Product Review: The Frisky Premium Silicone Spanking Paddle

Whether you enjoy some tentative tapping or a full-on-thump a good paddle is an invaluable tool when it comes to impact play. Broad, firm and unyielding, there’s nothing quite like the firm feeling of a paddle persistently pounding your posterior.

I’m not massively into S&M but I do enjoy a good bit of impact play and I revel in my growing collection of paddles. And the Frisky Premium Silicone Spanking Paddle is a worthy addition to my collection.

Providing an array of benefits (thanks to its silicone structure) the Frisky Premium Spanking Paddle provides an exhilarating experience which does more than get my heart pounding.

The Frisky Premium Silicone Spanking Paddle

The Frisky Premium Silicone Spanking Paddle retails at £29.95 over at Shop Naughty, making it rather typical in terms of pricing for a premium paddle. The paddle itself has a dual-appeal; providing two different surfaces for users to play with. One of the sides for this paddle is nice and smooth whereas the other side has a beautifully assertive-looking diamond studded design. This allows a particular aesthetic which really helps users channel their inner-Dom and get into an erotic mind-set (as a sub it’s a pretty tantalizing sight too!)

The Frisky Premium Silicone Paddle has a very striking aesthetic.
The Frisky Premium Silicone Paddle has a very striking aesthetic.

In terms of measurements the Frisky Premium Silicone Spanking Paddle has a total length of 16 inches (including the ringlet at the end) and a spanking surface of about 8.4 inches in length and 2.4 inches in width. The handle for this paddle comes in at a comfortable width of just over 1 inch with a feasibly graspable section of about 4.5 inches. For new users to paddles the flatness of this handle might seem a bit strange but it’s not atypical of the paddle world and it easy enough to get used to.

There is a great amount of attention to detail when it comes to this paddle. The diamond studded slide has a plan, smooth border running along it whereas the smooth side is lined by a faux-stitch effect, as if it were a luxurious leather paddle.

The faux stitch work is a really nice touch.
The faux stitch work is a really nice touch.

However this paddle isn’t made of leather; it’s made of silicone, which comes with its own brilliant benefits. Chief among them is the fact that this paddle is incredibly easy to clean. Simply wash with soap and water and wipe clean for a fully hygienic paddle. Silicone is non-porous, phthalate-free, and completely body safe by default, so you don’t have to worry about your paddle gaining any undesirable fluids which might punish you in an entirely different way.

The surface of this silicone is decadently smooth and silky to the touch. This means that, in addition to impact play, this paddle is perfect for a bit of sensation play too. Simply take the smooth side of the paddle and gently run it across your partner’s body in between spanks. I also recommend starting with the smooth side and then subtly flipping over to the diamond section and running it over your partner’s body as a promise for what’s to come (or a cheeky tease of a side that you then deprive them of). This works especially well if a blindfold is involved.

Tease your partner with the studded section.
Tease your partner with the studded section.

When it comes to sensations silicone can deliver a sharp sting with minimal effort meaning it’s not necessarily for the faint of heart. However because this biting sensation can be easily controlled it can still be a good way for new users to try some sharper forms. This paddle will only deliver unbearable sensations if you put some real effort into it, meaning the power truly is in the user’s hands.

In terms of silicone paddles the only kind I had tried before were from Tantus. These paddles tended to be thicker and much more flexible than this paddle (meaning you did need to be a bit more mindful with your swing). Comparatively the Frisky Premium Silicone Spanking Paddle is slightly thinner, much firmer and has very little natural swing or flexibility. While this may be a deterrent for some it does mean that the Frisky Paddle is easier to control, a bit thumpier in use and, surprisingly, actually a bit less painful at each level of use. Don’t get me wrong—this paddle still delivers a sharp tingle accompanied by a firm booting sensation but unless Mr. Peaches adds some real swing to it then I can typically take the punishment that it promises.

The firmness of this paddle works in its favor.
The firmness of this paddle works in its favor.

When it comes to the different sides I can’t say that I felt much of a difference, however the diamond-studded side did leave a bit of a pattern shortly after use, so Mr. Peaches and I tend to use it to produce some rather appealing eye-candy.

In terms of downsides there really aren’t that many with this paddle.

If you want to avoid sharp sensations, want a flexible paddle, or prefer very painful sensations then this entry-level paddle may not be able to match your preferences, but this isn’t necessarily a fault with the paddle.

One thing I will say against this paddle is that the loop at the end does seem a bit out-of-place with the rest of it (looking a bit standard and tacky) but I tend to overlooks this because of its practicality. Others might find this loop a deterrent though.

Silicone can bea bit grabby too in terms of dust, hair and grime, but this is where the ease-of-cleaning comes in, so I don’t mind at all.

Final Thoughts

Minor nit-picks aside there really isn’t anything to dislike about this paddle. What with other silicone paddles providing a more supple experience, the harder firmness of this paddle provides a slightly more unrelenting experience and is a welcome addition to the silicone paddle market.

I personally found the sensations that this paddle provided well within my pain range and think that it would be a brilliant paddle for anyone wanting to dabble with non-conventional paddle materials. Get your own brand spanking new one over at Shop Naughty today!

Recommend to:

People who like firm paddles.

People who like silicone paddles.

People who like mid-level stinging/thumping sensations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer flexible paddles.

People who prefer different paddle materials.

People who prefer purely stinging/purely thumping sensations.

The Frisky Premium Silicone Spanking Paddle was provided to me by Shop Naughty in exchange for an honest review. If you liked it then please do consider making your purchase using the affiliate links included in this post.