Toy Review: The Meo Little Johnny Prostate Stimulator

The chilling caress of steel toys sliding into my body is only ever rivaled by the sheer weight of them. As they move into me I feel their heft bearing down on my vaginal walls, I relish the manner in which they glide seamlessly over my G-spot. Steel warms with the body but the icy starting point of the metal lingers long enough to excite my body and heighten its sensitivity. With one half of the shaft exposed to the elements there is always just enough chill to tease my labia, complementing the internal flurry of sensations.

While this may seem like a rather self-indulgent description it’s entirely relevant, because the Little Johnny is exceptional at delivering such an experience.

This toy may be listed as a prostate massager, and it can certainly be used that way (as can its bigger brother). But those of us with a G-Spot can definitely still reap the benefits of this sublime steel creation.

The Meo Little Johnny Prostate Stimulator

If you frequent sex toy sites then the comparison between the Meo Little Johnny Prostate Stimulator and the nJoy Eleven is pretty undeniable. The Little Johnny is basically a slimmer and more affordable version of this iconic dildo, and you won’t hear me complaining about this. Primarily because the nJoy Eleven was far too big and broad for me to be able to appreciate it. The Little Johnny, on the other hand, allows me to enjoy the perks of a design that is similar to the Eleven without any of the discomfort and with a more concentrated surface area.

The Little Johnny make look more than a little bit familiar but don't count it out because of this.
The Little Johnny make look more than a little bit familiar but don’t count it out because of this.

If the mere premise of the Little Johnny makes you grin at the possibilities (like I did when I first saw it) then you’re in for a treat. But before you get too excited allow me to run through some specs.

The Little Johnny is a rather modest steel toy but that doesn’t make it any less formidable. This dildo may be 7 inches long but it still weighs 700g and it’s definitely noticeable! There are two different sides to the Little Johnny. One is a simple bulging ‘head’ which has a maximum circumference of 4 inches. Meanwhile the other side has ripples running down the shaft before ending in another bulbous ‘head’. This head comes in slightly smaller, at 3.5 inches, offering two different sizes to explore.

As an aside the ripples on the smaller side of the toy also work well as a handle to grip when using the larger side, but I digress.

The smaller side of the Little Johnny has a wonderful row of ripples.
The smaller side of the Little Johnny has a wonderful row of ripples.

The Little Johnny is made out of highly polished surgical steel which, as you’ve probably guessed by now, comes with a number of benefits.

The first is definitely its body-safety. The Meo Little Johnny is non-porous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and essentially 100% body-safe. It’s also incredibly easy to clean and can even be polished to make it look even more pristine. When all shined up the Meo Little Johnny looks as stunning as it does intimidating and makes for a great power play object. It even comes in its own case, allowing for an atmospheric reveal if you wish.

A storage box keeps the Little Johnny safe and helps build tension prior to the reveal.
A storage box keeps the Little Johnny safe and helps build tension prior to the reveal.

Speaking of power dynamics, steel is also great for sensation play, making it a great entry-level sex toy for dabbling in BDSM or temperature play. The Little Johnny starts out rather cool but chill it manually and you can enhance its icy embrace even more. Alternatively heat the Little Johnny up and its glowing warmth feels all-consuming, at least to me. I’m a sucker for warm steel sex toys. The Little Johnny heats and cools rather well and manages to retain temperature with competence. Just make sure that you’re sensible with how you heat or cool your toy. You don’t want to cause any injuries.

Another benefit of steel is just how sleek its surface is. With minimal-to-no lubricant the Little Johnny can easily glide in-and-out of the body making thrusting with it absolutely effortless. Obviously if you’re using this toy as a prostate massager you will need to use lubricant but all users can rest assured that the lube they apply with last where the Little Johnny is concerned.

Although this is a perk for many people I do have to admit it’s probably my least-favourite element of steel toys. I like a bit of traction when it comes to my sex toy and the Little Johnny lacks any form of grip. Its main sensations come from its weight, shape, and temperature and, yes, all of these elements are completely on point when it comes to the Little Johnny, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still wish it has a bit more grip.

This, however, is an aspect of steel that I personally don’t prefer and not a fault against the Little Johnny which, in all instances, performed exceptionally during use. The smaller size of this toy makes it a lot more accessible for users such as myself and the bulges can be applied with enough pressure to provide intense G-Spot orgasms. Because it’s not as big as something like the Eleven it may also be easier for some users to use and reliably thrust, whereas an even heavier toy might have been too much, which was my personal experience and acts as a clear bonus.

The visual appeal of these ripples admittedly outshines their effectiveness during use.
The visual appeal of these ripples admittedly outshines their effectiveness during use.

When it comes to the two different sides I personally didn’t experience too much difference with the Little Johnny, aside from feeling the difference in girth and surface area. By ‘surface area’ I specifically mean the amount of steel that was stroking against my G-Spot and, for me, this can make all of the difference. I learnt from my Eleven review that, when it comes to steel toys, my G-Spot definitely prefers something more precise over a broader, sweeping sensation. This was the same with the Little Johnny too and I found that I liked the smaller side a lot of, if only for the extra precision that it offered.

Texture-wise the ripples of the smaller side provided minimal stimulation and felt kind of ‘take it or leave it’ to me, but I do think they have a distinct visual appeal which I would be sad to see go if they did.

In terms of objective downsides there really aren’t any particularly glaring flaws. In fact, the most I can say against the Little Johnny is that its storage box felt a bit flimsy, but that really is the most minor offense that a sex toy can commit.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was very pleased with the Little Johnny and the sensations that it provided. A personal preference against its smooth glide meant that it didn’t provided what I would term as ‘earth shattering’ orgasms, but with metal toys I’m always along for the ride more than anything and the Little Johnny handles very well.

If you know that you like metal toys and have been looking for a slimmer one to add to your collection then the Little Johnny is a very good candidate. I’d also suggest it for anyone new to sex toys who wants to try something less intimidating. This toy is a great way to ease into the world of steel sex toys without ever feeling too overwhelmed and there’s no compromise on quality along the way.

Because of this I can wholeheartedly recommend this toy, and feel like it would suit the right reader very well.

Recommend to:

People new to steel sex toys.

People who know they like steel sex toys.

People looking for an ‘Eleven-lite’ of sorts.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike steel toys.

People who prefer some drag.

People who want a larger toy (Meo does the Big Johnny too).

The Little Johnny was provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review and want to support my site then please do go and check out Meo’s product range. I personally adore their oral gels.