Product Review: Wingman Condoms

If you’re new to my site then you may not know this but I absolutely adore condoms. Yes, I’m on the contraceptive pill and only have one sexual partner, but I’m a ‘better safe than sorry’ sort of person and feel like additional protection is never a bad thing.

Beyond that I also love the aesthetic of condoms and the mental primer to fucking that they can provide. I love walking in and seeing one out and ready, or slipping suggestively into the bedside drawer to receive one. I adore temptingly tearing the packet open (safely, of course), and retrieving the rubber provider of reassurance. And I especially enjoy seeing Mr. Peaches sliding it down his shaft or doing to myself. All of those elements really do play into sex for me and I would feel like an element were missing if condoms suddenly disappeared from out sex life. Thankfully Mr. Peaches is also a staunch advocate of the condom so our views here align.

That being said I’m not completely unrealistic and I do know that condoms can dull the sensation for some people or simply be distracting due to their sensation. However the solution to this for me isn’t to omit condoms altogether. Instead I like to think of it as an exciting chance to try out different condoms and explore the sensations they provide. With this mind set I firmly believe that condoms can become less of a nuisance for those who dislike them and more of an exciting chance to pick the right sexual accessory for them and to get closer to their partner through sexual exploration. As we all know, safer sex is sexy.

For many men looking for more sensation thinner condoms are the way to go, but ironically in my relationship I’m the one always on the hunt for thinner condoms. Count me as a condom connoisseur if you will. It was through one of my condom browsing sessions that I came across Wingman Condoms and, well, the rest is history.

Wingman Condoms

So what made the Wingman Condoms stand out to me? Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this condoms but they ain’t your usual customers. No sir.

To find you what makes these condoms so distinctive we have to go beyond the wrapper.
To find you what makes these condoms so distinctive we have to go beyond the wrapper.

Created out of ‘personal frustration’ Wingman Condoms redesign how users apply condoms by coming with a pre-fitted disposable plastic device which essentially acts as little wings for the condom. All you need to do to apply the condom is simply grab the wings (making sure the logo is facing up), push down both wings at the same time and then remove them once the condom is fully applied. It really is that simple.

In order to achieve this purpose this device is fully flexible where it needs to be while also maintaining rigid wings to allow for easy application. The logo on the wings is also slightly raised, so you can actually feel where they needs to be for application rather than having to fiddle around to turn on the lights if you’re already in the moment. This makes Wingman Condoms a great option for users who want the safety of a condom but often find applying one to be a hassle or too long of a distraction from sex. Using Wingman Condoms you don’t even need to pinch the tip of the condom (and I honestly don’t know how I feel about that, assurance-seeker that I am).

Wingman Condoms have literal wings.
Wingman Condoms have literal wings.

However, Wingman Condoms don’t just work to change how condoms are applied, they’ve also tried to make sure that their condoms are the thinnest on the market. How thin are Wingman Condoms? According to Lovehoney, Wingman Condoms come in at 55 microns, which is pretty decent. To put that into perspective Durex Extra Safe are about 75 microns in thickness, Pasante’s Regular Condoms have a thickness of 70 microns, and Mates Originals are 65 microns. That being said Wingman Condom’s claim to be the thinnest on the market just isn’t true (especially with recent developments). EXS Air Thin Condoms come in at 45 microns as do Durex Invisible, and let’s not forget the many imports that are available, especially from Japan. Still, when looking at the Wingman Condoms in terms of price, thinness, and ease of application I do feel like I can let them off a few microns. Besides I’ve personally found in the past that there is such a thin as a condom that feels too thin and too fragile, so for me the Wingman Condoms are a perfect line in the sand.

When I first got my Wingman Condoms I didn’t know what to expect, but I was drawn in by their winged design and thinness. Ironically the design of the Wingman Condoms (meant to allow for ease of use) turned out to be quite time-consuming first time around, as we pulled out the manual to make sure we were getting things perfectly right. However I did find that application got easier after the initial application faded. One thing I will say is that the applicator (while flexible) does always feel a little bit too snug during use, so very large users may find application either a bit more awkward or simply impractical.

In terms of user experience both Mr. Peaches and I were (and still are) extremely happy with the Wingman Condoms.  Personally found that the thin design of the condoms meant that Mr. Peaches felt more pronounced and the natural details of his shaft became more prominent inside of me. I definitely enjoyed feeling his coronal ridge against my G-Spot more and this alone was worth the price of the condoms for me. Mr. Peaches, on the other hand, felt a significant boost in sensation and he always seems to have a very strong orgasm when wearing a Wingman Condom. The thickness of a condom really can make or break a sex session.

Personally both of us were aware that Mr. Peaches was wearing a condom during use but it was a very light awareness, barely noticeable at all. I personally felt it was just enough so that we didn’t fear the condom had broken or slipped off but not enough to dull sensation during use.

As a bonus neither of us found the Wingman Condoms to have a strong odor and the material itself (latex) glided quite well when lubricant was applied.

These Wingman Condoms are a sheer joy to use.
These Wingman Condoms are a sheer joy to use.

Now, being latex condoms Wingman Condoms sadly aren’t compatible with people who have latex allergies and that is a shame. In future I do hope that Wingman are able to make a non-latex condom because I know that some users will find the applicator alone to be a lifesaver.

That being said I do think that others will dislike the applicator and consider it to be an unnecessary faff. Coming with the applicator pre-applied, the pack for each Wingman Condom is also slightly bulkier than a normal condom, which may not be ideal for some.

Then, of course, there’s an environmental concern. Condoms, alone, are a bit of a grey area when it comes to loving Mother Nature: what with being one use, disposable pieces of rubber. However Wingman Condoms add a plastic applicator to the mix as well, which is also one use only, meaning there’s even more waste come the end of it. This doesn’t make the condoms costs more—and a pack of 12 comes in at a respectable £10.99—but I do feel like eco-conscious condom users might be deterred by the frivolity of the plastic applicator.

Final Thoughts

Wingman Condoms aren’t our go-to condoms but they are what I would consider to be a very close second. I’ve personally purchased every single package I got and I haven’t regretted it once.

For people who want a thinner condom without the hassle of applying it (because, yes, thin condoms can often be trickier to apply in general) then the Wingman Condoms are a great pick. Heck, they’re a great pick for anyone who wants thinner condoms really!

There’s also a novelty element to these condoms which does make using them feel special, deluxe, and even a little bit playful. According to the Wingman Condom site 83% of Wingman users considered them to be the best condom on the market and, having tried them multiple times myself, I can certainly see the appeal.

Recommend to:

People who struggle to apply condoms.

People who want a thinner condom.

People who want something a little different.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thicker condoms.

People with latex allergies.

Eco-conscious consumers.

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