Product Review: The Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set

There’s something about red that is just immediately arousing. It’s passionate. Intoxicating. Like bathing in a pool of sheer delight. When a material is red you want to stroke it. When a woman’s lips are brilliant rogue then you know she’s in command of her sexuality and everyone in the room. To quote the ever irresistible Lola:

Red is the colour of sex and fear and danger and signs that say, Do. Not. Enter. All my favorite things in life.

Because of this I would say that out of all of the Lelo Pleasure Sets (which all look great, by the way) the Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set is the one most likely to catch the eye. Looking at it on the product page it just commands attention. It looks rich, luxurious, and (above all) sexy.


I’ve been lusting after this set for a very long time now. Not just because of the red but also because it features a gorgeous red Mia 2, exclusive to the set.

But the Lelo Mia 2 alone retails at £54.90, whereas the Adore Me Pleasure Set is £119. That’s more than two Mia 2’s!

However, with the Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set you’re clearly not just paying for the right to a red vibe. Instead you’re paying for the Mia 2, the Intimina Silk Blindfold (RRP £44.90), and the Sutra Chainlink Cuffs (RRP £64.90). That’s a total saving of £45.70 making it, from a practical standpoint, a very good investment, especially if you’re already interested in buying all of these items.

And why not? Unified in the Adore Me Pleasure Set, these three items create a wonderfully complimentary experience which makes for a wonderful gift set as well as a prudent investment in your sexual pleasure.

However, if you’re still on the fence about the Adore Me Pleasure Set allow me to make a case for this stunning box of delights.

The Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set

In keeping with its colour scheme, the Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set is designed for passion. It prompts those who buy it to get ‘tied up and turned on’, exploring each other’s bodies in steamy scenarios and intimate power plays. After all, it is a blindfold, cuff, and vibrator combo. The perfect combination for igniting one’s passion.

The Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set is a complete sensation experience.
The Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set is a complete sensation experience.

Being a gift set, the Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set is beautifully presented in a wonderfully sturdy box, making it a great gift for your lover. An individual storage bag is also provided for the Lelo Mia 2, as well, which is a very practical call on Lelo’s part. As nice as the gift box is (and good for storage if these are the only sex toys you have) not everyone will want to keep the box, so it’s good to maintain other ways of storage.

The box is sturdy and well-suited for gift giving.
The box is sturdy and well-suited for gift giving.

The three items inside the Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set are beautifully presented and illicit a certain degree of excitement; a promise for the events to come. I can imagine that anyone being surprised by the Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set would be incredibly happy, especially as it is arguably the most diverse of the gift sets that Lelo has to offer. You really can’t go wrong with a good vibrator, a blindfold, and some cuffs, after all, especially when they’re as luxurious as the ones involved in this pleasure set.

I’ll speak a bit about the application of this set in a while but, first, allow me to address each item individually.

The Sutra Chainlink Cuffs

Made to ‘balance the feelings of surrender and control’ the Sutra Chainlink Cuffs provide just enough leeway to allow the wearer to put them on, remove them, and struggle in them freely but definitely make it so that you don’t want to.

Material-wise the Sutra Chainlink Cuffs are made out of 100% pure silk and suede. The silk of these cuffs lines the outside with a beautiful pattern whereas the inner section is mostly suede with a small slither of silk running through them. The chain and its clasp are made out of a sturdy nickel-free metal and are incredibly easy to apply and remove. The stitch work on these cuffs looks and feels very sturdy. Of course I wouldn’t want to be aggressively yanked around in them (as I believe too much force would damage them) but that’s not really what these cuffs are for.

These cuffs look and feel amazing.
These cuffs look and feel amazing.

Part eye-candy, part delicate tease and entirely arousing, these cuffs make you feel like Venus when wearing them: a Goddess of pure desire, whose appearance would make even the purest of celibates weak at the knees. Encouraging a certain mentality is so important in sex and these handcuffs made me feel empowered even though (technically) I was the one bound and ‘helpless’.

The suede and silk of these cuffs feels absolutely gorgeous against the skin, and the way they stroked my wrists just heightened my pleasure and empowerment during use.

