Toy Review: The Tantus Throb

Despite being around at the perfect age for it I never really got on the Dragon Ball Z hype train, and the reason for that is very simple. Veins. I actually can’t stand the sight of them. There’s something about a prominent vein throbbing at the surface of a person’s skin which just doesn’t float my boat. In fact the bulging additions to some ‘realistic’ dildos is why I stayed clear of them for quite some time. Much as with Dragon Ball Z I now feel as if younger me missed out a bit.

With its firm shaft and its brilliant venous texture the Tantus Throb has managed to make my heart throb as well as my vagina.

The Tantus Throb

Images of the Tantus Throb may make it look like a rather intimidating hunk of silicone—along the lines of the Cush, the Vamp, or even the Sam—however the Tantus Throb is much more modest than the imagination might muster. In fact when I first encountered the Tantus Throb it was at a distance at a trade fare and I had no idea what I was looking at. I glimpsed the Tantus logo from afar and thought ‘Oh my gosh, that little black dildo over there looks adorable!’ It wasn’t until I was up close and personal that I noticed the thick veins decorating this toy’s slim shaft and spotted its distinctive name. It was at that point that the Throb felt more manageable for me and I was overjoyed when Tantus provided it for review.

The Tantus Throb may look larger than life but it's actually very reasonable.
The Tantus Throb may look larger than life but it’s actually very reasonable.

In actually the Throb comes in at about 5.5 inches in length and has a maximum diameter of about 1.4 inches. This makes the Tantus Throb a rather accessible dildo for anyone looking to dabble in more prominent textures, either vaginally or anally (though I will conceded that it’s a bit more intimidating for anal use). For anal and pegging enthusiasts the Tantus Throb has a flared base and is completely harness compatible.

Because the Tantus Throb aims to be anal-friendly (and monopolize on its distinctive texture) this toy is rather rigid with very little give. This works incredibly well for the Tantus Throb, as it really does highlight the toys main features: It’s wonderfully, almost hook-like head, great for hitting the G & P Spot, and its very detailed, overly raised veins, which run all the way along its shaft.

These veins stand out in more ways than one. When compared to something more realistic (like the Sam) or something more detailed (like the Bound), the Tantus Throb’s veins look almost clumsy in their execution; as if they were one of the first few drafts molded into a clay. This rough-and-ready appearance comes with an incredibly distinct sensation too, and the uncompromising firmness of these veins is incredibly apparent during use. In me this causes my vaginal wall to flex and twitch upon contact with the Throb’s shaft, causing heightened levels of excitement before I’ve even begun to move it. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

The texture of this toy and the curve of its well-defined head leaves me fully satisfied.
The texture of this toy and the curve of its well-defined head leaves me fully satisfied.

The Tantus Throb is made out of Ultra-Premium Silicone, making it phthalate-free, non-porous and completely body-safe. Be warned, though, because of the amplified texture on the Throb this toy is best boiled of put in the dishwasher rather than hand-washed. A little give-and-take if you will.

This silicone is matte, creating a slightly draggy surface which is wonderfully gripping during use. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to the head and coronal ridge of the Throb, which manage to locate and caress their target with the skill that I have come to expect from all Tantus toys.

Because this toy does provide some rather intense sensations I don’t like to thrust it. Rather, my favourite method when using the Throb is to simply wiggle it up and down or simply to clench around it, allowing my vaginal muscles to flex and release as feels most natural. Despite this rather lax approach I have yet to have a slow or disappointing orgasm with the Tantus Throb. In fact each and every orgasm with this toy has been swift, strong and absolutely phenomenal. It’s almost too easy (really it is) but, then again, I am a texture whore.

The level of detail on this toy is incredible (and incredibly prone to gathering dust and fluids).
The level of detail on this toy is incredible (and incredibly prone to gathering dust and fluids).

Mr. Peaches has tried the Throb but at the time it was simply too large for him to take on the lone occasion that he’s been able to try it. However for the brief duration that it was in I felt his legs shake, heard his breath quiver, and saw the near-instant gratification that crossed his face. Upon removing it he immediately asserted that he will be trying it again and actually pined over it and his inability to take it on that occasion.

The takeaway from this is that the Tantus Throb is do-able for intermediate users of anal toys, but it may require some warm up, as the combination of size and texture can be quite overwhelming, even if they are enjoyable.

While Mr. Peaches and I are huge fans of the Throb I have to concede that it won’t be for everyone. In fact you’ve got to be pretty enamored by texture in order to try a toy as intense as the Throb—which is basically a love-letter to textured toys the world around. If you know for a fact that veins are a particular bugbear of yours then the Throb is a definite no-no.

Equally, if you know you dislike firm toys, representational toys, or smaller toys then the Throb may not be for you. I’ll admit, most days the Throb’s texture is enough to work for me but sometimes I do feel like its girth is lamentably lacking. This has never stopped the potency of my orgasms, though, so who am I to complain?

The biggest issue for me (and for those who value discretion) is the fact that the Throb is best boiled or put in the dishwasher to clean it. For some this may mean that the Throb is off-limits altogether for now, which is rather sad. Mostly because anyone who thinks the Throb is for them will probably enjoy what it has to offer.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am thrilled by the Throb and find that it provides all of the sensations necessary to make my inner texture whore writhe on the sheets in a happy bundle or orgasmic bliss.

While the Throb is a definite acquired taste those who meet the criteria catered to by the Throb may find this to be an incredible addition to their arsenal of textured toys, and I personally rank it within my top 5 for textured toys.

The deep throb that this toy leaves post-orgasm is more than enough for it to earn its title and my affection and I wholeheartedly recommend it to those who are already intrigued by this textured treat.

Recommend to:

People who love texture (specifically veins).

People who love firm toys.

People looking for a slimmer textured toy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike texture.

People who prefer softer toys.

People who cannot clean this toy thoroughly (through personal circumstances).

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