Toy Review: The Adrien Lastic O Venus

I’ve always been a sucker for odd and quirky new sex toy releases. Which is why, when Adrien Lastic approached me with their newest release, the O Venus, I really couldn’t resist.

Like marmite, you'll either love this design or hate it (or be extremely confused by it, because who deals in binaries now anyways).
Like marmite, you’ll either love this design or hate it (or be extremely confused by it, because who deals in binaries now anyways).

I mean, have you seen this thing? It looks amazing! It looks like some retro 50’s space drama ray gun that a caped alien femme fatale would use to hold the young and naïve protagonist hostage. It looks like something that Penelope Pitstop would pull out to get the edge in a wacky race. In short it strikes the perfect balance between cheesy, downright perplexing, and absolutely marvelous.

The design itself has much more than just a kitsch flare to offer too. Taking another approach to the ‘dual-stimulation’ design, the O Venus is the result of over a year’s worth of res+earch from sex writer and toy tester Venus O’Hara. O’Hara describes the process in her own blog:

We’ve spent over a year developing the O Venus. I’ve researched the clitoris extensively, especially the distance between the clitoris and the vagina. I’ve also consulted with gynaecologists about the design concept.

Originality is very important to me in all facets of my work and creating O Venus was no different. My goal was to design a sex toy whose shape hadn’t existed before.

The O Venus certainly embodies O’Hara’s vision and I truly haven’t seen anything like it before. Some elements do seem familiar but the way they’ve been arranged is completely surreal. But does ‘surreal’ translate to ‘effective’? Read on to find out.

The Adrien Lastic O Venus

The Adrien Lastic O Venus is a collaborative effort between Adrien Lastic and Venus O’Hara and, as I said in the intro, a lot of attention was given to the design. The result is a wonderfully curved, very tempting looking internal shaft (reminiscent of the Mona, and other great G-Spotting toys, but with a bit more bulge), and a perplexing-looking clitoral claw. This odd claw-hand-thing may look off-putting but there is a logic behind it: The three prongs allow two of them to rest on the labia while the other targets the clitoris, simultaneously providing direct and indirect stimulation.

The O Venus made me feel things I've never felt before, but where they good or bad?
The O Venus made me feel things I’ve never felt before, but where they good or bad?

Of the entire toy these clitoral prongs are the most flexible—they’re firm but still have some give in their neck which does allow them to move around a bit. The rest of the O Venus is made from a mixture of super soft silicone (which coats the internal shaft and prongs) and firm, rigid ABS plastic. This gives the O Venus a completely phthalate-free, non-porous, and body safe surface, making it an appealing product.

The silicone itself is incredibly soft and appealing. It’s the kind that provides a welcoming caress when making skin contact, inviting further contact. In use it lubes up well and provides glide, but a delicate matte drag to provide ample sensation. The ABS plastic is, well, ABS plastic: it’s hard, it has no give, but it doesn’t soak up vaginal gunk so that’s a plus. It also makes the handle section of the O Venus a bit sturdier and helps it maintain its bizarre shape.

Although it retails at a very reasonable £54.95, the O Venus comes with all of the perks that you’d expect from a high end luxury toy. This includes a silken storage bag, a waterproof body, and the ability to recharge via USB. In addition to this the O Venus sports 2 powerful motors which help give this toy some oomph.

So many companies claim to have ‘powerful’ vibrations nowadays that the term is almost hollow, however the O Venus does manage to deliver some seriously impressive vibrations. Rumbly, deep, and deliciously complimentary, the O Venus’ two motors bounce off of each other to create a chorus of continual vibrations which make me weak at the knees. Granted, this toy isn’t wand levels of powerful but it certainly impressed me and I can definitely orgasm when I hold the internal shaft against my vulva.

Two rumbly motors mean that this toy packs a surprisingly good punch.
Two rumbly motors mean that this toy packs a surprisingly good punch.

The O Venus has 10 vibration modes and a single button control. That’s never ideal but it is very easy to operate and the patterns themselves utilize the dual motors well.

Given my high praise I must have liked the O Venus, right? Weeeeeelllllll…no, yes, kind of…no. Sorry.

Don’t get me wrong: In theory the O Venus is a wonderful toy. It has two solid motors, a body safe design, and has clearly been created with a lot of love and dedication. I just wish it had more flexibility.

As it stands the rigid ABS body of the O Venus does not work with my body at all. In fact I’m pretty sure this toy hates me. When I went to insert it I felt physical pain. I let out a yelp. At first it all seemed fine but then it just jerked back in the most horrendous way and tugged at my vaginal opening in a way that I didn’t think possible. It wasn’t pleasant and experiences since have been equally painful.

This was not going to work for me.
This was not going to work for me.

I think a lot of this could have been resolved if the main body of the O Venus was made from a different material which allowed users to adjust and bend it slightly to suit their needs. I’ll be honest; I was expecting the prong and shaft to have a little bit of bendability or give to them. But, as it stands, this toy just clamps down when I try to insert it in a manner that is nothing but uncomfortable. Even the prongs (which have some flexibility) feel too firm and uncompromising to be enjoyable. I tried to adjust them a few times and it felt like I was prying them always from my body, they painfully wriggled back to their starting point in protest. I yelped again.

These prongs are a trap.
These prongs are a trap.

Sadly, ‘uncompromising’ is the perfect word to describe the O Venus for me, and it is a real shame because I so so wanted to try the internal shaft. I’m pretty sure it would have provided great orgasms as it’s the perfect shape for me. But, as it stands, the O Venus is completely incompatible with my body and, with no give, this means we’re at an impasse. The best I can do with the O Venus is hold the internal shaft against my clitoris and reap the benefits of its rumbly vibrations to come to orgasm. And, yes, this is all well and good, and I can orgasm this way, but what’s the point if I’m not using the toy as intended? If that’s not even an option? I’d rather buy one of Adrien Lastic’s other toys and hope for the best.

In terms of other downsides the motors can’t be controlled independently. The single button makes quickly getting to where you want a bit of a grind, and the shape does make storage a bit difficult. But I would have been able to overlook all of this if the O Venus was simply capable of bending a bit to suit different bodies. As it stands this toy is a bit of a hard one to recommend, as I have no idea if you’ll find the perfect fit or (like me) be greeted with the kind of pain that no sex toy should ever induce.

Final Thoughts

If there’s anything I can take away from this experience it’s that I seriously need to try more Adrien Lastic toys, and so do you. The design of the O Venus may not have been to my liking but the luxury perks, the consideration put into their products, and the wonderful vibrations of this toy make me think that Adrien Lastic have a lot more to offer.

Heck, who knows, the O Venus may even be the perfect toy for you. But, if not, I encourage you to check out the rest of their toy range. I know I’ll be doing the same.

Edit: Head over to this link for a chance to win your own O Venus.

Recommend to:

People who like unconventional dual-stimulators.

People who like three-pronged clit stimulators.

People who like ABS plastic toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer to independently wield their toys.

People who prefer conventional clitoral vibrators.

People who prefer toys with some give.

The O Venus was provided to me by Adrien Lastic in exchange for an honest review. The company themselves were very warm, friendly and informative and I highly recommend checking them out.