Toy Review: The Godemiche Peg

Godemiche are very quickly becoming the golden child of safe, affordable and effective silicone sex toys manufactured in the UK (and that’s not just because some of their sex toys are literally golden). Reputable, creative and fully of passion the creators over at Godemiche (Adam and Monkia) definitely know what they’re bringing and each new creation is approached with near-unmatched levels of enthusiasm.

Let’s be honest here, any company that is trying to bust the monopoly of Black, Pink and Purple toys in the sex market, make fucking machine compatible body-safe toys, and have created something as majestic as the Lance is always going to be in my good books. However, I still like to judge a toy by its quality rather than simply the gusto of its creators so you can be certain that I approached the Godemiche Peg with a rather discerning eye.

Purchasable as part of an anal combo, or as a solo toy, the Peg is Godemiche’s flagship anal toy for, well, pegging. But just how well does this Peg perform under pressure? Read on to find out.

The Godemiche Peg

The Godemiche Peg is described on the Godemiche site as a ‘small finger like dildo for first time anal experience’. Simple and sweet, this description does a very good job at describing the Peg, but I do feel like it does it a bit of a disservice. The truth is that the Peg is a fantastic little dildo to have on hand for all anal occasions: great for a preliminary warm up, great for a tantalizing tease, and even great for the long-haul for beginners and anal veterans alike.

The Peg is a perfect introductory toy into the world of anal play.

Mr. Peaches has been using anal toys for quite some time now. He’s tried iconic products, such as the Bootie, the Lelo Loki Wave, and even the nJoy Pure Plug. Yet, despite his varied experience, the Godemiche Peg has easily managed to slip its way between his butt cheeks as his second favourite anal toy, which is no small feat in my opinion. God I love Mr. Peaches but I have to admit that this anus is a bit fussy and I’ve purchased multiple P-spot presents for him only to find that they were a booty bust in the end. So when I surprised him with the Godemiche Peg I was a bit dubious as to how he’d take it; the answer was ‘eagerly and repeatedly’.

When I asked Mr. Peaches what made the Peg such a winner for him is answer echoed the name of the toy and, yes, even the opening description on the site in terms of being sweet and straight to the point: ‘When designing this toy the good folks at Godemiche must have done so with the mantra “never overlook the power of simplicity”,’ he told me, ‘because this toy is possibly the most perfect example of a beginner’s introductory toy to pegging I’ve very seen’.

Simple but effective.
Simple but effective.

So what has gone into the design of the Peg? Well, as you may have expected (and even seen) by now, the Peg is, indeed, a very simple toy in terms of design and execution, and that really is perfect for what it is. The Peg itself has an incredibly forgiving shaft, which sports an insertable length of 5 inches and a circumference on just 2.5 inches. These really does make it a near-perfect introductory toy, among other things. The Peg also has a reasonably sized flared base, making it well-suited for anal-use.

Being made out of FDA-approved, platinum-cure silicone, the Peg is phthalate-free, non-porous and 100% body safe. It’s also incredibly easy to clean: requiring only a good toy cleaner and some hot water. You can also boil it or throw it in the dishwasher too.

The silicone used for the Peg isn’t exactly silky smooth, but it has a nice glossy-but-grippy texture which lubes up well without completely sacrificing the sensation of the surface. The silicone used for the Peg is rather firm but this is a deliberate choice—as anal toys are better off being firm for easier insertion and increased sensation.

In a fantastic move, Godemiche provides the Peg in 11 different colours (and 8 more Pearlescent ones at an additional cost). This means that there is literally a Peg out there to match every occasion and to suit your every desire. More power to Godemiche for providing such an amazing selection of colours, especially for a toy that only retails at £12.00. Never have I seen a toy that’s body safe, affordable, and comes with so many different colour selections before, so a huge congratulations to Godemiche here for breaking from the mold in the best possible way.

Check out this colour selection!
Check out this colour selection!

The subtle curve of the Peg and its reasonable dimensions are what initially drew me to this toy but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t apprehensive about one feature; namely the ridges. Etched halfway down the shaft is a layer of 6 ridges that provide the only source of texture on this otherwise smooth dildo. Personally I was on the fence as to whether Mr. Peaches would love these ridges or hate them, but I’m pretty sure you can guess the outcome by now:

The magic that brings all of the elements of this Peg together are the ridges halfway down the toy, which cause a lovely sensation as they rub against your anus. Furthermore, these ridges are very good at keeping the toy in place so that even the hardest clench doesn’t accidentally eject the toy.

A large part of why I like this toy so much, the ridge hold the tip right over my P-Spot which feels great and gets me in the mood for girthier toys. Orgasms with this toy are pleasant and gentle giving me something to clench around while not being too intense.

Now, Mr. Peaches can describe these orgasms as ‘gentle’ but I’ve been the one using it on him on multiple occasions and I’ve seen the way he squirms when it’s inserted. The moment of climax can, at times, seem gentle, but on other occasions there is a visible shudder of pleasurable release across his entire body which paints the perfect bodily endorsement of the Godemiche Peg.

The ridges look almost like the patterns of a fingerprint and are just as distinctive.
The ridges look almost like the patterns of a fingerprint and are just as distinctive.

That being said no toy is perfect and even this simple Peg does have its quirks and downsides.

In terms of personal preference you may find yourself disliking the Peg if you really cannot stand texture, require a sharp curve to reach orgasm, or simply prefer girthier toys. As accessible as I believe the Peg is to all users that doesn’t mean that it will suit all user’s needs, so consider your own proclivities before purchasing the Peg.

Another thing to note is that, while the base is good for anal use, it isn’t the largest in the world in terms of actual pegging. I couldn’t actually use it with my go-to harness, the Joque, because its base was simply too loose. As such it may be worth considering the required O-ring diameter before purchasing this product for pegging (1.25 might be a good match but it really does depend on your harness and the flexibility of the ring).

And, of course, like most anal toys the Peg does retain some odour, although I have to say it is a rather minor one compared to some other silicone toys I own, so this is a very minor point. The ridges and G’s do also require some extra attention during cleaning too.

Final Thoughts

All things considered Mr. Peaches and I are extremely happy with the Godemiche Peg and when he’s craving a bit of length and minimal stretch it is our go-to toy for some anal adventures.

At such an affordable price, and with a solid design and colour selection you really can’t go wrong with the Godemiche Peg. Buy one right now and stick it up your butt (with lots of lube, of course). Emmeline’s orders.

Recommend to:

People who want an introductory anal toy.

People who like ridges on their anal toys.

People looking for a slender pegging dildo.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer girthier toys.

People who dislike texture.

People who don’t like anal play.