Article: Accessibility and Affordable Sex Tech (A Sex Toy Showcase)

In this day and age savvy tech enthusiasts have an array of options available when it comes to interactive adult devices. There are companies that an provide remote real-time interactions via two products, companies that provide apps for remote kegel exercisers, and multiple products which allow users to connect to and control sex toys via exciting apps.

But what’s really exciting is that, as the market moves towards embracing more and more sex tech, the average consumer is given more options not just in function but also in affordability. reached out to me to highlight three such items, and this post is kindly brought to you by them. The company deals with an array of items (not just sex tech), and their are some products on their site which I would not condone trying, but these three items look undeniably very interesting.

The Tot Vivi Dual Stimulation Massager

Upon first inspection the Tot Vivi Dual Stimulation Massager looks pretty conventional. The dual stimulation, rabbit-style design is something that I don’t necessarily enjoy myself but holy-moly was I floored by the product claims.

Placing aside the semi-insulting product description and broken English (‘Do you feel confused because of without lover?’  and ‘Every day you wake up desire. Let you hey earthshaking’ have to be some personal favorites of mine) the Tot Vivi Dual Stimulation Massager itself seems like a very intriguing product.

4.0 Bluetooth compatible, the Tot Vivi Dual Stimulation Massager is made from ABS Plastic and phthalate-free, non-porous, body-safe silicone and is waterproof and USB rechargeable This is all pretty standard stuff but the Tot Vivi Dual Stimulation Massager can also connect with a user’s phone, allowing them to control the default mode, create custom vibration patters, sync with their music, or even vibrate in tandem with erotic video material. Oh, and the shaft is bendable too.

All of this is available for $36.99 (£24.48) which is absolutely ridiculous! You can check out the toy’s full advert below.




The Tot Bodee G-Spot Massager

The tagline of ‘Love love through time and space’ for the Tot Bodee G-Spot Massager makes it sound like Tot endorses Dr. Who erotica, which is not something that I’m complaining about at all (and, in fact, endears the Bodee to me a little bit more).

Jokes aside the Tot Bodee G-Spot Massager has many of the benefits of the Vivi but opts to be dedicated entirely to the G-Spot. That being said the size and shape of the Bodee also make it an accessible clitoral device too, and I know that’s how I’d be testing it out if I ever gave it a try.

The aesthetic qualities of this toy do appeal to me and I can imagine that it would be fun for a bit of subtle partner play (acting as a tease before the main event). And, again, at £32.99 (£21.84) the Bodee provides a ridiculous amount of conventionally ‘luxury’ features for its price tag.

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The Tot Doly DoubleMotor Love Egg

While the Bodee would, the Tot Doly DoubleMotor Love Egg is literally designed for it.

Created with various curves and contours the tagline for the Doly sounds like a mystifying haiku, adding to the look (and humor) of the product: ‘Break through the tradition. We bring you is sex. It is more like-minded people. Is more of his ta!’. Majestic.

Taking a serious look at the Tot Doly DoubleMotor Love Egg it, again, sports pretty much all of the features that the others do and comes in at a very reasonable $34.99 (£23.16).

The Tot Doly DoubleMotor Love Egg has a little rabbit-like section which is meant to stimulate the clitoris while the other prong is inserted, making it better for folks who know they like this design set-up. I can certainly see the bulge in its internal prong appealing to some people, too, although it’s little nibs at the end confuse me. I can’t imagine them having a practical application really, unless you want to use them to tease the labia and clitoris before insertion…okay, that’s not a bad idea actually.




What’s The Catch?

As you can probably tell, these toys are nowhere near perfect and I can’t help but take a rather light-hearted approach to describing them. However, my decision to show you these toys was anything but.

I actually thought long and hard about whether or not to feature these three toys for but, the fact of the matter is that I know not everyone can afford the luxury of ‘luxury’ sex toys and it would be unfair if I didn’t point a group of reasonably-priced, promising products when I see them.

We’re all working towards different budgets, we’re all have different cast limits when it comes to toy purchases, and while I probably wouldn’t give these toys much more than an interested glance myself I hope that for some of you they provide a promising way to try bluetooth sex toys on a budget.

This line is also great for anyone wanting to do that: try a wireless sex toy just to see if it’s for them. You might do just that and discover that, to you, wireless play feels more like a gimmick rather than something you’d realistically incorporate into your sex life and I’d much rather you found that out with a $30 sex toy rather than a $150 one.

Of course no toy is perfect but the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is appropriate in this instance. I can’t vouch for the vibrations in these products but I can’t imagine that they’ll have the strongest motors either. Looking at the app some people have had connectivity issues and one has even reported a malware concern (though there are a few happy campers too). Of course all of these toys can be controlled manually but if you’re buying them for the app then this is something to consider.

Overall, though, these products signal, to me, a promising move forwards in terms of sex tech and accessibility for those on a tight budget. They may not be perfect but some real thought has gone in to making them practical, body-safe, and visually appealing.

So what do you think about these toys? Do you think it’s possible to make remote sex tech products which are affordable, functional and body safe? Are we there yet or do we need some more time? Please comment below letting me know and have a lovely day.

Until the next review!


This article was commissioned by with the intention of highlighting these three products. The content of the review is my own and remains unaffected by this agreement. If you’re interested in and their products then please do check out their site (but only buy body-safe toys, or Auntie Emmeline will cry).