Toy Review: The Lelo Billy

It’s an exciting time for Lelo right now. Tomorrow is the official launch party for the Lelo Hex Condoms (endorsed by no other than Charlie Sheen) and they’re pulling out all the stops with some amazing deals on their IndieGoGo page.

Mr. Peaches and I can’t wait to try the Hex Condoms when they release but, for now, we thought we’d go a bit more old school (and South, as it were).

The Lelo Billy has long been recognised as an outstanding product for prostate play but, never the type of people to go just by word of mouth, we thought we’d try this iconic toy first hand to see how if it met our expectations. Y’all know I’ve got your back(side) after all…okay, I’ll stop with the puns.

The Lelo Billy

Slim, chic, and subtle with its curve, the Lelo Billy is what I would consider to be an intermediate anal product, but one that users could attempt as they progress with relative ease. The Billy itself is 6.9 inches long in total with an insertable length of 3.9 inches. It has a 1.1 inch diameter making it pretty easy to manage.

Lelo leads the market when it comes to toys that I would recommend for those new to adult products and the Billy is no exception.
Lelo leads the market when it comes to toys that I would recommend for those new to adult products and the Billy is no exception.

As a luxury toy the Lelo Billy is fully rechargeable, and comes with its own storage bag (and is packaged wonderfully to start with), and a sachet of lubricant. The charge on the Billy takes 2hrs (via the mains) and will last for up to 4hrs with a 90 day standby time. The Billy also comes with a 1-year warranty and a 10-year guarantee, so you can feel secure in your purchase.

One thing that I adore about all Lelo toys (no matter their shape or ultimate design variations) is the consistent level of quality that the brand is able to deliver. Like many Lelo toys, the Lelo Billy is made from ABS Plastic and silicone. This silicone is buttery smooth and feels sumptuous when stroking against the skin. It has a matte finish but doesn’t retain lint or dust like some toys. It does, however, have just the right amount of surface drag to help create the pleasurable kind of friction that Mr. Peaches and I like for stimulation.

These materials are non-porous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and completely body safe, making them perfect for anal toys.

If you’ve owned a Lelo toy before you’ll also know what the vibrations feel like in the Billy, and why they’re something to be admired. A lovely buzz-rumble combo, that straddles the edge of both of these definitions but never fully inhabits either, the Lelo Billy has a smoothness to its vibrations which still feels deep and satisfying. As one of the older Lelo toys, it’s not perhaps as powerful as some of Lelo’s most recent products but it never feels like it’s lacking in oomph either. It’s, to put it simply, just right. The happy medium.

The Lelo Billy has different vibration intensities along with 5 different patterns. These patterns feel rather standard to us, which could be a good thing or a bad thing if patterns are your preference. All of these can be easily accessed through the control panel which is straightforward to use.

If I’m being honest I was a bit apprehensive about the flared section of the Lelo Billy when I first saw it in person, but it has consistently done its job without any indication that a mishap may occur. Regardless I wouldn’t mind seeing this widened if a Billy 2 were made so that it’s more akin to the Loki Wave’s design.

Call me overly cautious but I can't help but wish that this flare was a bit more pronounced.
Call me overly cautious but I can’t help but wish that this flare was a bit more pronounced.

When it came to use Mr. Peaches also didn’t seem overly impressed by the aesthetics of the Billy. It is, admittedly, rather bland-looking at first, but performance is what really matters when it comes to sex toys and the Billy soon left Mr. Peaches speechless. When I did manage to get a response out of him this is what he had to say:

Lelo has produced yet another great toy in the Billy.

The Billy is a prostate massager pure and simple. It’s a slightly larger and longer toy so I would suggest for some a little warm up before diving right into use but otherwise it’s a great shape and size for people wanting to go deeper into anal toys (No pun intended…ok a little pun intended). It is made of the normal silky smooth silicone Lelo toys are well known for and this texture plus lube made for easy insertion.

The vibrations from the Billy are powerful and feel really great. During use they spread throughout my anal region and beyond, simulating my P-Spot and tingling my shaft.

Climaxes with Billy are strong but the Billy provides so much more than just a powerful finish. The toy makes the journey to these strong climaxes really enjoyable too and this plays a large part in my appreciation of this toy.  After all, it not always the destination but how you get there.

Overall I like this toy I will find a place in my toy box for future use. It is, to date, my favourite vibrating prostate toy.

Of course, your appreciation of the Billy over something such as the Hugo or Lelo Loki Wave might differ depending on what your preference is but, as it stands, it seems like Mr. Peaches has found a firm favourite in the Billy.

I wish I could say I was as enthused with the Lelo Billy but, the truth is, my feelings are much more neutral. As someone who uses anal toys on someone rather than using them myself I actually found the Lelo Billy a bit difficult to handle during use. The glossy ABS shaft with its smaller diameter and large control pad meant that if Mr. Peaches wanted me to thrust hard and fast the whole affair would be a bit of a fumble with some button-mashing added in for good measure. Add lubricant to the equation and things could get a bit awkward for me.

Short and stout, the controls on this handle are easy to use but it could do with being longer and perhaps having a matte finish, similar to more recent Lelo toys.
Short and stout, the controls on this handle are easy to use but it could do with being longer and perhaps having a matte finish, similar to more recent Lelo toys.

The Billy also retains some anal odor, which is a pet-peeve of mine, though something I’m learning to make my peace with.

Being recharged via the mains is a bit of an annoyance with the Billy, but it was made before our USB mania so, again, I’ll let this slide. The fact that the Billy isn’t waterproof, though, is a bit sadder. Yes, it has a travel lock and is decently quiet, but when it comes to luxury ‘perks’ being waterproof is certainly higher on the list.

Final Thoughts

Because of my nitpicks and personal experiences I’m definitely craving a Lelo Billy 2, but that isn’t to say the Billy itself isn’t worth a buy. On the contrary, it’s because Mr. Peaches and I enjoy the Billy so much that I’d like to see an improved version released at some point.

For now the Lelo Billy isn’t just adequate, it’s exceptional and I’d highly recommend it for those exploring the world of intermediate anal vibrating prostate massagers.

Recommend to: 

People who like vibrating prostate massagers.

Beginners looking for a luxury next step.

People who know they like Lelo’s silicone and vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer slimmer, shorter, or larger toys.

People who like a more drastic curve.

Couples who crave/need ample handle space for thrusting.

The Lelo Billy was provided to me by Lelo in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review and would like to support my site then please consider making your purchases via the affiliate links in this post.