hit really is everything with this paddle, as it can deliver a broad range of sensations depending on how much you hold back. When going for a gentle swipe the thunk of this paddle comes to the forefront more and it can actually be rather tame. However give it ‘a bit of whelly’ and the sharp bite of this paddle is only rivaled by the firm slapping sensation it provides. This makes the Meo HURTME Paddle a surprisingly effective paddle for owners of all experience levels, although control and communication is absolutely essential.

Because the Zebrawood for this paddle has a rather cool surface it also works well for the aftercare process too, or for short and soothing breaks. Simply turn the paddle over to it’s over side and allow the cooling sensation to comfort your partner in a gentle but arousing manner. If using this as a break from spanking this also acts as a bit of a tease: when will you resume? How hard will you hit? As the anticipation builds so, too, does the sexual tension.

The power of this paddle is determined by you and your partner.
The power of this paddle is determined by you and your partner.

Mr. Peaches and I had absolutely no complaints with this paddle, though there was certainly a learning curve when using it. But this, of course, is true of all paddles. When you dabble in a new toy or new material type then you discover new things, and that is part of the excitement. However having spanked Mr. Peaches thoroughly now I can say with certainty that there are no complaints here.

If I were to find a downside with this paddle it’s that, due to its length, you may find that you have to have a fair bit of room in order to get a good swing in but this is something that is easy to factor in. Users who live with others may also find that the deep clap that this paddle makes is a bit too loud to make it useable unless their housemates were out.

Another issue that might be worth factoring in for some is how the wood is sourced. Yes, it’s from India, but beyond that Meo doesn’t put any additional information on its site, which may cause concerns for those who are ethically-minded or environmentally-conscious. But, beyond this minor quibbles, I really can’t say anything against this paddle.

Final Thoughts

The Meo HURTME Zebrawood Paddle is a strong and broad paddle which can definitely deliver on the request given in its name.

This paddle may seem intimidating (and it certainly can be) but with the right degree of control and communication it can become a lifelong friend for users at all experience levels.

I highly recommend it and can confirm that it has kindled my interest in wooden paddles.

Recommend to:

People interested in wooden paddles.

People who like a firm, sharp sensation.

People who want a long-lasting paddle.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want something smaller (try this instead).

People who prefer different paddle materials.

People who prefer quick stinging sensations or deep thumps.

The Meo HURTME Zebrawood Paddle was provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review.