Toy Review: The Tantus Little Flirt

When it comes to high quality sex toys Tantus aren’t fucking about. They’d much rather deliver exceptionally well made products direct to you so that you can do the fucking yourselves. And what a wonderful toy the Tantus Little Flirt is. By no means the most ‘hard core’ product in the Tantus line, this lovely little butt plug instead works as a fantastic primer for anyone who wants to warm up their booty for smooth transition and a strong finale. Alternatively it acts as a brilliant introductory toy for beginners who are daunted by the many larger plugs on offer.

Now, I see no need to wait until the end of this review to tell you that this plug is a real winner in our eyes. I may not be a butt plug connoisseur but Mr. Peaches has a notoriously fussy (and rather well-versed) posterior. So when I say that Mr. Peaches would readily spread his cheeks any day of the week for the Little Flirt you know that this toy is good.

Let’s dive in to the review.

The Tantus Little Flirt

The Tantus Little Flirt is a sampling; a tease of the wonders that anal play has to offer. At 0.8 inches in maximum diameter and with an insertable length of 3.35 inches the Tantus Little Flirt really does provide a flirtatious romp in your rump. It’s small and unintimidating in also every manner, save for a wider area about 1.8 inches down which might give complete beginners some pause for though. However let me reassure you that this section is no problem to take whatsoever—thanks to the well-considered tapering of this toy—and will actually work to help new users build up to larger toys.

The Little Flirt coaxes out exactly what it needs to.
The Little Flirt coaxes out exactly what it needs to.

In fact that’s another thing that the Little Flirt is; a fantastic confidence builder for those who are worried about exploring their booty. Why? Well, like many of Tantus’ anal range, the Little Flirt has a wonderfully long flared base which is designed to sit very comfortably between the user’s butt cheeks. In this the Little Flirt succeeds and wearing it is incredibly comfortable. This means that users can rest assured whenever using the Little Flirt, it’s not going anywhere. Which is good, really, because you’ll likely want it to stay in your rear end for as long as is possible.

In addition to having a confidence-inducing base, the Tantus Little Flirt is also made from Tantus’ signature ultra premium silicone, which is phthalate-free, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and completely body safe. Having a non-porous toy in particular is so so important when it comes to anal toys, as you don’t want any bacte-rear-a seeping in to your toy (forgive me).

The silicone used for the Tantus Little Flirt as a ‘satin’ finish; not entirely draggy and not wholly smooth, but a nice combination of the both. This material feels similar to body powdered skin when you stroke it and lubes up very well. Because the surface isn’t entirely glossy you get some nice sensations from the Little Flirt. Because it’s not too grainy you can insert it into your sensitive rectum safely. It’s a win-win.

The base of the Little Flirt should be the base-standard by which all butt-plugs go by.
The base of the Little Flirt should be the base-standard by which all butt-plugs go by.

The Little Flirt is also very easy to clean. You can use soap/toy cleaner and some water, use a bleach solution, boil it, or even pop it in the dishwasher. Personally I’ve always used toy cleaner and warm water. When it comes to this method (at least) there is some anal odour left over but it’s only noticeable when the toy is held close to the nose and shouldn’t linger in an aggressive manner.

As I said before, I don’t personally use butt plugs, but even I was tempted by the Little Flirt. It’s tiny size and non-curved design (with just a little bit of size variation) really does have an appeal that can’t be escaped. Thankfully Mr. Peaches didn’t want to escape it at all, and was more than willing to test out the Little Flirt.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure I have to reveal the following: Mr. Peaches generally dislikes straight butt plugs. As someone who craves pressure on his P-Spot and finds straight toys to poke and prod at him in awkward ways, straight toys have always been a turn-off for him. So you can imagine my surprise when he said he loved this toy!

Somehow this straight you won over the rather picky posterior of my partner.
Somehow this straight you won over the rather picky posterior of my partner.

Yup; the Little Flirt’s coy design and coaxing sensations won over my Mr. and, I have to say, it was pretty fun seeing his enjoyment during every use. But enough from me, I’ll allow him to convey his experiences in his own words:

The Little Flirt is a great toy for beginners or for light warm up, I honestly think this toy is outstanding.

The Little Flirt really does live up to its name, it’s a tiny toy about the size of my pinkie finger. The shape is smart too; with a very thin, rounded point which flairs out a wee bit before curving back in towards the base. This design insures that the Little Flirt stays in place during use. The base goes further than most, improving on comfort and discretion during long-term use.

In use the Little Flirt is good it provides a noticeable amount of sensation despite its small size. The increase in girth is present but not too noticeable. To me it feels like the whole toy is stimulating the P-Spot, with the girthy section blending in to an already impressive degree to stimulation. Climaxes are improved with the Little Flirt, however wearing this toy to the point of orgasm is not, in my personal opinion, where this toy shines.

Instead it shines when it’s used as a warm up toy allowing you to work yourself up to other anal toys. The comfort and stimulation it provides makes it great for the initial ‘warm-up’ stage of anal play, leaving me ready for larger toys when the time comes. In this role the Little Flirt is a very strong asset to our anal play sessions.

If I were to summarize how I feel about the Little Flirt I’d say it was a good solid anal toy which is very suitable for beginners and warm-up sessions. In fact it might be the one I recommend from now on to those looking in to anal play for the first time.

…Wow, that’s high praise indeed.

Of course the Little Flirt isn’t perfect and personal preference may come in to play. If, like Mr. Peaches, you dislike straight toys then the Little Flirt may or may not win you over. However if you know that you need a curve then the Little Flirt will be lacking for you.

Equally if you know that you need girth and you don’t require a warm-up toy with such slim dimensions then the Little Flirt might be a little redundant to you.

On an objective front it does still leave me a bit down whenever I get a whiff of anal scent from a sex toy, but as this doesn’t hinder the toy’s effectiveness (nor compromise its safety) I’m sure I can get over it.

I had assumed that the indented Tantus logo on the side of the toy’s base would collect residue but so far this hasn’t been an issue.

Final Thoughts

Overall both Mr. Peaches and I were really impressed with the Little Flirt and I’d tentatively call it a toy chest must-have for those who want to dabble in anal play and those who like to warm up before a long/girthy anal session.

The Little Flirt may not provide the most amazing sensations upon orgasms, but its ability to ease users into an experience is an invaluable quality of this toy, making it well-worth the very reasonable $37.64 that this toy costs.

Recommend to:

Anal beginners.

Those who like small warm-up toys.

Those who like straight anal toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for a girthy toy.

People who prefer curved toys.

People who want more defined texture.

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