Now if you’re looking for a seriously hard-core pair of cuffs then these ones certainly wouldn’t do the trick. But for some gentle BDSM. For putting on a display. For that feeling of comfort, arousal, and self-love I would definitely recommend these cuffs.

The Intimina Silk Blindfold

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the blindfold in this set at first. I’ve had a fair few blindfolds over the year and they’re probably some of the most hit-and-miss sexual items on the market for me. However the Intimina Silk Blindfold immediately stood out to me for one reason: the way it stays in place.

Rather than just being a strip of fabric which you tie at the back the Intimina Silk Blindfold is actually a band with an elasticated back. Yes, ties are provided, but they act to compliment the elasticated design of the Intimina Blindfold rather than either system working independently. This allows for a perfectly complementary system which made applying the Intimina Silk Blindfold a breeze and securing it even easier.

This design is incredibly useful.
This design is incredibly useful.

These aren’t total blackout blindfolds, and some light does slip through the bottom. But unless you peak you can’t actually see anything so it serves its purpose well. Besides for blindfolds I’ve always liked the way that trust comes in to play; yes, I could try to peak, but I chose to keep my eyes closed. I chose to succumb to the darkness, embrace my other senses, and trust my partner. That’s what a blindfold means to me.

In terms of material this blindfold is equally as lavish. Made from 100% pure silk and decorated with the same pattern as the handcuffs, it’s one of my favourite blindfolds to date.

The Lelo Mia 2

Now I’ve done an individual review of the Lelo Mia 2 so if you want to know about this vibrator in depth then check that out here. But let me just say that it is, undeniably, one of the best and most effective vibrators of its size and shape on the market right now. In the adult community it’s considered to be a classic and comes highly recommended. With the addition of a wonderfully rogue exterior, the Mia 2 is the best part of this pleasure set (which is impressive considering the high caliber of this entire set).

The Lelo Mia 2 is discreet, beautifully sized, practically shaped, rechargeable, waterproof, easy to control, and powerful. Users can position the Mia 2 for a pin-point experience or allow it to lay on the labia for a more diffuse experience and the vibrations; deep, powerful, near-buzzy on the higher settings but always accompanied with a rumbling undertone. There’s a reason why this vibrator is so iconic.

I always orgasm with the Lelo Mia 2, so I feel fairly confident in recommending it to mast users. The only users it may struggle to appeal to are those who need wand-levels of power to get off, those who dislike firm plastic, those who want a strictly broad design, or those with mobility issues (it would probably be a bit finicky to keep hold of). If you like strong vibrations, clitoral vibrators, and happen to value discretion too then the Lelo Mia 2 is a strong contender.

As a Set

So how do these products work as a set? Amazingly well. I especially recommend this set for users who enjoy/want to explore a bit of light-hearted BDSM or sensation play as it has all of the thrills with none of the intimidation factor.

During use you can use the blindfold to plunge your partner in to darkness while cuffing them to keep them lightly restrained. The silk and suede of the cuffs stroking against the skin will already be heightened due to the blindfold, but adding in the vibrator to creates an increasingly breath-taking experience.

Because the Mia 2 does come to a tapered tip it’s perfect for running across the skin and teasing the nipples with before sliding down near the genitalia. When it does eventually make contact its shape makes it very easy to use, creating an effective scenario for a strong finish.

When these individual components come together they really do shine, and I think it’s a match made in absolute heaven.

Final Thoughts

As nice as the blindfold and handcuffs are, I admit that I probably wouldn’t buy them on their own. It’s not that I don’t like them. In fact, to steal a term from this set’s name, I absolutely adore them. However it is hard to justify spending so much on a blindfold or handcuffs.

However as a set these items become much more affordable and, in my opinion, transcend their individual benefits by becoming part of a greater, even more intense user experience. Add to this the price of the Lelo Adore Me Pleasure Set (and the savings it allows for) and I would highly recommend investing in this pleasure set.

There’s absolutely nothing that I dislike about this set and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a slightly kinky gift set for their partner. Who needs fifty shades of grey when red has always been the undisputed champion of sex?

Recommend to:

People looking for an affordable luxury set.

People who like gentle BDSM experience.

People wanting a powerful, compact vibrator.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who are only interested in one item from this set.

People who prefer very rough BDSM play.

People who dislike the colour red (how!?).

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