Toy Review: The Perlesque Ara G-Spot Massager

Sleek, elegant, and (most importantly) a beautiful shade of grey, not pink, the Ara is a great product for the recently founded Perlesque to launch with. Perlesque was founded by two women and it’s clear that they put a lot of thought and consideration into what they derive pleasure from rather than following the standard model for new products. The Ara isn’t necessarily a ground-breaking vibrator but its practical design and appeal towards pleasure are hard to deny.

At £55 the Ara isn’t the most expensive luxury G-Spot vibrator on the market, but neither is it the cheapest. It’s certainly in that price range where you’ll want to do your research before deciding to buy. Hopefully my review will help provide some of the insights that you require when considering if the Ara is for you.

About Perlesque

Perlesque are a company with a clear goal in mind, and that goal is your pleasure. Just head over to their About section and you’ll get a clear idea of the Perlesque company ethos:

‘Our aim is to deliver beautifully designed products, exceptionally presented and entirely effective.’

This aim is coupled with a strong focus on sex education beyond the initial product purchase, as well as a move towards encouraging partnered play. As Perlesque say ‘it isn’t always about solo play, some of our products are best enjoyed with a partner’.


While each individual’s pleasure and preferences are a very personal thing (which even the most well-intentioned company can’t succeed in fulfilling in every instance) I can certainly praise Perlesque for a few things. Their customer service, for example, is outstanding, with responses to emails usually occurring within a few hours at most (provided they are sent within office hours). My Ara arrived swiftly and was very well-packed. The parcel was discreet and its contents remained my little secret.

Because of the approach that Perlesque takes, and the manner in which they follow through, I can certainly recommend Perlesque as a company. But how about the Ara?

The Perlesque Ara

The Perlesque Ara is everything I would expect it to be, and that’s certainly a good thing. Sometimes a toy can surprise me in a good way but, more often than not, it’s a bad one. Because of this it’s always a pleasure to find a toy which performs exactly as I expect it will, especially when that toy’s purpose is strong, satisfying G-Spot orgasms. The Ara is described as a ‘pleasure seeker’, though I’m not sure how much seeking is required. The truth is this vibrator is very proficient at finding its mark with minimal effort. If the Ara is a ‘pleasure seeker’ then ‘seek and you will find certainly comes to mind’.

Perlesque has launchednine products, of which the Ara is one.
Perlesque has launched nine products, of which the Ara is one.

The Ara sports a very classic, firm G-Spotting shaft which is slim and has a gentle bulge in its angled form. However, unlike some G-Spotting vibrators the Ara has rather slim, angular edges. Not abrasive in any anyway but definitely noticeable. To me this makes the Ara’s shaft look kind of like a duck’s bill, which is both amusing and surprisingly practical. I suppose I shouldn’t be so shocked considering the company prides itself on toys that are ‘not only subtle and elegant in their design but also fully functional in their form’. ‘Functional’ is a rather tame description of the proficiency of this design.

At 14cm in length and with a width of 3.5 cm at the largest point, the Ara is a rather humbly-sized sex toy which should be comfortable to insert for most. A single button controls the Ara’s 7 different settings and, although you already know my dislike for this system, I didn’t find it too distracting on the Ara. Being a low-cost luxury vibrator you’d think that the Ara would skimp on luxury perks but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Ara comes with a storage bag, is fully waterproof, and can be recharged via USB. Delivery of the Ara is also free as long as you chose standard delivery, making it an even more enticing purchase.

The Ara has all of the perks of a luxury vibe and makes a great gift item.
The Ara has all of the perks of a luxury vibe and makes a great gift item.

The Ara is also made out of materials which are non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe. The exterior of the Ara feels velvety smooth and adds a nice amount of gripping glide during use. I’d never say that the Ara drags but it does know exactly what surface is needed to stimulate the vaginal walls, which is a huge plus.

My orgasms with the Ara are mainly due to its shape and the material. Angled in the perfect manner to hit the G-Spot (sometimes hands free), the Ara feels like a natural choice when it comes to a good, effective G-Spotting dildo. The design of this toy knows what to do and the result is a product which is certainly worth recommending. Climaxing with the Ara comes with ease and the results are strong, prolonged, and almost tease their way out in terms of intensity, coming in waves.

However if there’s one aspect of this toy that lets it down then it’s the Ara’s vibrations.

On the surface there really isn’t anything to dislike about the type of vibrations that the Ara utilizes. Akin to a revving hum, the Ara starts out with resonating vibrations which quiver to provide a familiar depth which I’ve felt from some (but not many) luxury vibrators. Personally it’s a type of vibration that I actually like, as I feel that the subtler nuances add to the experience for me. However the Ara has a lot of subtlety without fully embracing some oomph.

Mid-level in terms of vibration strength it fails to satisfy me externally with the same gusto as its G-Spotting action. This is a bit of a shame as having a G-Spot toy double up as a clitoral one is always good. As it stands the Ara can bring me to climax externally sometimes, but it always feels like I’m grasping for my orgasm rather than naturally edging towards them.

This button takes waaay too long to turn on and the indentation around it is irksome at best.
This button takes waaay too long to turn on and the indentation around it is irksome at best.

Of course this is less of an issue considering that the Ara is a G-Spotting toy, not a clitoral one, as when inserted these vibrations do feel like they come in to their own and resonate a bit more. However I still think that the power junkies among my readers would be a bit disappointed by the mid-level strength of the Ara. Personally it suits me well internally, as I’ve never liked too much strength on my G-Spot.

In terms of non-preference based downsides the Ara does create quite a loud hum making it unsuitable for those who value discretion. The button to turn it on needs to be pressed and held down for quite some time before actually turning on, which may put some people off (the same goes for turning it off too). The circular section around the control button is a pain to clean, sometimes requiring a toothbrush. And, finally, the storage bag provided for the Ara is waaaay too big for it, making the Ara look a bit silly inside its huge storage pouch.

This storage bag seems a bit excessive.
This storage bag seems a bit excessive.

None of these are major issues but are worthy of your consideration.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am very pleased with the Ara, which performs incredibly well for a product in its price range. The Ara reflects the company ethos perfectly, even if it lacks the strength that I would like to diversify its use.

Overall I would certainly recommend this toy for those who like mid-level vibrations and prefer firm pressure on their G-Spot during use. The Ara is very good at this and I look forward to seeing what else Perlesque will offer as time goes on.

Recommend to:

People who like mid-level vibrations.

People who like firmer toys.

People who want an entry level luxury vibrator.

Do Not Recommend to:

Power queens.

People who need a silent toy.

People who like softer materials.

The Ara was provided to me by Perlesque in exchange for an honest review.