Product Review: The Tantus Nevada Connoisseur Harness

For all the amazing products that I’ve tried from Tantus I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to test out one of their harnesses. Aesthetically pleasing, beautifully designed, and standing as firm reminders of Tantus’ dedication to celebrating sex and sexuality full force, the Tantus harness range is nothing short of exceptional. Visually, at least, these harnesses come close to perfection.

However adult products aren’t about visuals alone and harnesses, in particular, have to be practical, effective, and easy to prep in the heat of the moment.

I’m very happy to report that the Tantus Nevada Connoisseur Harness meets all of these criteria and looks damned good doing it too.

 The Tantus Nevada Connoisseur Harness

The Tantus Nevada Harness is, what I consider to be, one of the more stylish harnesses in the Tantus harness line (and that’s high praise indeed). Made to invoke your inner Nevada spirit, this harness encourages you to saddle (buckle?) up and enjoy the wild ride up ahead.

The Tantus Nevada is one stunning harness.
The Tantus Nevada is one stunning harness.

The harness itself is made out of beautifully supple leather and when I first opened up the packaging its aroma filled the air. The richness of leather is something that cannot be underestimated. It sets a certain scene: Dominant but comforting. A hard fuck with a tender kiss. All these things came to mind when I first held the Nevada Harness and more.

In terms of material quality I was very impressed with the quality of the leather and the stitch work used to bring everything together. There are subtle design elements in the Nevada Harness which come together to make a beautiful looking harness, which feels incredibly stylish once you strap in. Brown and black leather are both pretty timeless, after all, and I feel like almost anyone could rock the Nevada Harness and feel like a Grade-A badass (though it might be worth repressing any overly-expressive accents which come to mind depending on your partner’s preferences).

Leather can sometimes feel like an intimidating material but, rest assured, the Nevada Harness is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do after use is use a watered down solution of white vinegar or castile soap on a clean, lint-free cloth. Wipe the harness down then wipe it dry and you’re done. Of course leather connoisseurs can dote on their connoisseur harness with more dedication but it’s not necessary for long-term maintenance.

When it comes to design the Tantus Nevada Harness is a double strap harness with an O-ring locking system.

New to pegging and wondering what this means? Well, double/jock strap harnesses are typically the most common harnesses on the market and for good reason. With two straps which secure around the legs, this harness type is one of the most secure types available. Adjustable straps also make this harness quite versatile and incredibly easy to get in and out of (adjustments require minimal effort too). These types of harness also allow open access to your genitals, meaning you can still use a toy and your partner can still touch you (if you wish).

The attention to detail on this harness is impressive.
The attention to detail on this harness is impressive.

As this style of harness goes the buckle system employed by the Nevada Harness was incredibly easy to apply and adjust and the straps themselves sat very comfortably on my body. Measurement-wise the Nevada fits 30-50”/76-127 cm hips, making it rather versatile in terms of body shape too. The softness of the leather also made the Nevada a very gentle harness on the skin. Some other harness materials are nowhere near as kind in terms of material surface, so it was nice to feel the supple grasp of the Nevada Harness against my skin. The Nevada managed to keep firmly in place throughout use and provided a lot of confidence during my thrusts. This is an achievement as I tend to be a naturally nervous pegger, not necessarily comfortable with testing the limits of my harness or my partner’s body, so for a harness to provide me with such a peace of mind was invaluable.

O-Ring harness fittings some of the more common types available on the pegging market. They essentially allow you to clip and unclip different rings on the harness in order to accommodate toys with different base sizes. The Nevada Harness comes with a 1.9 inch diameter O-Ring as standard but users can always buy the Tantus O-Ring Kit if they have a more diverse range of toys.

Again, the Nevada O-Ring harness was very easy to clip and unclip in order to switch out rings, but it never felt unstable or unreliable during use. In fact everything about this harness just felt incredibly secure and, as a result, so did I.

When a harness works with my body then using it becomes something I crave rather than tolerate and the Nevada falls into this category.
When a harness works with my body then using it becomes something I crave rather than tolerate and the Nevada falls into this category.

If I had to fault the Nevada Harness for anything it would be for all of those finicky, nit-picking aspects which certainly do exist but which don’t detract from the toy at all. So let’s get these little quibbles out of the way:

-My Nevada Harness didn’t come with little tassels for some reason, which isn’t a huge reason but they are part of the harness’ charm.

-For people who follow a vegan lifestyle (or simply disagree with the leather industry) the Nevada Harness would be a poor choice.

-Although this harness does provide free access to the vulva it might have been nice to find a way to design a vibrator slot into the harness itself, but this isn’t necessary.

-The design of this harness made using it with Feeldoes and Realdoes a little bit awkward for me.

-If you’re slimmer then there’s a lot of excess strap dangling around which may be distracting (but this is a problem with all harnesses of this design, not just the Nevada).

-For the price it would have been nice if at least 2 more O-Rings were included.

And that’s that. Like I said, none of these points really discourage me from this harness at all and, even if added together, they do not hold enough weight to really detract from the harness at all.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am incredibly pleased with the Tantus Nevada; which is, to date, my absolute favourite harness of this kind.

If you love the smell of leather, value a timeless harness design, and want a high-quality product which (if treated well) will last you a very long time indeed. There’s nothing to dislike here.

Recommend to:

People who like double strap harnesses.

People who need a secure harness.

People who love leather.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer different harness designs.

People who want more O-Rings included.

People who dislike leather.

Tantus provided me with the Nevada Harness in exchange for an honest review. If you liked this review and want to support my site then please make your purchases using the affiliate links in this post. Don’t forget to take advantage of the latest discount either.