Toy Review: The CalExotics Embrace Massaging G-Tickler

CalExotics has really impressed me recently. Between their bendable products and silicone dilators, I’ve found myself really enjoying my CalExotics review parcels.

The CalExotics Embrace Massaging G-Tickler doesn’t halt this trend at all. Adding to the already successful ‘rabbit vibrator’ design that still dominates the sex toy market, the CalExotics Embrace Massaging G-Tickler goes one step further by adding a pleasure ball in the clitoral section. Yeah. It’s basically like if a rabbit vibrator met the Lelo Ora and, if that idea appeals to you, you’ll probably enjoy this toy.

I, however, am not a fan of rabbit-type dual-stimulators and have yet to find my 100% perfect match. For me there’s just a consistent disconnect between my desire for gentle internal vibrations and my need for powerful clitoral ones which isn’t often reconciled with these kinds of toys. I also often find that in order to have the clitoral prong effectively stimulate my clitoris then I need to angle the shaft further in my vagina or in other ‘fun’ positions which remove the curve from my G-Spot.

This doesn’t go away with the CalExotics Embrace Massaging G-Tickler, so I can’t wholeheartedly ‘Embrace’ it, however it didn’t really detract from my orgasms either. And when this toy feels good it feels very, very good.

The CalExotics Embrace Massaging G-Tickler

Part of the Embrace series, the CalExotics Embrace Massaging G-Tickler is one of a few rabbit-type stimulators in the range. The design element that makes the G-Tickler stand apart are the little feelers on the clitoral arm, which are designed to provide a textured experience during use. This makes the CalExotics Embrace Massaging G-Tickler well-suited for those who like very pin-point sensations or for those who know they like this sort of stimulation.

This toy doesn't work with my body naturally but I can certainly make it work with relative ease.
This toy doesn’t work with my body naturally but I can certainly make it work with relative ease.

As dual-stimulation vibes go the Embrace Massaging G-Tickler is actually well-designed and seems to know how to cater to its audience. The clitoral arm is flexible enough to be pulled away and re-positioned if needed and sports a useable length of just under 2.5 inches. With a 1 inch diameter it covers a nice amount of the vulva without feeling too bulky or intrusive and the little rolling pleasure ball is positioned directly under the ticklers to enhance their potency.

This rolling pleasure ball is CalExotics’ most recent novelty in the Embrace line and I can’t really say that I get it. CEO Susan Colvin states that this pleasure ball ‘offer a unique experience when you turn [it] on and feel the rolling pleasure ball do its thing’ but I personally find the sensation to be too gentle and too indirect to actually be effective. Much like the Lelo Ora, if you put too much pressure on this ball then it slows and becomes ineffective but if you keep some distance then it provides a rather light touch and you miss out on the full force of vibrations in the clitoral arm. I also found that, while it made sense to position this under the ticklers on this toy, the ball actually sat rather awkwardly for me and I could never comfortably place it against my clitoris. All of this meant that the pleasure ball felt like technology for technology’s sake rather than a real innovation and I actually think the Embrace Massaging G-Tickler would work just fine without it.

The massage ball just seems unnecessary to me.
The massage ball just seems unnecessary to me.

Thankfully the controls for the Embrace Massaging G-Tickler mean that you don’t actually need to use the pleasure ball unless you want to, making it a rather non-obtrusive option in the grand scheme of things.

The controls for the Embrace Massaging G-Tickler are straightforward in general—with one controlling the pleasure ball and the other the toy’s vibrations and 7 different patterns. These patterns also provide a rather diverse experience, taking advantage of this toy’s dual motors to create synchronized, reverberating, and independent options that should please most people. As an added bonus the Embrace Massaging G-Tickler also remembers the last function used, meaning you never really have to fiddle around with this toy too much.

As a luxury toy the Embrace Massaging G-Tickler actually has many benefits. It’s waterproof for easy cleaning and underwater use, it’s completely USB rechargeable (with a 1hr charge lasting 40 mins. On high and 50 mins. On low) and it’s covered in luxuriously smooth silicone.

Silicone as a material is non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body-safe and the matte surface of the Embrace Massaging G-Tickler definitely makes for an enjoyable product. Overall all of these elements are to be expected from a toy that retails at $50-$65 but that doesn’t mean that they’re not appreciated regardless. The Embrace Massaging G-Tickler also comes in a luxe-looking box which is well-suited for gift-giving.

This shaft works wonders for me.
This shaft works wonders for me.

When it comes to vibrations the Embrace Massaging G-Tickler is a bit of a mixed bag. The vibrations in its shaft are semi-rumbly, nicely resonant and have a reverberating quiver about them which reminds me of the shudder down my spine when my partner alluringly kissed my neck. However the vibrations in the clitoral massager are comparatively weak, undoubtedly buzzy and just generally very lacklustre. This is disappointing, mostly because the vibrations in the shaft are SO enjoyable that it feels like the clitoral vibrations actively detract from this.

Is it any doubt, then, that each of my orgasms with this toy have been achieved by flexing this clitoral arm out of the way and using a wand externally while enjoying the shaft of this product internally. As it turns out the bulge and curve of this toy are perfectly designed to provide some very nice G-Spot stimulation and every orgasm I’ve had with this toy has been very strong (sometimes even eliciting an audible gasp of release). But can I really recommend a toy where most of my pleasure comes from only using half of it? I don’t really know.

In terms of other downsides the biggest I have is that the pleasure ball is rather noisy and the 2-button set up means that you will sometimes need to filter through a few patterns if you want to change mid-use.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all I don’t dislike the Embrace Massaging G-Tickler, as it’s pretty impossible to dislike a toy that provides me with such great end results. However when those results are the endeavor of outside elements rather than simply the toy itself I cannot, in good conscience, wholeheartedly enjoy it.

Even if you do like dual-stimulators please do consider how strong you need your clitoral arm to be before buying this toy, as most of the power for this toy definitely resides in its shaft. If you think you’ll be fine then there’s no real reason not to buy this toy, but consider your options.

What I will say is that this vibrator has made me curious about other toys in the Embrace line. Would I like the Embrace G-Wand, for example? What about the Beloved Wand? All I know is that if they’re anything like the G-Tickler then this range certainly has some potential.

Recommend to:

People who like rabbit-style vibrators.

People who don’t need strong clitoral vibrations.

People who like firm G-spot toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike rabbit-style vibrators.

People who prefer stronger, rumblier vibrations.

People who value discretion.

The Embrace Massaging G-Tickler was provided to me by CalExotics in exchange for an honest review.