Toy Review: The Tantus G-Force

When hearing this toy’s name I was torn between two visuals. One was me urging Mr. Peaches to ‘Use the force’ in the hammiest Star Wars impression I could muster. The other was of one of those incredibly leather & muscle-bound, justice seeking men from 80’s cartoons putting on half-leather gloves before taking up this toy in hand and shouting “G-Force. Activate!”

I’m okay with both these visuals.

A more apt visual comparison is probably with the new Tantus Slicks, which have a similar head but lack the handle; opting for harness compatibility. I like to think of the Tantus Slicks as the spiritual successors of the G-Force, so before you decide which toy is best for you let’s look at the OG(-Force).

The Tantus G-Force

The Tantus G-Force is one of many amazing dildo-swords that Tantus produces. If ‘dildo-swords’ sounds like too violent a term for you then ‘fuck wand’ is also acceptable but anything less wouldn’t be able to fully convey the majesty of the G-Force and the other handled toys that Tantus has on offer. The sense of empowerment that grasping at the shaft of a dildo can provide is something that has to be experienced to believe, but I digress.

The Tantus G-Force is a great option for hitting the right spot.
The Tantus G-Force is a great option for hitting the right spot.

Having a toy with a handle also has other practicalities. It certainly makes it easier for partnered use, or for those who find positioning or mobility is an issue. Generally a handle helps sure up your thrusting in a way that gripping a base just can’t. Plus there’s a capacity for roleplay with handled toys which definitely can’t be overlooked. Tap into the natural sense of authority that the G-Force makes you feel and it could be a very potent device indeed.

As for design, the G-Force has a very straightforward one but it’s tried and tested so I really don’t mind at all. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and all that. The bulbous head of the G-Force, matched with its well-considered curve makes its excellent for G-Spot stimulation (and I’m sure someone’s P-Spot wouldn’t complain either). The G-Force is a medium firmness toy—having very little squish but some flexibility—which will mean that it doesn’t supply enough pressure for some, but as a thrusting G-Spot toy I’d say that it’s well designed to cater to most people’s needs (in other words, it’s a happy medium).

The head isn't the most extreme or firm in the G-Spotting spectrum but it does the trick.
The head isn’t the most extreme or firm in the G-Spotting spectrum but it does the trick.

The Tantus G-Force is made out of Tantus’ ultra-premium silicone, which is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body-safe. This silicone can be cleaned with soap and water, bleached with an appropriate solution, or even boiled or stuck in the dishwasher (though its 10 inch length does make it awkward to boil).

The silicone used for the G-Force has two different surfaces: The handle is matte and made for easy gripping (even in slippery situations). Meanwhile the shaft itself is made from a glossy silicone which makes it easier to glide in and out of the body without too much thrust. Again, you can really see that thrusting this toy in a pleasurable and accessible manner was at the heart of Tantus’ design and I think they’ve succeeded at this. At no point does it feel like the G-Force is lacking sensation due to its glossy surface but neither does it cling or caress in the way that other toys might. It sticks to the happy medium, and I’m a-okay with that.

In terms of diameter the G-Force has a maximum of 1.4 inches, making it accessible to most users. This may seem too small for some, in which case you may want to buy the Slick Large (coming in slightly larger at 1.5 inches) and forgo the handle, but personally I feel like the size is a complement to this toy’s purpose, not a compromise.

I have to admit, I enjoy using the G-Force more than I necessarily should. Handled toys just make me so giddy that I’m practically at peak excitement before I’ve even got down to using the thing. It’s mental foreplay more than anything else but I still love it.

In use the G-Force meets the high standards that I expect from Tantus. Once in it locates the G-Spot with complete ease and glides across it with reasonable pressure—not overbearing or necessarily ‘firm’ but persistent enough to excite the vaginal wall. I do tend to take a while to reach climax with the G-Force but that doesn’t mean that the journey to get there is laborious in any way. Instead the G-Force offers a continued degree of G-Spot pressure which allows for the body to feel constantly aroused. When I do orgasm with the G-Force the most intense sensations come at the very brink just before orgasm, as my muscles tense around the bulbous head of this toy, before coasting off into a pleasant-but-strong sensation. They’re not necessarily the strongest orgasms I’ve had with a Tantus toy but they’re definitely worth the price and practicality of the product.

I don’t tend to thrust my toys that much but I did appreciate having the option with the G-Force and it did make my intermittent thrusting much easier, so I would also deem the handle a success. It’s just a shame that the Tantus logo has been put in near the end of the handle base, as it looks a bit ugly if I’m being honest; at first I even mistook it for some melting damage before inspecting it further.

Why, Tantus, why?
Why, Tantus, why?

My G-Force also had a few faults near the tip of the head (mainly air bubbles) which do make cleaning a bit more difficult but they didn’t hinder use so I was fine with them. I’m sure if I had raised the issue with Tantus, though, they would have been more than happy to address it.

Minor imperfections on an otherwise very good product.
Minor imperfections on an otherwise very good product.

In terms of objective downsides personal preference will be the biggest factor for users. Not everyone wants a dildo with a handle. Anal users may want a firmer toy and some people may prefer matte silicone. These aren’t necessarily faults with the G-Force itself but they are factors to consider. Do keep storage in mind when buying a toy with a handle, though, as they do have more length to them which comes with its own issues. Oh, and it’s also a dust magnet (as I’m sure you can see from my photos).

Personally I really enjoyed the G-Force but if I were to pick one handle’d toy from the Tantus range it probably wouldn’t be my first. Close second, though? Most likely.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really enjoyed the Tantus G-Force, which met my expectations in every way possible. This is a toy that was designed for a specific purpose and, to that end, it has been executed in a near-perfect manner. The handle works well (and even has a nice grip design to it), the shaft is suitably curved, and the bulb both provides ongoing stimulation to the G-Spot and heightens that sensation at the brink of orgasm.

If you’re looking for a toy with a handle that specifically caters to your G-Spot cravings then the G-Force is an incredibly strong contender.

Recommend to:

People who want a toy with a handle.

People who want noticeable but not overly firm G-Spot stimulation.

People who like glossy silicone.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who would rather forgo the handle (try the Slicks).

People who prefer/need a firmer G-Spot toy.

People who prefer matte silicone.

The Tantus G-Force was provided to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. If you like this review and want to support my site then please do consider making your purchases through the affiliate links included in this post.