Toy Review: The CalExotics Silhouette S8

The S8 is part of the same range as the S10, which I actually really liked. If you want to read that review then go here but (spoilers) I felt like this range was a solid step forward for CalExotics, in design if not in vibrations.

So, did the S8 leave me with the same opinion? Well yes, actually. Things are looking up.

The CalExotics Silhouette S8

The CalExotics Silhouette S8 is part of the Silhouette line and continues the trend of having a wonderfully flexible shaft for a customisable experience.

The S8 is a commendable clitoral vibrator.
The S8 is a commendable clitoral vibrator.

While the S10 is geared towards internal stimulation the S8 seems much more suited to clitoral use and/or use as a dual vibrator. The rounded top section has some raised sections meant to stimulate the clitoris whereas the shaft has a nicely tapered appearance which does lend itself to some G-Spot stimulation.

Currently from what I can see the S8 is being retailed at $55.99 at SheVibe, making it a rather reasonably priced luxury sex toy.

When I say luxury, I mean it in terms of features. Although sadly lacking a storage bag the S8 is 100% waterproof, comes with a travel lock and is USB rechargeable. As opposed to the S10, the S8 doesn’t come with estimates on charging time but based on my own personal use I’d say you get a decent amount of charge for your time. As a nice reassurance the S8 comes with a 1 year warranty too.

The S8 is made out of silky smooth matte silicone which is non-porous, phthalate-free and completely body safe. This silicone is as high-quality as you would expect from the price, although it does have a bit more drag than brands like Lelo might have. To me it kind of feels like the happy mid-point between Lelo’s silicone and that of Fun Factory; not too soft, not too grabby, but just right.

The button is on the side of the circular clit area.
The button is on the side of the circular clit area.

The S8 is controlled by a single button which is used to navigate its incremental vibration intensity. Sadly for you pattern lovers the S8 is lacking these, so the S10 might be a better choice if you don’t mind the additional bulk and truly need the tease of a good pattern.

Because it has a single button the S8 is incredibly easy to control. All you need to do is press the button to turn it on, Press and hold it to increase the vibration intensity and press the button to turn it back on again. The travel lock is turned on and off by rapidly pressing the button 3 times. Much like the S10 could have done with four buttons I really feel like the S8 could have done with one extra button, but I digress.

In terms of vibration the S8 delivers an impressive amount of power but that power comes with a high buzz, especially on the stronger levels. Because of this I personally prefer using the S8 at a lower level, where the vibrations are powerful but have a bit more depth and something that resembles a rumble. At the lower levels you can almost feel the individual rhythmic motions of the motor as it gets to work with the vibrations and that subtle undulation was actually really enjoyable during use.

Like the S10, the S8 has some bend to it, though sadly it only bends in the narrow section of the shaft.
Like the S10, the S8 has some bend to it, though sadly it only bends in the narrow section of the shaft.

When it comes to the higher levels this sensation does get lost a bit though and instead you’re left with a rapid whir. These vibrations aren’t bad at all. And if you like buzzy vibrations then the S8 actually comes with a nice degree of depth which I was thoroughly impressed with. But for me these vibrations were just a bit too buzzy, too abrasive for my liking, especially considering how slim the shaft is.

My preferred method for using the S8 was as a clitoral vibrator, with the shaft pressed against my vulva. This provided some rather nice sensations which can envelop the entire vulva or can be more pin-point (depending on how you navigate the shaft) but which always resulted in strong, reliable orgasms. These vibrations may not be my preferred kind but they undeniably pack a punch which is worth the price alone.

In terms of internal use I personally find the S8’s 3 inch circumference a little too slim to give me what I’m looking for. However this slimmer design does make the S8 a great option for those battling Vaginismus who have conquered a similar girth on their dilators and want to begin exploring internal toys for pleasure.

Sadly I found that the circular clitoral section of the S8 didn’t really do much. It mainly relies on the vibrations of the shaft to get its kick but these are too weak to allow the clitoral section to provide a substantial level of power. That’s my opinion at least. Because of this I disliked using the S8 as a dual-stimulator, although its bendability lends itself to this purpose.

You may also be thinking that some of the shapes that the S8 can bend in to make it perfect for use as an insertable ‘in-use’ couples vibrator but I’d give that a pass. The shape of the shaft isn’t well designed for it and so the result would most likely be less than thrilling.

Best to avoid trying to replicate the We-Vibe experience.
Best to avoid trying to replicate the We-Vibe experience.

When it comes to downsides the major issue I have with the S8 is its lack of dual motors and its single-button system. I feel like this vibrator could have been something really great if it had focused on perfecting the circular section’s vibrations too. But then again that would have added to the price and meant that its handle essentially vibrated, so swings and roundabouts.

I’ve mentioned why single-button controls are annoying a million times but companies never seem to adjust. Basically if you want to turn the vibrations down you’re forced to turn the toy off and readjust from there. There’s really no excuse for the S8 to be a single-switch system in my opinion but overall this is still a minor gripe.

Final Thoughts

The S8 is a fun, bendable, powerful and dependable clitoral vibrator which will have great appeal for those who like a powerful buzz from their vibrators.

Naturally this means that the S8 won’t appeal to everyone but I think that it does have a certain appeal which justifies its cost for those who fit the bill in terms of its pros.

Folks who want to use the S8 as a dual-stimulation vibrator may be a bit disappointed (as will those looking for a G-Spot toy) due to the S8’s design and motor choices but as a straight-u clitoral vibrator with a fun twist I really can’t fault it.

Good job, CalExotics, you’ve impressed me again.

Recommend to:

People who like buzzy vibrators.

People wanting a bendable clitoral vibe.

People who like deep vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who need rumbly vibrations.

People looking for an effective dual-stim vibrator.

People who like girthier shafts.

The S8 was provided to me by CalExotics in exchange for an honest review.