Toy Review: The Zini Donut

As gluten-free options go, the Zini Donut isn’t the worst choice as an alternative to pastries, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best though.

Designed as if it had rolled straight out of a Simpson’s scene, the Zini Donut combines many people’s favourite dessert item with the after-dinner treat. Who can complain about that?

Well, while I certainly don’t have any strong complaints against the Zini Donut I don’t think it’s phenomenal either. In fact at times it was downright painful (and you never want that).

The Zini Donut is a quirky product, meant to appeal to all bodies, but in doing so it fails to work for me on an individual level.

But before I delve deeper into my donut-centric deliberations let’s look at some specs.

The Zini Donut

With its bright orange body, comfortable size, and eccentric design the Zini Donut makes for some delicious eye candy indeed. Food sex toys have certainly been done before (cucumbers, corn on the cob, and carrots are tried-and-tested silicone successes) but I’ve never really seen companies branch out from your 5-a-day when it comes to food-based sex toys. The Zini Donut manages to break quite a few conventions, then; it’s not a vegetable, it’s not a dildo, and it’s made with both sexes in mind. On paper this makes the Zini Donut sound like an incredibly appealing product and there are certainly review out there which rate it highly.

Food-shaped sex toys aren't that uncommon, but donut-shaped ones?...
Food-shaped sex toys aren’t that uncommon, but donut-shaped ones?…

In terms of dimensions the Zini Donut comes in at about 3.75 inches across and weighs about 250 grams. While it may look like a never-ending ring of donut-based goodness it actually has a silicone cap which, once removed, reveals two rounded edges. These are where most of the vibrations can be felt and you can use them externally (in a number of ways) or insert one end and use the other for external stimulation. If you are planning to insert the Donut then you should find its circumference quite manageable, at 3.75 inches around.

The Zini Donut comes in a beautifully designed, white-patterned box, which is opened and closed magnetically. This makes it a great little gift item if you’re going for an erotic alternative to a box of chocolates (though, admittedly, at €111.20, it’s a lot pricier). The Zini Donut also comes with a storage bag, which is incredibly convenient, and is rechargeable via USB. A single charge takes 1hr but seems to last a reasonable amount of time, even on the highest power.

Okay, so maybe it's not a full-on ringed donut but it still counts.
Okay, so maybe it’s not a full-on ringed donut but it still counts.

In terms of other benefits the Zini Donut is completely waterproof and is made out of silicone, which is phthalate-free, non-porous, and completely body-safe. This makes the Zini Donut a great choice for safety-conscious sex toy users (which, I would argue, we should all strive to become) as the Zini Donut won’t retain any bodily fluids or bacteria and is easy to clean regardless.

The silicone itself feels incredibly soft and has a matte exterior to allow for a silky-but-persistent stroking sensation when brought to the skin. As someone who prefers this type of silicone I was very happy to find that the Zini Donut essentially follows suit with other luxury toys.

In order to power its two prongs, the Zini Donut actually has a dual-motor system in place, intended to create a ‘harmonized system’ during use. Note ‘harmonized’, as the Donut’s two motors can’t be individually controlled, but I don’t expect everything from a toy. Some of the toy’s 15 patterns do play around with these dual motors in inventive and playful ways, but sadly the intensity of the patterns can’t be controlled, which is a bit of a downer for my pattern-loving readers.

When it comes to consistent vibrations the Zini Donut has 5 different intensities to choose from, giving it quite a reasonable range. While not my favourite type of vibrations (and in the higher mid-level in terms of maximum strength) I do have to admit that I quite enjoy what the Zini Donut has to offer. Providing vibrations that are too low-frequency to ever be called a buzz, but which offer too much of a flicker to qualify as a rumble, the Zini Donut has a very distinct type of vibration intensity which provides depth and keeps the attention of my clitoris well enough. These vibrations start out rather gently but increase to a nice degree of mid-level strength; though, be warned, the final level does kick it up a notch in comparison to the others. Even I was caught off guard by the sudden amp up!

If the Zini Donut had a more conventional design, but kept the same motors, I’m sure I’d enjoy it as a mellow alternative to my wands. Sadly, as it is the Zini Donut is…well, a donut, and it turns out that donuts aren’t optimized for fucking.

Initially I tried this toy up against my clitoris but the gap between the two prongs means that the Zini Donut never comfortably hugged up against my clitoris. Grinding higher up the shaft worked well enough (in a I’m-rubbing-a-donut-against-my-crotch kind of way) but this meant I wasn’t getting the strongest vibrations, which simply doesn’t work for me.

We then tried it on Mr. Peaches as a cock ring: Partial success. When hugging around his stationary cock during a make-out session, or when I’m on top, the Zini Donut works quite well. It provides enough ambient vibration to keep Mr. Peaches stimulated while allowing me some fleeting vibrations when I’m riding him. However these sensations, in our opinion, weren’t worth the price tag of the toy.

These prongs are about as comfortable as you'd imagine.
These prongs are about as comfortable as you’d imagine.

However we found that using this sex toy as a cock ring in any other instance is pretty much a bust. Especially if it involves penis control or any thrusting where gravity is a factor. At one point Mr. Peaches cock became so unwieldy that his penis accidentally slid into my anus instead during use. There are no words for an experience like that, only memes.

Finally I tried using the Zini Donut as a dual-purpose toy (one prone in my vagina and the other on my clit, in this instance). Terrible idea. Y’see while the Zini Donut does have a flexible mid-section the prongs themselves are still rather firm and the bend isn’t enough to stop them from clamping down and soon as you release them. The curve of the Zini Donut is also so sharp, short and stout that it literally gouged at my vaginal opening when I released it, sending an intense pain through my crotch. Yeah…no. I may not be a ‘rabbit’ lover at the best of times but this sex toy goes beyond impractical for me and was just downright painful instead, and that’s where I draw the line.

All-in-all the Zini Donut is an appealing but ultimately unrefined sex toy with a lot of potential which sadly doesn’t translate into the end-product.

While a few of my niggles with this toy can be put down to personal preference and body-compatibility, the Zini Donut does have a few objective downsides too.

The biggest is probably the buttons, which are hard to press (especially when you’re hands are lubed up). This may make the Zini Donut more secure for travel but it can kill the mood during use.

The Indented design of the buttons (and the Zini logo) can also retain gunk so they need some extra care during cleaning.

But, on the plus side, it is rather quiet, especially on the lower settings.

Final Thoughts

Just because you can make a donut-shaped sex toy doesn’t mean that you should. This is what the Zini Donut has taught me, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have the same experience.

With decent vibrations, a playful design, and all the trappings of a high-quality sex toy, the Zini Donut does have a lot to offer. In terms of its vibrations it also performs very well and I actually enjoyed the sensations a fair bit.

Still, I maintain that the design of the Zini Donut is more of a hindrance than anything else. When a toy is quirky in design and provides effective sensations then I’m all for it, but the Zini Donut’s design seemed to actively work against it, meaning I had to fight for every orgasm and it shouldn’t be that way. Sex and donuts should be enjoyable—doubly so when combined—but the Zini Donut instead provides a very specific form of play which may only appeal to a rather niche market.

Recommend to:

People who like mid-level dual motors.

People who like very firm, snug prongs.

People looking for food-based sexual roleplay items.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer purely buzzy/purely rumbly vibrations.

People who prefer conventionally-shaped toys.

People who dislike clamping sensations during dual-stimulation.

The Zini Donut was provided to me by Meo in exchange for an honest review. Meo are a fantastic company (with some of the best-tasting oral gel on the market) and I highly recommend checking them out.