Product Review: The Unbound Subscription Box Service

Adult product subscription boxes have never really grabbed me. In fact up until recently I found them downright dreadful. Typically filled with cheap, nasty novelty products made from the most unstable of materials the very prospect of a sex toy subscription box made me shudder.

But when Unbound approached me asking if I would review their subscription box service my worldview was shattered. Heading over to their site I found myself presented with an elegant, professional, and thoughtful subscription box service which provided customers with practical, considered and (above all else) body-safe items. I swear I heard the sex toy angels sing; adult subscription boxes have a second coming and our saviour is Unbound.

About Unbound

Given my attributing Unbound with the coming of a sexual messiah you might think that Unbound have just recently launched but the truth is the company has been around for a few years now. I’ve just been living under a subscription box rock it seems (probably due to my unreasonable prejudice, no doubt).

The name for the company was inspired by the tales of an elderly woman on a train who had travelled the world pursuing her passions and campaigning for equality while engaging in thrilling adventures. She described her confident explorations of all things exciting as part of her ‘Unbound’ nature and the name chimed with the company founders (who had already considered the term themselves).


In keeping with this namesake Unbound equally strives to be unapologetically daring, wonderfully adventurous, and utterly delightful. Each box acts as to set the stage for providing a chronicle in your own sexual adventures; a compilation of items meant to inspire your own passionate pursuits.

These boxes come in a quarterly subscription (February, May, August, and November, costing £44.93 and charged when it ships) which is insanely reasonable for what you receive. Brands such as JimmyJane, PicoBong and Good Clean Love can be found contained within some of them, along with a few surprises. In every instance the items provided are what I would consider to be ‘luxury’ items; uncompromised in terms of quality and material safety. Good Clean Love, for example, make some of Mr. Peaches favourite lubricants and it’s so nice to see them available in the Unbound boxes.

Once you sign up for a subscription your box ships immediately and you can expect your items to arrive even if you didn’t order at the start of the month. If you dislike any aspect of your Unbound box you can return it for a full refund with no questions asked and the subscription service can be paused or unsubscribed at any time.

This was my first sex toy subscription box service and I received the Delta May Box, speaking of which…

The Unbound Experience (The May Delta Box)

Now, depending on when you subscribe the Unbound box you receive may have entirely different items from this review. However if I didn’t mention the contents of my box there wouldn’t be much of a review now, would there? So let’s get stuck in!

Unbound's presentation is absolutely faultless.
Unbound’s presentation is absolutely faultless.

My Unbound box arrived very promptly and was packaged in a discreet manner. When I removed the exterior packaging I was greeted with a beautiful little box all wrapped up with an elegant ribbon. This certainly did highlight the level of care and attention that Unbound invests in its service and gave the box a real ‘deluxe’ feeling from the very beginning. Receiving it was an adventure. Seeing its eloquently decorated exterior set the scene and opening it became an act of titillation. At the time I had no idea what was in my box, so I was definitely feeling the excitement.

When it comes to curating a collection Unbound certainly know what they’re doing. The Delta Box contains the JimmyJane Intro 2 Vibe, a tube of Exsens Cooling Stimulation Gel, an Unbound Body Chain, some Bijoux Indiscrets Silver Mimi Pasties, and an Unbdound Bag. The bag reads ‘Too much of a good thing can be wonderful’. Words to live by.

Everything in the Unbound box comes beautifully packaged ready for a breathtaking unboxing.
Everything in the Unbound box comes beautifully packaged ready for a breathtaking unboxing.

As you can probably tell, this combination is perfectly designed to be used in unison as part of a special night with your partner. The chain and nipple pasties complement each other wonderfully and empower you for the night’s events (sometimes looking sexy is more than enough to make you feel sexy). After partaking in a tantalizing display, the cooling gel can be applied to heighten sensation where needed. Meanwhile the JimmyJane Intro 2 Vibe is ready near-instantly out of the box. All you need to do is insert that batteries and you’re good to go. And, after you’re all done you have somewhere to store your reusable items as well as a quote to remind you of them.

If this wasn’t well-executed enough (which it certainly is) Unbound actually provide an information sheet with each subscription box filled with suggested uses, and this is also a splendid addition to the service, especially for those new to sex toys.

The products themselves has pros and cons, some that are personal to me and some that I’d consider to be more objective.

The products that come in each box work to perfectly complement each other.
With Unbound you don’t get a bunch of items, you receive an experience. Thoughtful and filled with sexual potency.

As for the pros the JimmyJane Intro 2 is probably one of the less irritating toys that JimmyJane has released recently. It’s rabbit-like design makes it familiar to most people (thus less intimidating) and it’s ready-to-go design works well for a subscription box. The vibrations it provides are pretty damned strong and I’d expect no less considering it has dual motors. This particular toy is waterproof, made from body-safe silicone, and can be easily cleaned and reused.

The cooling stimulation gel is a very good way to heighten arousal and works very quickly to do so. It smells amazing (Fresh ginger lychee? Yes please!) and has a non-offensive, slightly sweet taste to it too.

The chain felt very natural to apply and was incredibly empowering. I felt like Wonder Woman while wearing it, Mr. Peaches said I looked like a villainous Bond Girl. I’m okay with both of these associations.

And the nipple pasties stuck to the body very well, framed the nipples in an incredibly beautiful manner and actually managed to keep them rather firm through gentle stimulation. They were easy to remove and generally enhanced the experience for me.

A storage bag is never unappreciated in this house and I love the quote provided by the Unbound one. It certainly feels special to me.

All that being said if this were my first subscription box from Unbound it’d probably be one that I returned for lack of satisfaction. Why?

Well although JimmyJane toys do tend to work well with my body the vibrations in this one felt incredibly buzzy to the point of being irritating. They also did this strange thing where one ear would be flickering whereas the other provided continual vibration. I’m sure this works well for some but for me it was distracting.

More offensive, though, was the cooling gel, which I knew would be a risk for me as soon as I saw it. I have very sensitive skin and sensation products in particular are very hit and miss. This particular one burnt a lot. There was some swelling too in addition to regret. Plenty of regret.

However, this is a very specific experience, unique to me, and doesn’t detract from the service that Unbound provide. I know for a fact that if I were a customer I could get a no quibbles return if I received this box and that thought is incredibly reassuring. Plus three out of the five items were very appealing to me (with the JimmyJane vibe being passable too) which really isn’t bad at all.

Final Thoughts

I suppose the ultimate takeaway with a subscription box service is that you won’t always know what you’re going to get, but I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. Not at all actually.

Like the old lady on the bus who had pursued a life of adventure, sometimes you don’t know where things will take you, but if you enter into the unknown with a sense of excitement then you may just find thrills beyond your wildest dreams.

Not every Unbound box will be perfect for every user, but the excitement of trying new things, discovering new likes and dislikes, and experiencing thrill when confronted with the unknown is an incredible experience which will definitely appeal to some.

With Unbound you can pursue this thrill while also being assured that they have your safety and sexual well being at heart and, personally, they’re the only adult subscription box service that I would wholeheartedly recommend.

Recommend to:
People who like surprises.

People who like subscription box services.

People looking for pre-planned sexual adventure kits.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike others picking their products.

People who dislike the brands that Unbound use.

People who prefer just saving up for one toy (Unbound has a shop for that).

The Unbound Delta May Box was provided to me by Unbound in exchange for an honest review. If you liked my review then please do check out their services here. I promise they’re well worth considering.