Toy Review: Bad Dragon’s Meng the Micro Dragon

I think it’s fair to say by now that I have a hoard of sex toys. Sitting at the top of the pile, guarding my hoard dutifully is Meng; a tiny dragon-shaped dildo and given the story of power-dragon-turned-mini by Bad Dragon.

Okay, so maybe Meng doesn’t literally guard my sex toys in a hoard-like construction, but it is fun to think of this adorable dildo as being something more. It’s one of those toys that is really hard not to anthropomorphise and I have to hold my hands up and say that I have moved Meng’s head around and given it a squeaky little voice at times. Anthropomorphism happens, yo.

How could I not project some sense of personality onto a face like this?
How could I not project some sense of personality onto a face like this?

But while Meng may not be at the literal top of my sex toy hoard it is pretty damned close to that high perch in terms of performance. Hypertexturalized and sporting a non-conventional curvature, Meng does things to my vagina that make me roar with delight. Meng may be micro by dragon standards but there’s nothing tiny about the orgasms it gives me.

Meng the Micro Dragon

Meng the Micro Dragon is one of Bad Dragon’s many *amazing* fantasy sex toys but it does lack a few of the usual Bad Dragon perks. Because Meng is a Staff Pick from Bad Dragon Labs (and because of the design, I would assume), Meng only comes in one size. This is a bit different to other Bad Dragon toys where you can pick from a variety of sizes but, personally I think the measurements they picked for Meng are pretty much perfect for the average user (6 inches of useable length, a 4.75 inch circumference at the head and 5.5 inch circumference at the shaft).

Was a more majestic dragon dildo ever made?
The Meng is the pinnacle of dragon dildos. The majestic tiny ruler of the tribe.

Thankfully Meng retains all of the other Bad Dragon perks, including: a choice of firmness, the option for a cumtube, the option for a suction cup, and the ability to customise the colours of Meng to meet your exact specifications. All of these options make Meng a highly personalised product which only adds to the attachment factor you may invariably feel towards it (I mean, c’mon, it’s a tiny dragon guys). Alternatively you can do what I did and adopt a pre-made Meng if you’re not too fussy about the colour details (or if your perfect Meng is already waiting for you).

Meng is made out of Bad Dragon’s silicone, which is non-porous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe. Not matte but not glossy either, Bad Dragon silicone has a fair bit of grip to it which translates to a nice amount of drag during use (without ever feeling grainy or clingy). You’d think that Meng’s incredibly level of detail would make it difficult to clean but I’ve always found cleaning Meng to be a breeze.

Even Meng's tiny begging paws are easy to clean.
Even Meng’s tiny begging paws are easy to clean.

Speaking of texture the amount that you’ll feel Meng’s detailing and scales depends on the firmness of your silicone: If you get soft silicone then Meng will feel very gentle and have a lot of squish. Medium firmness allows the texture to be felt and provides a reasonable amount of squish but neither is excessive. Firm will be much more pronounced and noticeable during insertion and use. If in doubt Bad Dragon offers a silicone sampler set to help you figure out your preference, however as their products are hand-poured there is still some variation.

I think by now it’s pretty obvious who Meng will appeal to: namely texture sluts such as myself. Horns, a partial mane, scales and a beautifully arching back make the Meng the most amazing experience texture-wise. Part of the reason as to why I didn’t buy the Meng for so long was because I was worried it would provide too much texture but Bad Dragon has managed to strike a brilliant balance with this toy. When I use my Meng I feel every scale. Not necessarily in an individual way but the patterned caress makes itself well known with every motion. Meng’s head has been sensibly designed so that, in many ways, it actually does mimic the head of a conventional dildo (or penis) except with a slight bit of elongation. However Meng gets bonus points for the horns that it’s sporting, which create a noticeable massaging sensation during use.

If the texture of the Meng ever does get too intense you your G-Spot try flipping it and enjoying its smooth belly for a while instead.
If the texture of the Meng ever does get too intense you your G-Spot try flipping it and enjoying its smooth belly for a while instead.

For users who like to feel full at their opening the Meng also expands as you go down its body, meaning that anyone can incrementally experiment with expanding their opening (and the sensations that provides) using the Meng. Personally I never take too much of the Meng but I never feel like I need to either, as the texture and the placement of its raised sections is more than enough.

Using the Meng is always a fantastic experience. As soon as a slide this lil dragon in my vagina shows its approval with a flurry of involuntary contractions, as it frantically grasps around the new-found texture of the Meng. These micro-orgasm-esque sensations seem appropriate from a micro dragon but things only get better from there. Presented with Meng’s amazing texture I do experience heightened sensation and arousal when using the Meng and it’s actually pretty hard to hold off an orgasm when it’s inserted. Inevitably I try my best, though, as I always want to experience Meng for as long as is possible. And, just as inevitably, I still end up reaching climax in an impressive time and orgasming for a prolonged period.

So, are there any downsides to the Meng? Gosh, not really.

I mean of course personal preference comes in to play. Not everyone likes a lot of texture, or even wants to shove a dildo in their orifice, but the Meng itself isn’t at fault here. What you see is pretty much what you get when it comes to this brilliant creation and it’s a rarity that a toy is so completely transparent from the get-go.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Bad Dragon’s slogan of ‘making fantasies real’ Meng really is helping embody the party like, as orgasm with this toy are nothing short of pure magic.

If you’ve been lusting over the Meng for a while and you know that you like texture then I say go for it, 100%. This is a brilliant addition to anyone’s collection and I highly recommend it.

Besides, even if you end up disliking it at least you’ve got a rad new statue for your display shelf.

Recommend to:

People who like texture.

People who like customisation.

People who like quirky dildos.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike texture.

People who want a slimmer/larger dildo.

People who prefer non-representational dildos (a dragon may not be real but it does still look like something).

P.S. Can we have a wolf one now too? Pretty please?

  • Love the review, Can’t help but thinking if you bit into the toy it would taste like cantaloupe though XD.