Some Thoughts On: Dibe Sex Toys (A Sex Toy Showcase)

Let’s face it: while we all know that ‘luxury’ sex toys tend to be the best investment for long term satisfaction all of us have craved a ‘novelty’ toy once in a while. Cheaper and playful in nature, these ‘novelty’ toys act as a fun-loving expression of our sexuality and a cheeky little nod to the enjoyment that all sex toys offer (they’re called ‘toys’ for a reason after all).

However, just because a sex toy does have novelty appeal doesn’t mean that it’s instantly low-quality either and today my friends over at wanted me to highlight what they believe to be a few of their best playful products (with practical applications).


Each of these sex toys are created by a company called Dibe.

Dibe was founded in 2010 and has been striving to achieve excellence ever since, ‘so that every sex toy can achieve greater perfection in every detail’. Dibe pride themselves on appealing to ‘European aesthetics’ and invest quite heavily in to research and development. To this end Dibe have  joint-venture professional R&D laboratories in Switzerland while operating from China, showing that even the quirkiest of sex toys have a colourful history.

Yup: A lot goes in to making sure we get the right amount of buzz for our buck.

Having produced toys for 6 years Dibe seem to have a firm understanding of the market and their toys certainly have an aesthetic appeal to them that I can’t deny. So, without further ado let’s look at a few shall we?

The Dibe Vibration Love Egg

Oddly-named for what it is, the Dibe Vibration Love Egg is an absolutely adorable sex toy retailing at just £9.92. For this price the Dibe Vibration Love Egg claims to be completely waterproof, silicone, and rechargeable. Not bad for £9.92!


Dibe claim that the Dibe Vibration Love Egg is a breast massager and the woman in some of the advertising images even coyly placed this decently-sized vibe on her face, but I think we all know where this toy is actually heading. With its rabbit-ear structure and 6 different vibration patterns the Dibe Vibration Love Egg is clearly a clitoral vibrator, and I know that’s where I’d use it.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure you very well could run this vibrator across your partner’s face, body, and nipples, but I’m the kind of girl who likes to cut to the chase when it comes to vibrators.


What strikes me most about the Dibe Vibration Love Egg is how absolutely adorable it looks. With its stubby ears, literal button nose, and shyly closed eyes (complete with fabulous lashes) the Dibe Vibration Love Egg looks so sweet that it veers in to ‘kawaii’ territory. In fact one of the advertising images even photoshopped in some blushing cheeks (saving me the very necessary job).

This is the sort of sex toy that I would definitely buy on a whim as part of a wider sex-geek collection of adorable adult products. Like, yeah, for under £10 I’d definitely give this sex toy a try (and, thankfully, it even comes in two different colours, so I could avoid the pink if I wanted).

Sometimes giving in to the cuteness can’t be helped.


The Dibe Lisa Double-Motor Massager

Taking inspiration from similarly designed sex toys, the Dibe Lisa offers a two-pronged shaft which can be used for simultaneous external and internal stimulation, double penetration, or a feeling of ‘expansion’ during use.

Having tried some of the more up-market versions of this particular design I can say that it’s definitely an acquired taste. As such if you’ve been eyeing up similar toys but were afraid that they were a bit of a pricey risk then, at £22.50, the Dibe Lisa offers a more affordable alternative.


At this incredibly affordable price range the Dibe Lisa also offers 6 patterns, a 100% waterproof design, a body-safe ABS plastic and silicone surface, and rechargeable batteries. Not only that but the Dibe Lisa has two motors, meaning that you can experiment with this sensation when purchasing it too.

Again, the Dibe Lisa tries to sell people on nipple stimulation and, I’m not going to lie here, I really don’t get it. However with all the other ways that you can explore the Dibe Lisa it’s certainly worth a try for those interested in the design.


The Dibe Emma ‘Clip’ Style Vibrator

The Dibe Emma retails at £14.10 and is definitely another amusing design. I’m personally not sure how I feel about it but it definitely makes me chuckle, which isn’t a bad thing.

The design of the Dibe Emma itself looks like a crab claw or an oven mitt, or something equally bemusing (the guy in the advertising image is even making a lil’ crap claw with his hand. I can’t even).


The premise, it can be assumed, is that the Dibe Emma will have one prong inserted while another lies on the clitoris, providing dual-stimulation. To this end the Dibe Emma has two different textures on the individual prongs. The external one has a ‘bristle’ like effect, with a bunch of tiny feelers taking center stage. Meanwhile the internal prong has a gentler selection of raised lines (at least that’s how I think it goes).


In addition to these different textures the Dibe Emma also has triple-motors, again allowing users to explore their preferences before committing to more expensive sex toys with a similar design. I think this is what I appreciate most about the Dibe Emma. Yes, it has a design and appeal that manages to stand out from the crowd but it also offers up some design elements that are familiar and that are well-worth exploring before making an expensive commitment in other sex toys.

The Dibe Emma is also waterproof, rechargeable, and made from silicone. In the Dibe Emma’s case being waterproof is particularly valuable, too, because otherwise that texture would be a pain to deal with.

The Dibe Electric Rabbit Vibrator

Last, but certainly not least, comes my favourite sex toy out of the Dibe line: The Dibe Electric Rabbit Vibrator.


Oh my gosh, you guy, this toy has such an adorable little face that I simply can’t resist it! If there’s a point where sex toys stop becoming erotic items and start becoming cute adult collectibles then the Dibe Electric Rabbit Vibrator is certainly walking the edge of that threshold in the best way possible.

At just over £10 (£10.79 to be precise) I wouldn’t hesitate to whip this charming lil’ bun-bun up at my local sex toy before leaving with a gleeful grin on my face. It comes in light blue too! Be still my heart.


Of course this bunny isn’t all aesthetics and it still supports a silicone body which is USB rechargeable, completely waterproof, and has 6 different vibration settings. Once again the Dibe Electric Rabbit is being sold as a nipple vibrator among other things and it’s perhaps the vibrator that would get closest to my nipples out of this whole selection, because I’d probably hug it when I first removed it from the box.

Again, the Dibe Electric Rabbit provides a fun way for users to experiment with sex toys and, if all else fails, acts as a wonderful piece of sex toy memorabilia. Sometimes the novelty purchases are just as valuable as the high-end ones, albeit for different reasons.


And ending with a rabbit it seems only appropriate to say: That’s all folks!

A huge thank you to who sponsored this post and brought this colorful collection of sex toys to my attention. I review a lot of items (some pricey, some less-so) but every now and then it’s nice to just be able to glance at a range of products and provide my initial thoughts on the line.

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to let me know what you thought of these products.

Until the review!