Toy Review: The Tantus Starter

Not quite a dildo. Not quite a plug. The Tantus Starter sits in an intermediary space of sexual pleasure. One thing’s for sure though: it certainly hit the right spot for me.

Having now tested the Tantus Starter with a lot of gusto I can firmly say that this tiny toy is a huge success, making it great not just for beginners but for sex toy enthusiasts at all experience levels. If you like tiny toys that pack a large punch or have a soft spot for pegging toys with a bit of squish then you can’t go wrong with the Tantus Starter.

The Tantus Starter

The Tantus Starter is pitched as a perfect toy for beginners: great as a starter anal toy, great for pegging, and even great as a first dildo for a nervous user (or perhaps even one tackling sexual dysfunction). In its description Tantus encourages users to ‘try a new experience and explore at your own pace’ with the Tantus Starter.

The Tantus Starter may not have a hulking form but it still delivers a smashing performance.
The Tantus Starter may not have a hulking form but it still delivers a smashing performance.

To this end the Tantus Starter is an adorably small toy with very subtle features. With an insertable length of 4.8 inches and a tiny 1 inch diameter, the Tantus Starter has the perfect proportions to make it accessible for all forms of entry level play. A small coronal ridge is afforded to the Starter too, giving it a little bit of an edge on an otherwise smooth shaft. The Tantus Starter is straight as an arrow, which is fitting because I feel like it will be a sure fire product for a lot of users.

The Tantus Starter is made out of Ultra Premium silicone, making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. Highly resilient, this silicone can be bleaches, boiled, or even put in the dishwasher to clean it (though soap and water works just as well too).

This silicone has a glossy surface, which feels a bit grabby when not lubricated but lubes up incredibly well to provide a slick, gliding surface which is perfect for anal play.

When I first saw the Tantus Starter I assumed that it would be a very firm toy. This was mainly because anal toys tend to be quite firm in order to allow for easy insertion (and the Tantus Starter definitely has anal use in mind). However the Tantus Starter surprised me by actually having a fair bit of give to it and even a little bit of squish. Incredibly flexible, the Tantus Starter can even be doubled over itself, such is its bendability. Despite this the Tantus Starter still maintains enough firmness to make anal insertion an absolute breeze

My Starter is a stunning lime green but, alas, this was a limited edition colour. Thankfully the Starter does come in three different colours to choose from (back, purple haze, and sunset), meaning that there is some variety when picking your product. Tantus also occasionally re-released limited edition colours (or introduces new ones) so don’t fall in to despair if you did have your hearts on a wee green treat.

In addition to the design of the shaft and its material benefits, the Tantus Starter also has a nice, sturdy flared base, which makes it anal-friendly and harness-compatible. Granted, as the Tantus Starter is a small toy it will require a smaller O-Ring but, once in place, the Tantus Starter holds firm and performs very well.

A flared base makes the Tantus Starter the perfect anal toy for the job.
A flared base makes the Tantus Starter the perfect anal toy for the job in many scenarios.

When using this toy as a pegging product Mr. Peaches and I were impressed (although we expected that it would be good for this). The Tantus Starter does, indeed, slide in easily and is small enough that most beginners should be able to take it. The slight bulge of the head provided a gentle-but-noticeable amount of prostate stimulation and the toy can be easily maneuvered to provide additional stimulation and pressure. Its glossy surface and straight shaft make it great for thrusting and the orgasms that it produced in Mr. Peaches were fulfilling and strong. However Mr. Peaches did note that if you crave a larger toy or a toy with a curve then the Tantus Starter may be rather lacking in many regards.

Personally I don’t dabble with my own derriere so I decided to try the Tantus Starter internally and, oh boy, was I surprised! Granted, the Tantus Starter was used with some pretty high performers: The Satisfyer Pro 2, the CalExotics G Wand, and my beloved Lelo Smart Wand Large. However on every occasion the Tantus Starter provided orgasms that were so deep and satisfying that they felt like less of a starter and more like the main event.

I honestly couldn’t believe how intense the orgasms with the Tantus Starter were, and still can’t. Each orgasm with the Tantus Starter has been consistently amazing and I can only credit it to the subtle coronal ridge of the Tantus Starter, which managed to almost tickle my orgasm in to action. Either way I’m not complaining. If this toy works so well for me—a veteran dildo tester who, while not a size queen, does typically prefer larger toys—then I can only imagine what this toy might feel like for someone new to dildos. I truly hope it performs with the same effectiveness, because if it does then this toy is a true blessing for beginners.

So, putting the pros aside, is there anything that can be said against the Tantus Starter? Well no. Not objectively at least.

Of course personal preference will come in to play. As I’ve said in this review if you like larger, curvier, or firmer toys then the Tantus Starter may not be for you. This is also the case if you like something with more texture, or a larger base. However these are all things that are outwardly apparent when looking at the Starter and don’t reflect badly on the toy at all.

If anything can be said against the Tantus Starter it’s that it does retain some odor, but that’s the same with most anal toys, so it’s almost a non-criticism.

In short the Tantus Starter sets out with a simple goal and it achieves it near-flawlessly. I really can’t fault it in terms of execution.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am incredibly pleased with the Tantus Starter and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a starter toy.

No matter what your beginner goals chances are the Tantus Starter can cater to your needs, at least when it comes to a dildo or anal toy and this ability to cater to so many needs is incredibly admirable.

I’m also living proof that the Tantus Starter can work wonders for sex toy veterans too, allowing it to function as a sex toy that lasts throughout the years and continues to provide pleasure as your sexual desires grow and evolve.

So if you’re looking for a small toy that is truly great then I highly recommend the Tantus Starter. It’s one of the very few toys that I would endorse as a bedside necessity.

Recommend to:

People who want to explore new sensations.

People looking for a lean pegger.

People who like straight, smooth toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who like larger toys.

People who like textured/curved toys.

People who prefer matte silicone.

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