Toy Review: The CalExotics Inspire Vibrating G Wand

How awesome is the Inspire line! Well pretty damned awesome if the toys I’ve tested so far are anything to go by. Dilators? Bendable toys? A donation to Living Beyond Breast Cancer with every purchase? Yes please!

It’s so easy to release a new line of toys that are all gimmick and no substance, but the Inspire line has managed to thoroughly impress me so far. You could even say that it’s Inspiring. The G Wand is no exception. I really like this toy and, at £6365 I feel like it’s well worth investing in.

The CalExotics Inspire Vibrating G Wand

The CalExotics Inspire Vibrating G Wand is a product intended for internal use but with the flexibility to act as an external vibrator too. In fact ‘flexibility’ is a key word when it comes to the Inspire G Wand, as its shaft can actually bend into various positions in order to cater to the user’s individual body and preference. This bending can occur in any direction and the Inspire G Wand holds its bend incredibly well, which does make for great G-Spot positioning, I have to say.

When opulent stores such as Coco de Mer stock a product you know it meets a certain standard in terms of performance and luxury.
When opulent stores such as Coco de Mer stock a product you know it meets a certain standard in terms of performance and luxury.

In addition to this bendability the Inspire G Wand has many of the perks that come with a luxury vibrator. Sadly it lacks a storage bag, but it does come with a one-year warranty. It’s fully waterproof (making it easy to clean and easy to use in the bath or shower) and is USB rechargeable. It also has a secure travel lock, making it great for holidays, and its two-button control system allows you to turn the G Wand off with the press of a single button.

This last perk may be great for some and disastrous for others (depending on how many times you accidentally turn it off) but I personally like this feature a lot. It’s invaluable for those who value discretion and just generally feels very convenient to me. The G Wand itself isn’t the quietest vibrator on the market but neither is it ‘hear through the walls’ loud either. I generally think it would be acceptable for most people sharing accommodation.

In terms of general use one button turns the toy on and off whereas the other filters through its 10 different settings. Of these settings 3 are continual vibrations of varying intensities. Let me be frank here and say that the vibrations in the G Wand are actually pretty friggin’ awesome. Rumbly, deep, and decently powerful, these vibrations have a rippling quiver to them and manage to feel rather strong even on the lowest setting. In fact I can often achieve clitoral orgasm on the lowest setting with this vibrator and use the lowest setting exclusively when using it internally. It’s that effective to me.

The tried-and-tested design of the G Wand's head works well with its vibrations.
The tried-and-tested design of the G Wand’s head works well with its vibrations.

Granted this does come with its own cons: people who prefer a gentler vibrator may find that the Inspire G Wand starts off too strong for them. But personally I think it’s great to see more luxury vibrators with some oomph to them. As a power queen it makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. And while this toy isn’t as strong as the best wands on the market it is stronger and rumblier than a fair few of the standard wands.

Naturally the G Wand is made from silicone too, making it non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This silicone is the buttery-smooth matte kind which is so popular in the high-grade silicone market right now and it holds its own against similar products in this range.

When matte silicone is done right it allows for the perfect melding of effortless motion and a grabbing caress, making it perfect for internal toys that try to stimulate the vaginal walls. And, of course, let us not forget the design of the Inspire G Wand which, while not unseen before, is also great for hitting the G-Spot. Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Being able to bend makes the G Wand stand out from the crowd.
Being able to bend makes the G Wand stand out from the crowd.

That being said although the Inspire G Wand does stick to a conventional design the bendability of its shaft literally gives it an extra edge. Folks who prefer a sharper curve can easily contort the G Wand to meet their needs, whereas those who like their bulbous shafts straight as an arrow are equally catered towards. Of course the G Wand doesn’t perfectly hold its shape, and if you apply too much pressure then it will respond accordingly by bending, but the bendability of this toy is still pretty solid. Because of the design of the G Wand it never feels like this bendy shaft is just a gimmick as it has practical applications which work very well.

I’ve had some very strong, very fulfilling orgasms with the G Wand internally, and some of them have left me audibly gasping with how overwhelming they’ve been. Granted, this doesn’t happen every time but I do believe that it’s still testament to the effectiveness of this toy.

That being said my preferred use for the G Wand is actually as (surprise, surprise) an external wand. The broad-but-modest head of the G Wand is perfect for clitoral stimulation while the bendability of its shaft allows me to insert even large dildos unhindered. This is something that I can’t say for every wand vibrator that I own and so it stands as a clear plus for the G Wand.

However no toy is perfect and the G Wand, of course, has its flaws.

While the vibrations for this toy are nicely rumbly and deep they’re not the most resonant for a toy their size and some may find that the vibrations just don’t work well with their body.

The charger for the G Wand also includes a rather long prong and I always worry about breaking either the prong or the toy when using it. This may be unfounded but I maintain that a toy shouldn’t make me nervous unless it’s fulfilling that role as part of a BDSM scene.

As of now the Inspire G Wand also only comes in one colour and that colour is baby pink. Of course colour isn’t everything but I feel like it can be a determining factor for some.

That being said all of these downsides are incredibly minor compared with the pros of the G Wand and, therefore, seem more like after thoughts than actual hindrances or deterrents.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am incredibly happy with the design, power, and general high standards of the Inspire G Wand and would definitely recommend it to interested readers.

I feel like the Inspire range in general reflects a turning point in the trajectory of CalExotics. Sure, not all of their toys are great, and there’s no guarantee that this line reflects the ambitions of all of their future product lines. Still I personally feel that toys like these are a solid step in the right direction and are something that I definitely want to support.

Recommend to:

People who like wand vibrators.

People who like flexible vibratos.

People who like strong/rumbly vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike bulbous toys.

People who prefer firm toys.

People who prefer gentler vibrations.

The Inspire G Wand was provided to me by CalExotics in exchange for an honest review.